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I went way overboard with purchases this month (2 orders with Sephora last week alone).  So I decided to put myself on a "no-buy" for the entire month of July.  Has anyone successfully done this before?  I know I won't be able to read fashion and beauty blogs or open emails from my favorite stores, but any other suggestions?


Re: No-buy

@ohenri: I just bought another two Caboodles cases to hold my ever growing polish stash! Storage is not part of the no-buy, right???

Re: No-buy

@mermadelove: I hope not, because I just bought one yesterday !!!

Re: No-buy

Hi Tenngal!

The trick, I think, to be successful on a no-buy is to not go into the store or mall even, keep yourself busy ... of course a planned reward like a nice dinner out also helps :-) ... Also, just knowing you can do it and are in control is rewarding in itself.

Re: No-buy

@ohhenri: I don't think school supplies count....... Smiley Tongue

Re: No-buy

@prettyinpa: Tack shop are tricky. I went the other day to buy a pair of zebra gloves for my friend (she saw mine, and wanted some, so she gave me money and asked me to pick them up for her, since that specific tack shop is 15 min away from my place and 3 hours from hers!!!) and I ended up with a 150$ bill for my own!!! But I now definitely have everything I need, the only thing missing is a winter blanket, but she used to be a broodmare (she's only 6, but she was no good for either races or as a broodmare), so she used to be outside all the time. I even got treats and all, so I'm all good!! I even got a extra pair of lines and an extra bit!


@mermadelove: that is another one of my guilty pleasure: I love shopping for pens, pencils and post-it!!!! But each item is max 5$, so the bill doesn't reach an insane amount, compare to make-up (or tack shop!!!)

Re: No-buy

I already failed my no buy! I stopped at the drugstore "just to browse" and ended up going home with TWO polishes!!! At least it was Rite Aid and I always get at least 10% off there!! OK. From here on out, NOBUY!

@ohhenri: I didn't even have the excuse of going in to buy school supplies, because I'm no longer a student!!!!

Re: No-buy

I got on board for the September no-buy but I am trying to get some practice in the rest of August. I really, really don't need anything and am trying to figure out which 3 items that I can commit to using up for Brookie's challenge. Like you, mermadelove, I did resist the double points this past weekend at Sephora, which I am astonished that I did, since I was home with access to my computer. When I travel, I can usually resist shopping, unless I go to Pittsburgh or Lancaster which have a Sephora store. Taking my laptop along every trip gets old fast since the Internet connection in a lot of hotels is slow unless you pay for the business center's faster setup.  There aren't any sneaky Rite-Aid stores around here to tempt me with polish, thank goodness!

Re: No-buy

@prettyinpa: I just about died laughing/commiserating when I read about how you got the boots for $40 then went to the tack shop and ended up getting all that stuff for MORE than the boots you were originally going to get! That's the story of my life! I am seriously deleting without reading, all of the emails from Tarte, and Sephora, and, and..........



...and I'll ....*gulp*.....send my husband to the drugstore if we need anything!!!


Smiley Very Happy

Re: No-buy

The F&F sale at Tarte is killing me!!!! 30% off!!!! Aarggh. I'm trying very hard to resist.

Re: No-buy

I SO deleted the Tarte email when I got it! And the one they sent me 3 days before for 20% off!

Re: No-buy

@mermadelove, your comment about sending your husband to the drugstore reminds me of something that happened the other day. My boyfriend quite innocently told me to pick up some shower gel for him if I go anywhere, that he ran out. After I stopped laughing I let him know that he's not out of it (I didn't tell him exactly how many back-up bottles he has though). In addition to buying things for myself, I really enjoy buying men's toiletries.


I think I'm going to be able to resist the Tarte sale. When I stop and think about it, I know that I don't REALLY need anything. Which is great; when I opened the email I was pretty sure there was going to be an order made.

Re: No-buy

@daisy: when my husband tells me he needs something at the drug store, I jump for joy because it means I can have an *extra( polish purchase! sigh..... I think ?I have a problem!

Re: No-buy

Well, ladies, so far I have been doing great at the No-Buy rule I set for myself at the beginning of August.  On vacation I bought one souvenir bracelet and that's it, so I don't think that's falling off the wagon too bad, do you?  I have been going back and forth with the Urban Decay Revolutionary Eyelash Curler, but I bought that before the No-Buy started.  I've had a time with it...  The first one I ordered was defective.  The top and bottom metal pieces hit together instead of hitting the rubber pad, so it wouldn't curl my lashes.  I returned that one to a Sephora store thinking I would just exchange it, however, I ended up having to return it because the store didn't carry them.  So I ordered a second UD Eyelash Curler and I ordered Boscia's new No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment along with it so I could get free shipping.  The second one I received had been USED (yuck).  The box lid was torn where it had previously been opened, the curler had fingerprints all over the gunmetal handles, it was upside down in the box, etc., so I know it had at least been experimented with.  My eyes are very sensitive to infection, plus I didn't want to pay for a used eyelash curler, so I called Sephora's Customer Service.  Customer Service was very helpful and shipped another one out to me and asked me to send the other one back to them in the meantime.  Anyway, I finally received the third one, which had not been used, but the pad popped out of it as soon as I removed the little protective bands that come on it.  I put the pad back in it and have been trying it for the past few days.  I haven't made up my mind as to whether I like it enough to keep it or not.  This curler's top and bottom pieces don't seem to line up really great either, but it does curl my lashes so I may just keep it after all the aggravation I've been through with it.  I didn't mean to make this a big ole complainer post, ha ha.  All I meant to post was that I was sticking to the No-Buy pretty well, but it seems I got carried away in another direction, ha ha.  Oh well, I've gotten the ordeal off my chest and thanks for listening, ladies.  Good luck to all of you with the No-Buy challenge!!!

tenngal Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

@tenngal-Gee, that's just awful about your eyelash curler!  Come to think of it, I should use mine some more, I wasn't satisfied with it the first time I used it, but found out after that I had forgotten to take off BOTH of the little rubber bands on the rubber pad, so it wasn't closing properly. I think I should keep my glasses on while getting out new products, goes to show you how far-sighted I am!


