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No Buy July!

Having gone through my makeup collection extensively the past week, I've decided to go on a 'No Buy July' challenge (which includes not buying necessities such as makeup remover and brush cleansers, since I have loads of deluxe samples to go through.) As an avid supporter of both Sephora stores and, this might be difficult, but I'm still determined Smiley Happy.


My goal is to make it through the entire month of July without any purchases, and if possible, until my birthday in August.


If any of you beautyholics are also planning on a No Buy July, please comment below (and help each other through the next month-ish! Smiley Very Happy)

Re: No Buy July!

I reorganize everything, like reorganizing my stash into seasons, or by product type, or by which ones I'm planning to use next and which ones are backups. Or creating random makeup looks that I usually don't wear out at home, like those 5 colored elaborate brightly colored eye looks you see on run way.

Re: No Buy July!

Is it just me or do you feel that by the time you get to your backup, you've found a more amazing product of the same kind? haha

Re: No Buy July!

I do the same exact thing! I actually just re-organized mine last week. I bought a Muji 5 drawer organizer and reorganized all my makeup, putting my smaller items in there. But now its all organized the way I like so I don't want to mess with it. Maybe I'll do more experimenting with my makeup to avoid my itch to buy.

Re: No Buy July!

I'll admit, I placed two orders this week.  The first was $20 because I got my hands on the Ariel mirror.  And I already said when I started this that I would get Ariel things if they came out this month; I knew this would not wait.


Then I placed another order yesterday.  It had the Ariel perfume rollerball and Bare Minerals mineral veil powder with SPF.  I am spending more time in the sun this summer and last time I was out long enough I had to put sunscreen over my makeup and I wanted powder to avoid that.  I saw PTR powder on sale at Marshalls and was considering that, but it was more expensive than the small compact and thinking back, I think it was for acne prone skin.  So I just got the little touchup because it will be easy to carry when I'm out and about and the powder will be nice with this humidity.  Plus, I really wanted to try the 10 day Algenist set so I figured I'd order now instead of waiting until August.


I don't see anything else that I need for myself except possibly brush cleaner, and I think what I have will make it to the end of the month.


I may end my no buy early if I take my mom to get a makeover.  She wants to try some things and desperately needs some skin care items.  I'm going to look through what I have hanging around that would be good for her.  But if we go it might be on the 28th, so things might end a bit early.  Hoping to not go nuts, because I want to find things that useful but not insanely priced.

Re: No Buy July!

That's really nice of you to take your mom for a makeover! Let us know what you pick up for her if you do! I'm curious myself, because my mom is one of those moms who can store her entire makeup collection in a Caboodle, haha. So I've been trying to get her to branch out.


Re: No Buy July!

Saw this online and I think it's a good representation of most of us here on BT 


the month is almost over ladies! Who else can sing along to this whole song?

Re: No Buy July!

LOL, @veevali.  I agree, this sums up a number of us pretty well.  And yes, I was singing along.  If I'm not careful I'll start making up more lyrics!

Re: No Buy July!


Re: No Buy July!

this is perfect, yes

Re: No Buy July!

LOVE IT! Of course, it's got Ariel to celebrate Sephora's collection Smiley Wink

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