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Naked 3... anyone else not loving it? :\

I have this same problem with the Naked 2... I feel like all of the colors just get really muddy when you try to use them together. Anyone feel the same and/or have any suggestions? It's so much money that I feel like if I really don't love it, I'm just going to return it.

Re: Naked 3... anyone else not loving it? :\

The N3 looks to pin for me so I'm not even interested specially since the shades are all so similar. I have the Naked2 but never use the shades together I always use the shades separate with another palette or else they look like a horrible mess and muddy /: I should of bought the Naked instead .. Buy o well.. My naked 2 is kinda sitting alone hardly used.. But I love the gold tones !(: 

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