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No Buy July!

Having gone through my makeup collection extensively the past week, I've decided to go on a 'No Buy July' challenge (which includes not buying necessities such as makeup remover and brush cleansers, since I have loads of deluxe samples to go through.) As an avid supporter of both Sephora stores and, this might be difficult, but I'm still determined Smiley Happy.


My goal is to make it through the entire month of July without any purchases, and if possible, until my birthday in August.


If any of you beautyholics are also planning on a No Buy July, please comment below (and help each other through the next month-ish! Smiley Very Happy)

Re: No Buy July!

Definitely, $11 over the first half of a no-buy month....we can let that pass Smiley Happy

Re: No Buy July!

O.M.G i love friends and this episode and most of them were so funny!!!!!!!!

Re: No Buy July!

Well, the month is about 1/2 over and I have 6 empties!


I am happy I am getting rid of stuff, but I am sad it is not more makeup items.  What are you all using up since starting the no buy?

Re: No Buy July!

woot!  you're doing a great job!


I didn't take any photos, but I have run through a few items:

-Cibu spray-in hair conditioner (yay it's finally gone!)

-threw out a couple old eyeliners and mascaras that don't work/dried up


I think that's all unfortunately Smiley Sad  Still nowhere near hitting pan on any eyeshadows or blush.

Re: No Buy July!

I had like over 100 foil samples and I'm 1/4 way through

Re: No Buy July!

For some reason, I can usually only get one application from foil packets before the product hardens or changes texture and/or color by the next day.


Re: No Buy July!

@poshified- do you have any leftover little sample containers from Sephora? (they usually stick foundation or liquid-y samples in them). I cut open and squeeze my little sample packettes in those containers, which keeps the air from getting in and lets me get a couple uses out of them Smiley Happy

Re: No Buy July!

Oooh thanks for the tip! I'll have to start saving the sample containers Smiley Happy

Re: No Buy July!

I have yet to hit pan on a blush. Cross my fingers that the first blush I hit on is NOT a limited edition one haha!

Re: No Buy July!

That's awesome!


I already threw my stuff out, so no pictures, but I just finished my tube of Kate Somerville ExfoliKate enzyme peel! Happy about it b/c I have two other peels I've been waiting to try, but saddened b/c I loved ExfoliKate and I want to get another one!! I also finished a mini bottle of my Jennifer Aniston perfume -- but I have 2 more minis, + a full size bottle. Smiley Wink 


I need to get cracking on some of my makeup though. Somehow, that takes longest to finish!



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