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NARS Ita Brush

I was wondering if a mod could please help me Smiley Happy  


When will the Nars Ita brush #21 come back in stock?  I've been wanting this brush for a while now and I'd prefer to purchase it from Sephora. I talked with Nordstrom's and they aren't planning on carrying it anymore ( muuuwahhhh Smiley Sad 


I'm not sure if NARS is discontinuing this brush… Seems unlikely as it's really popular.


Re: NARS Ita Brush

katie1724, I was so upset by my cancellation email :/ were you able to find the eyeshadow elsewhere?

Re: NARS Ita Brush

@roxystar4: No, I wasn't! They even tried to locate it at another store to have it shipped directly, but no luck. I did find it on eBay from strawberrynet, but the normal retail is $29 and this is $39 (which includes shipping), but I don't think I want it *that* badly. Smiley Happy


Re: NARS Ita Brush

If any of you ladies are looking for a dupe, I think we may be in luck! I as well have not been able to find the brush anywhere (except on eBay where they are going for OVER $100!!!). BUT, guess what? I think I have found 2 dupes that would work just as well! 


Some of you may have heard of the Everyday Mineral Itahake Brush! It is so similar to the Nars Ita #21 that it's scary! Only difference from the outside looking in, is that the Itahake brush has longer, more dense, synthetic bristles while the Ita has shorter, less dense, real hair bristles. Here's the best part though, the Itahake is $15.99! OVER less than half of the price for the Nars Ita! It's so worth a shot! 


Lastly, ONE MORE DUPE! How many of us have the Benefit Hoola bronzers or box blushes? Guess what the brush to those look like? You're welcome! Smiley Wink



Hope this helped! Kisses! XOXO



Re: NARS Ita Brush

I just got Hoola a couple weeks ago and was thinking to myself that the brush seems so similar to the Nars Ita. I used it to contour and it worked really well!

Re: NARS Ita Brush

I thought so too! It's a little more difficult to hold BUT serves its purpose! 

Re: NARS Ita Brush

Ive tried it too, it does work but it is harder to hold so i don't use it often.

Re: NARS Ita Brush

Has the Ihatake brush been discontinued? I can't find it on their site...

Re: NARS Ita Brush

So I just chatted a customer service rep on Nordstrom because I have STILL been searching high and low for this brush and this is what they said: "NARS is currently out of stock on this item due to a temporary closure of their production plant. The item will be coming back in stock, however we are not currently aware of a backorder date."


Not sure why the plant closed or when it will reopen? Buttt the good news is that they will most likely be making the brush again at some point! Smiley Happy

Re: NARS Ita Brush

jfc0124, you just made my day.  Bloomies cancelled my order of this brush so I'm still on the hunt. 

Re: NARS Ita Brush

I just started watching the youtube videos on makeup and got interested on the ita brush called nordstrom they to call in a few weeks to see if they have it.

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