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Name brands

Do you ever buy something just because of the name brand? I do! 😮 For example, if Urban Decay came out with a new product, I would be more apt to try it than some no-name (well not frequently heard of) brand product. Also, with clothes especially, I will buy the occasional product from Bealls or Walmart or somewhere, but I usually like to shop at my favorite store: dELiAs. Even though the quality of the clothes is not top notch they have the cutest stuff!! 😄 I was just wondering if anyone else does this. 


Re: Name brands

I'm an Urban Decay junkie.  But, I really don't buy for the brand name. I buy it because I like the coloror I want to try the product. Im an eyeshadow-aholic. I have so many different colors and brands. Ranging from e.l.f. to NYX to my high end stuff. And as for clothes, I kinda do care. I like my stuff to last a long time and the cheap stuff that I find it my size  doesnt really last long. My purses are my big thing, I have a purple Betsey Johnson bag that I got for christmas two years ago.I have gotten a couple more since then, but would still rather carry this one. And I get so many compliments on it 🙂

Re: Name brands

I tend to go back to brands and lines that I like and trust, but not necessarily for the prestige of the brand name alone. For instance, I love Chanel blush, but I love it because it has great texture and I like the shade range. Chanel skincare (for me) left a lot to be desired -- even though it bears the Chanel label, the products I tried did not perform nearly as well other products I have used (both of a comparable price range and at a lower, drugstore price point). That said, I like what I have used and have come to rely on -- and if a brand releases a new product, and I have had great success with the brand's previous products, then yes, I am more likely to consider it -- but not solely due to the label.


For clothing, I have the same philosophy -- I buy pants, dresses, coats, etc. from labels that have really worked for me in the past.

Re: Name brands

I have found that certain brands in clothing are reliable and, therefore, usually stick to the brands that have been good to me in the way they fit and in their longevity. 

When it comes to handbags, I do gravitate to certain brands because they are durable and cute, such as Coach Poppy, Fossil and Lucky Brand, mostly.

As far as makeup goes, I have favorite brands, such as Urban Decay, but I wear all kinds of brands of makeup from Smashbox to NARS to Make Up For Ever to Benefit and so on.  Every brand has their good and not-so-good products, so I am not a completely brand-specific person when it comes to makeup.  I test different products and buy what works well for me. 


Re: Name brands

For makeup I do stick to name brands, especially ones that I have used for awhile and already know that I love them. For clothes I couldnt care less about name brands. A few years ago I decided to throw out all the makeup in my cabinet that I didnt like, didnt use and that probably expired anyway and I went to Sephora to get one quality item from everything I wanted and used daily and replace them as needed. I would rather have one good quality makeup item that I use up completely then throw away money on drugstore versions that just sit there and collect dust. A lot of my friends think I'm stupid for spending $30 on a lipstick, but they actually spend a lot more than that on drugstore lipsticks in a year because they cant find one they like enough to use up completely, whereas I buy one tube of a great lipstick that lasts me at least 6 months. I use the Sephora lip brush to use them up completely.

Re: Name brands

For certain stuff I tend to buy "name brand" as opposed to "generic brand".  For example when it comes to clothes, I am all over the place, I have a few high price items that I paid a lot for but I also have like tanks and dresses from target and a lot of stuff from H&M which is good for trendy stuff that doesn't stay in fashion for a long time as opposed to a black blazer or a little black dress that is a "staple" item in a girls closet.   When it comes down to cosmetics and stuff, I tend to spend less on makeup wipes, sponges, nail polish remover and cotton swabs/balls.  From having really bad acne in the past and after taking prescription for it, I take a lot of caution into what goes on my face. I have really sensitive combo skin so I try to use the most mildest cleanser. My cleanser is Cetaphil and its not expensive at all maybe 11 bucks for the big bottle that you can get at target and I use the matching cream as well which is also around the same price. This is the most mildest cleanser for me that doesn't dry out my skin and is also good at taking off makeup ;)..... But I do like to buy really good makeup so most of the time I never resort to drugstore makeup cause I just can't see myself doing after using good makeup for so long. I used to use MAC but stopped using it cause it was making me breakout, it was too much for my skin and too thick.  Paying a little bit more for makeup gets you great result and it feels better and looks better on your skin.   There is really no need to buy really expensive brushes but if your as **bleep** about having the makeup you use and the brushes the same brand then I guess there is no option but MON IMAGE  (which you can get at any drugstore) has some really good inexpensive ones and even the sephora brand are really good too because brushes can really rack up in price if you need a full set.    

Re: Name brands

For makeup I use name brands such as MAC, smashbox etc for the basics like foundations, primers and concealers etc but then use lots of other smaller brands for colour. For clothes once I love them I don't care what the brand is 🙂

Re: Name brands

That would really depend on the product. I'm not super "brand loyal" Except to a certain few. It really has to do with quality rather then brand. I suppose if say Lancome came out with a new product I wanted to try and a cheap brand like Wet N Wild came out with the "same thing" I would be more likely to try Lancome (with the exception of their lipsticks, they have a weird smell/flavor to them... yuck.... Sorry off topic) first because I can trust their quality. I find with some cheaper brands it can really be you get what you pay for, but sometimes they can have a good product. Some things I will only but certain brands like Victoria Secret for ahem unmentionables 😉 I also love Clinique Acne Solutions but if I could find a cheaper product that works just as well or a differnet product, even a more expencive one that worked better for me I would. So to sum it all up, I am not too brand loyal I prefer to get the best quality at the lowest price possible, but will spend more if it means the quality is better.


Re: Name brands

In shopping for clothes, there are some brands that I go to first because they design clothes that are more likely to fit my body shape. For some reason, even though I love their style, True Religion jeans never fit right! I have tried on what seems like hundreds of pairs and they always fit strangely. But I can't just walk into my favorite store, grab clothes from my favorite designer and expect to find something that I like or that fits.


In makeup, I am not brand loyal either. Though I love UD, they have produced some losers in the past. So I test each new product and if it passes the test, I buy it, but I wouldn't expect it to become my instant favorite.


Re: Name brands

For the brand alone?  Not really anymore.  Now of days it is more trial and error.


For items such as lawn and home improvement, the best prices and the functionality override the brand name. Sometimes there are specifications for a product and only certain brands have it. 


For more expensive items that require longevity and reliability, I usually have a few brands in mind to do comparisons/research to before even walking on site (cars are a good example).  Either from my own personal experience with the brand or from friends and family who have or currently own the brand. 


Clothing wise, I shop around like everyone else.  But as of late, there is not one single brand that I stick to.  I am a bit stuck finding age appropriate clothes.  Everything in retail either tends to look too young or too old.  There are some designers I like to browse but in reality, those clothes require too much care and are over my budget. 


Makeup wise, I usually sample or try out items before I buy them. Does not matter what the brand is, I do it out of curiosity.  It can be from mixed media, promotions, ads, recommendations, reviews, etc.  The marketing monster.  And after sampling/testing an array of products, some brands (or items from brands) do stick with me as:

Will never buy/try from this line again (too many bad results/reactions)


they must be doing something right so I'll keep my eyes out for the latest addition. 

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