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Neglected brands

Whenever I use the CHOOSE BRAND scrolldown list, I see tons of brands no one on BT ever mentions! Obviously people are buying them or sephora wouldnt have them.


Sooo.. I want to know, what is everyones favorite Neglected brand?Smiley Frustrated


 Absolutly no Nars, Urban Decay, Dior, etc, I wont have itSmiley LOL. This is a thread for those never mentioned brands.

Brands like Supergoop, 21 drops,  T3, zirh and others.


My personal neglected favorite would be Soap and Glory. I've never once seen a post about it, but it has fabulous products, like Hand Food.


I can't wait to here everone's answers!Smiley Happy


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: Neglected brands

@berniebeauty - Thanks for starting this thread! I'm excited to read everyone's responses as well.


@ssmittys - I totally agree with you on the Jack Black brand. When I started working for Sephora I was on the hunt for something to easily heal cuts and also acne scars and found their Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue to be an instant fave. Also, the lip balm is fantastic for dry lips, not to mention it has an SPF25.


@missdiorcherie - I recently discovered Soap & Glory and fell in love with their famed Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump Collagen Lip Shine


I'm totally with Diana on Diamancel! I have their Diamond File for Foot Calluses and my feet have never felt so smooth. If you haven't already, I highly recommend it. Smiley Happy


@ Jill - Givenchy is definitely a brand for brightening. My go to instant highlighter is their Mister Bright Touch of Light Pen. I apply that anywhere the sun hits and my complexion is left radiant throughout the day!


@geminibreeze - I love the Balm's Balms Away. It's a great makeup remover to travel because you're limited to the amount of liquids you bring and it also helps hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time.


The other brand that goes unmentioned is Guerlain. I absolutely love any bronzer or self-tanner (although I don't need it) they make. The quality and texture of their products are amazing!


I hope you all had a great New Year!





Re: Neglected brands

LaVanilla I think is a neglected brand but it's actually really great and all natural.

my fav. is the pure vanilla (cause it's so darn yummy!!!)

and my significant other loves when I wear the Vanilla Passion fruit

must be because of the aphroadisiacs *wink, wink*

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