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Post in Beauty Confidential

No Buy July!

Having gone through my makeup collection extensively the past week, I've decided to go on a 'No Buy July' challenge (which includes not buying necessities such as makeup remover and brush cleansers, since I have loads of deluxe samples to go through.) As an avid supporter of both Sephora stores and, this might be difficult, but I'm still determined Smiley Happy.


My goal is to make it through the entire month of July without any purchases, and if possible, until my birthday in August.


If any of you beautyholics are also planning on a No Buy July, please comment below (and help each other through the next month-ish! Smiley Very Happy)

Re: No Buy July!

Aww man do I know it lol, for me its not even the savings emails, its anyone that Sephora sends out hahaha

Re: No Buy July!

Especially with deals... I am a SUCKER for a good deal. I need to stop getting sale emails from makeup companies!

Re: No Buy July!

The Mujis and Ikea Alex are definitely both on my wish list!

Re: No Buy July!

I work at Sephora so doing a no buy would be hard.  That would be like working in a bakery and being told you can't eat any cake!  Sooooo tempting...maybe I'll give this no buy thing a try....just not this month because yeaaaaaaahhh.....too late


Re: No Buy July!

Ok I thought we should inaugurate this thread with two of my favorite images ever that beautytester has posted in BT (and she's posted a lot!)


(melodramatic squirrel) Just say NOOOOOOOO!  to buying in July!

"Noooooooooo!  I cannot buyyyyyyyyyyy! Not in Julyyyyyyyyyy!"


And here's what to do when those inevitable buying urges occur:


(ahem...many thanks to beautytester for her impeccable taste in quality photography.....)

Re: No Buy July!

Haha, I feel like Im the online equivalent of a cat lady. The amount of lolanimal and heart related pic are prob more than the beauty related ones.....dont actually have pets, so gotta satisfy myself with pictures.

Re: No Buy July!

My buddy, overly dramatic squirrel!!!

Re: No Buy July!

Hahaha that totally made my morning!

Re: No Buy July!

HAHAHA OMG. I swear, these pictures need a warning attatched to them:

Warning use bathroom  before viewing.


Re: No Buy July!

I'm not buying anything for two weeks- that should count for something, right?  I can buy something come next payday.  Of course, I have orders on the way.

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