Anyways, I haven't used it since then, it is still in my suitcase and I should make sure that it actually works properly!

Say, if I return this, can I get something else, or am I then not in"No-buy"? Smiley Wink

Re: No-buy

@prettyinpa:  Well if you return it, store credit does not last forever (if that is the only return option available).  Otherwise, save up till October.  We can only hope September will be a sleepy product month. 


@Tenngal:  jeeze, I would have given up on that eyelash curler.  Always seems to be a new problem right after the next.  Your story has convinced me to stick to Shu Uemura. 


I thought my last items before my no buy would be a nice eye customized palette for travel and eye cream.  Yet I am having a difficult time picking a forth color due to limited selection (that is wearable for travel at least and coordinates with the other colors).  I might be starting earlier than anticipated.  If only I could just snag the left and middle row of the UD 15 in a thinner size. 

Re: No-buy

Ok,'s official...I haved joined the "No Buy" wagon and I'm going to try not to fall off until after Christmas.  Yes, I do mean until after Christmas. Smiley Sad  Oh, I am going to make one possible exception, which is when the new "at home" gel manicure set comes out on the market in September I may get one.  But I've already told my husband that it is an exception to my rule, but if I can stand it I am going to try and wait and let it be a Christmas present from hubby.  It'll just depend on how my willpower is holding out when the manicure set comes out, ha ha.  I am putting myself on a "No Buy" not only for makeup, but for clothes, shoes and purses as well.  I am determined to stick to this cause if I don't I'll never hear the end of it from hubby!  And I sure don't want to hear the old "I told you so" from him, ha ha!  This no-buy is going to be hard while I'm on vacation, but I'm going to do it!  When I get back from vacation I'll check back into the thread and see how everybody's doing.  Good luck to to you in about a week...Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

@tenngal: Have fun on vacation and OMG!!! NOt until XMAS?????/ I don't think i could do it!!!!


Re: No-buy

Oh boy! This past week have been very bad for my no-buy policy. I bought a saddle for my new horsie (talk about a hole in your budget!!) and some back to school items (from paper organizator to clothes). But the worst is in a tack shop. I went over top for my new mare, since it's my 1st "real" horse!! And then yesterday, I've been shopping in our favorite store!! I'm moving in the next couple of weeks (not that far from home - a 2 hours and a half drive) and there's no Sephora near my new place. So I went to buy some back-up (moisturizer, cleanser, tinted moisturizer) since I won't be home until Christmas.


So Tenngal, I'm so with you on the no-buy until that time!!! My bank account isn't loving me right now, so I need to do this: no make-up, no skincare, no clothes, no horse items, no books (I've spent way too much on this this summer!!), no nothing!!! I just hope my willpower is strong enough!!!!

Re: No-buy

@ohhenri- That no-buy for your horse is a real killer!  I'm not sure I could do that!


I bought a pair of used paddock boots on eBay because I thought that nearly $200 for a pair of boots that I am going to get dirty and waterspotted within a week is insane. So I paid $40 for a nice nearly new pair, and when they got here, they needed new laces since the ends were frayed (I think the former owner never tied them up and walked on them too). I went to the tack shop for laces and ended up buying half-chaps & winter gloves (which were on clearance), some new saddle conditioner, a hoof pick, a new helmet liner, and the cutest jacket and ended up spending over $200!! Some bargain.

And don't start me on saddles, $2000 for an othopedic saddle for my buddy who has a bad back..I could get a lot of makeup for that.


I am not going to any horse show tack areas until the big show in February!  (Just keep telling myself that.....)

Re: No-buy

Oh help!!!


MAC has a new LE grey palette out with 4 gorgeous grey shadows in colors that I don't have, along with 4 LE new colors of Fluidline, my favorite gel liner!


I wonder if I can get someone to give this to me........ Let's see, my anniversary is nearly 6 months ago and my birthday isn't for another 5 months ..... Guess there's little chance I can find someone to give gifts for Labor Day........

Re: No-buy

Yes, I tried this in May. It didn't work out because IMATS LA was the following month and my birthday was the month after that (Sephora giftcards!). After all of that, I realized I DESPERATELY need to go on a no-buy! So, I'm on a no-buy right now... I've come up with another Project 10 Pan Smiley Happy but at the rate that I'm going (I basically go through mascaras the most... everything else lasts a long time)... I don't think I'll finish my Project 10 Pan unil the next IMATS! LOL.


I've realized that it doesn't matter of the quantity of my makeup collection... I don't need to keep adding so many things to my  collection and pushing great products to the side. The Project 10 Pan will really help me value the great products I already have and by the time I need new makeup,  I can just run wild in the IMATS showroom Smiley Wink


Good luck to all you other ladies on no-buys! We can do it! Smiley Happy

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