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No Buy July!

Having gone through my makeup collection extensively the past week, I've decided to go on a 'No Buy July' challenge (which includes not buying necessities such as makeup remover and brush cleansers, since I have loads of deluxe samples to go through.) As an avid supporter of both Sephora stores and, this might be difficult, but I'm still determined Smiley Happy.


My goal is to make it through the entire month of July without any purchases, and if possible, until my birthday in August.


If any of you beautyholics are also planning on a No Buy July, please comment below (and help each other through the next month-ish! Smiley Very Happy)

Re: No Buy July!

One more day down!  We're a third of the way through July!

Re: No Buy July!

This year is going by waaaaaaaaaay too quickly. It needs to slow down a bit. One good thing about this no buy business is that it's making me re-evaluate and cross off things I thought I'd be buying in August, including that Dior palette, haha.

Re: No Buy July!

woooo, that sounds like good progress!


i'm struggling with that today though (probably due to work stress)....i just added 5 new things to my wishlist tonight!  and two of them are eyeshadow palettes!  but then I remembered about the VIB sale in Nov and immediately felt better about not needing to purchase anything NOW Smiley Happy

Re: No Buy July!

Thats what I keep telling myself haha, just wait till the 20% off you can do it! I have to give myself pep talks Smiley Tongue.

On another note I wish that Sephora would let us see other peoples wishlist, that would be so much fun!

Re: No Buy July!

Haha don't forget the employees' friends and family in Sept/Oct too! What palettes are on your wishlist, out of curiosity?

Re: No Buy July!

they are neutral palettes from Too Face and Bare Minerals.


I went and swatched the Bare Minerals over the weekend and it was gorgeous....better in person than the photo.  Aside from my Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes, I don't really have a good neutrals palette oddly enough.  I do have plenty of singles though.  

Re: No Buy July!

Oooh both look like great sets! Especially that Too Faced kit! Pink overload Smiley Happy That reminds me, I need to depot my singles sometimes.


Re: No Buy July!

Yes I've been drooling over that little brush set for a while and when they came out with this new bundle I really had to sit on my hands not to buy it immediately!

Re: No Buy July!

I've been eyeing those BareMinerals shadows too!! And I would love to get that Too Faced set but I already have the shadows :< woe is me lol

Re: No Buy July!

the thing about their 8.0 palettes is that I totally love the little brush that comes with it.  one end is a normal shader brush, but the other end is sort of a pointy liner shape but a bit thicker than actual eyeliner brushes so I can use it for detailed crease work, or dampen it for smudgy liner.

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