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My Current Brush Crush



Ok, this brush seriously has me falling head over heels. The Marc Jacobs Beauty "The Bronze" Brush No. 12 is seriously beautiful. I want it so bad, but its $78. Hold up, that's so expensive for a brush! Yet its so beautiful! It's only gotten positive reviews! Have any of you tried it? What do you think? Do I need this?


And also, let me know what your current brush crush is! 


Re: My Current Brush Crush

I dunno but I have wanted it since it first got listed on the site. It just looks so amazing. Smiley Very Happy If I suddenly come into money this would be one of my first Sephora purchases.

Re: My Current Brush Crush

Who was it???? someone was raving about that brush on youtube, hmm I can't remember her name, she said it was worth every penny. I just can't justify spending that kinda money on a brush when I have so many others that work great. I dont know if I could spend more on the brush than the actual bronzer....But it sure looks pretty!

Re: My Current Brush Crush

I've heard raves too and it's sooooo expensive. If you really want it or see yourself use it frequently, wait for the 15% or $15 off promo in the next couple of month, and then it won't feel as bad. =X

Re: My Current Brush Crush

I think that's what I might do... it's still a lot of money to shell out on a brush though, i'm still not sure!

Re: My Current Brush Crush

I'm happy with the bobbi brown powder brush, for bronzer. The only brush I see myself getting for bronzer would be that flat top, skinny NARS brush (not sold at Sephora) or the Sephora dupe. 

My brush crush is the NARS botan brush. I've had it on my loves list forever, but have zero use for it. I have a similar MAC brush that does the job well. 

Re: My Current Brush Crush

The Nars Ika brush is on my list as well, but I would use that more for contouring. I just love how FLUFFY this brush is!

Re: My Current Brush Crush

I feel this brush all the time in store and have been lusting after it since it was first launched, but again...the price tag. I think my Real Techniques blush brush is almost the exact same shape so I keep telling myself I don't need it. However, I reaaaaaally wish Real Techniques would launch a pro line or something of the sort that was more sleek with normal handles!

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