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Multi-Level Marketing

Chances are you've most likely heard of your friends, co-workers, family members, or even yourself falling into the MLM scheme of things.


So, what is it?


MLM” stands for “Multi-Level Marketing.” This is a type of company that recruits average joes and janes as salespeople for their products while simultaneously deeming them recruiters of more salespeople like themselves. The neverending loop of recruiters-recruiting-recruiters is incentivized by the fact that salespeople earn commissions on any sales made by people “beneath” them (people they helped sign up with the company).


These beauty MLM companies include: Mary Kay, Avon, Nerium, Nu Skin, and the list goes on to non-beauty related products such as Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Herbalife, etc.


I have some questions that need further explaining:

1.) For MLM cosmetics: Do these products ACTUALLY work and most importantly are they good for your skin?


2.) If you're a consultant for a MLM company, has it put food on the table for your family OR is it just some extra cash in the pocket?


3.) What's the "good vs bad" about these companies? I know there's bad, don't try to sell me over on just the "goods" please. Give an honest review if you have the knowledge behind the product and the company.


Re: Multi-Level Marketing

Omg My cousin sold Herbalife. She gave my a kit to try and  it's disgusting. The vitamins are even worse. Totally the worst thing i've ever tasted. 


Re: Multi-Level Marketing

I wouldn't completely trust companies like avon and Mary Kay. I've known plenty of people who have sold it yet they don't use it. I do order stuff from Avon though like lipstick and nail polish. But anything else would just be a no. I highly doubt any skin care, hair care, and makeup is good quality what so ever. My instructors in Cosmetiology school were talking about those companies one day and were saying they would never touch any of their products cause of their low quality. many thingsI have tried jut suck in general but everyone has a different opinion. I don't think it's a way to earn a living. Everyone I know who has sold Avon or Mary Kay quit cause of how hard it was to actually sell stuff. it would be just a way to earn extra cash. I'm sure it depends on where you are located as well to determine how we'll You do. 

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

I've never tried Avon or Mary Kay, but I've heard the same about the quality. I agree, and don't think MLM companies are what alot of people think "get rich quick".

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

I have a sort of inside scoop on Mary Kay, and I could go on for too long of a time about their product line, sales force, and company.  (Biting tongue). Lots and lots of flaws there!

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

I signed up for dōterra essential oils awhile ago- for their wholesale program. They don't make you sell or anything. It's just kinda like a costco membership. You pay for the membership and then all the oils are 25% off. I don't try to sell them, but I love to share them with everyone because I find that they really work for me and my family. If someone sees a post of mine on instagram and wants a sample, I'm more than happy to send them one- and if they want to sign up so they can get their oils at wholesale, I help them with it. But i try not to get sucked in to the unrealistic goal of making money from it. 

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

I did a few...MK was a debt hole. You have to spend so much each quarter to stay current. their products are OK, the skin care eventually made me have skin problems. I have sold Avon for several years, because they dont have a minimum. Many people don't realize Avon was a fore-runner in the whole AHA skin care craze, with their original "ANEW" formula.  I guess it is like anyone else, everyone is different. I use the lip glosses--awesome, and about 2 or 3 bucks! They have great foot products, and odd and ends. I do it mostly for my Mom and a few friends, etc. Not a big salesperson. I don't even order brochures. I tried really hard to sell Arbonne.   They are a really good company, no yukky animal products, no animal testing (they are on the Leaping Bunny list) etc. A bit pricey, is most of what we are all buying at Sephora! heh heh! Their anti-aging products are just too heavy, or I would be using them now, I think. BUT, I could not give it away!! everyone loved it but didn't want to spend the money. I gave up. To each his or her difference between choosing Neutrogena over Dior, or vice-versa. It is very very hard to make a living at this stuff. Somehow, the lady who got me started in Arbonne got her Mercedes (free) and is making a ton of money. Go figure.

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

Oh my goodness! A Mercedes!? I like how doterra doesn't push for people to sell, the options there, but I think most people just sign up for the wholesale prices. But the girl above me has been doing it for about 6 months and makes like 3000.00 a month on top of her part time job as a nurse. 

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

The lady who got you started in Arbonne? Is probably very good at convincing people to start selling Arbonne, which is where the money (and prizes) usually is in these pyramid schemes multi-level marketing systems. 

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

One of my friends does the ItWorks! Body wraps. They also have tons of other products as well. She sent me a wrap to do a blog review on, and while it (obviously) didn't make me drop pounds, it did seriously reduce my stretch marks (for a few weeks, at least). She doesn't make enough to live off of, but she does make enough for fun money, so she can buy the little extras she wants. And she swears by a lot of their products. And not in a "please buy my stuff" way, but as a "we've been friends for 10 years, so you can trust that I wouldn't lie to you" way. She really believes in her products, which makes me feel it may not be a bunch of fruity hooplah. I do want to try some of their other things too.

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

Interesting!  I was under the impression that was a pyramid scam situation from watching a fb friend's experience with it- good to know the product actually works!!

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