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No Buy July!

Having gone through my makeup collection extensively the past week, I've decided to go on a 'No Buy July' challenge (which includes not buying necessities such as makeup remover and brush cleansers, since I have loads of deluxe samples to go through.) As an avid supporter of both Sephora stores and, this might be difficult, but I'm still determined Smiley Happy.


My goal is to make it through the entire month of July without any purchases, and if possible, until my birthday in August.


If any of you beautyholics are also planning on a No Buy July, please comment below (and help each other through the next month-ish! Smiley Very Happy)

Re: No Buy July!

If you don't count the few bucks here and there, then I'm quite pleased with how I did this month! 


I feel like I've also developed a little more discipline, and the strength to delete emails from Sephora and Ulta (ok, I read them first, *then* I delete them after convincing myself I don't need to take advantage of a new promo code, lol). 


Hopefully it all sticks! Continuing no buy into August! (making a small exception for my b-day, but that's it!)

Re: No Buy July!

It's officially August yay Smiley Tongue lol 

Also I fell off the wagon a bit *ahem* but I am being more conscious about using my products and finishing them. Also... the Ariel mirror come on guys come on!

Re: No Buy July!

LOL you definitely get a free pass for the Ariel mirror!

Re: No Buy July!

And the Supergoop spy spray can cause... like I NEEDED to be a Rouge so like... you know ;P lol I mean come on >> Its spf!! I would have burned without it....

Re: No Buy July!

Happy August to all of you!! Smiley Happy

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