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New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

So far, I've only seen this on the Nordstroms site.  Anyone seen them at counters yet?



Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

I'm just now seeing these and still draining the drool from my keyboard. I have these trances I go into when I see these and this is gonna be one of those long trances!Smiley Very Happy

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

Golden flower is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it on. Now to wait for the flooding to stop do I can get to the store..  *sigh*

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

Which palette is the model wearing in the advertisement? if it is golden snow I have to have it! I really think lighting plays a huge role in these palettes. Maybe it will pick up more navy if you build it up and use a nice primer!

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

anyone tried Golden Snow yet?  I'm curious whether the shadows are glittery, shimmery, or satin.  I know everyone was disappointed that the navy looked more taupe, but i LOVE taupe so I've definitely had my eye on this! Smiley Happy

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

Wait, where did you guys buy these? I see nail polishes but I don't see the quads online even when I google them, like golden flower......

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

Why is Holiday 2015??? Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves then??


Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

I would purchase 2016 if I could, lol! I am just obsessed with dior and anything they put out! 

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