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Multi-Level Marketing

Chances are you've most likely heard of your friends, co-workers, family members, or even yourself falling into the MLM scheme of things.


So, what is it?


MLM” stands for “Multi-Level Marketing.” This is a type of company that recruits average joes and janes as salespeople for their products while simultaneously deeming them recruiters of more salespeople like themselves. The neverending loop of recruiters-recruiting-recruiters is incentivized by the fact that salespeople earn commissions on any sales made by people “beneath” them (people they helped sign up with the company).


These beauty MLM companies include: Mary Kay, Avon, Nerium, Nu Skin, and the list goes on to non-beauty related products such as Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Herbalife, etc.


I have some questions that need further explaining:

1.) For MLM cosmetics: Do these products ACTUALLY work and most importantly are they good for your skin?


2.) If you're a consultant for a MLM company, has it put food on the table for your family OR is it just some extra cash in the pocket?


3.) What's the "good vs bad" about these companies? I know there's bad, don't try to sell me over on just the "goods" please. Give an honest review if you have the knowledge behind the product and the company.


Re: Multi-Level Marketing

Hi Spyski I've never tried the products, so I can't give you a review on that, but I do know how some of them work.  I was approached by someone to be a Mary Kay consultant years ago and the commission rate is really high, BUT you are completely responsible for finding people to buy the products.  My sister did one (I can't think of the name) and did make a decent living off it but it's hard work.  I think it's easier to be successful if you live in a smaller town where you really have more access to people and people may not have as much access to these types of products.  My sister lived in Wyoming where almost every town is a small community and if you don't know someone personally, chances are one of your family members do so no one is truly a stranger. 

She was totally sold on the products and some of them were more cost effective. When I tried them, they were fine but seemed kind of generic.

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

Living in a small town and realizing how many women are becoming consultants for these companies may very well be the culprit on why I started this post to begin with. Haha


I probably see a Mary Kay bumper sticker on someone's vehicle every other day. 

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

One of their flaws: Brand image reflected by members of their sales force who don't care about their image, yet are in the image business.  It's hard to have a "quality" product represented by a dirty car, someone with bad skin or poor makeup application, or products tossed around, in crushed boxes, and in various extreme conditions (temperature, smoking, pets, etc.)

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

I tried to sell Mary Kay's not for me. Also with Mary Kay,you have to put in your own money for the products you choose to sell. My mom and 1st cousin use to sell Avon. The customer buys first then the product is ordered dont have to invest or risk any of your own cash to sell the product. With that said they are only a couple of products that I ever really order from either of the two companies. I love Avon's skin So soft body oil in the original scent. I love Mary Kay's hand buffing cream and foot pedicure kit.

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

My aunt is a consultant and she seems to manage by not buying stock in advance.  It means we have to wait a bit for orders, but I feel like the lack of instant gratification is less of an issue now that people order so much online.


I've only used a few of the products, but what I have used I quite like.  I'm addicted to their Nourishine line of lip glosses.  The colors are pretty and the formula is incredibly moisturizing.  They added SPF 15 to the product last year, so it tends to be my go-to during the summer.  I've also been using their Botanicals moisturizer (in Formula 1, for dry skin) and I love it.  I was actually quite irritated that after all the fancy and expensive night creams I'd been trying, this moisturizer was what ended up fixing my dry patches.  My mom has been using their TimeWise skincare line for awhile now and her complexion is in great shape.


I think keelybt's assessment of "fine but kind of generic" is pretty accurate.  For the price point, I have no problem with generic as long as it works.

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

What company are you referring to?

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

Whoops!  Sorry, I was referring to Mary Kay.

Re: Multi-Level Marketing

The only couple i've heard of are Nerium and Herbalife.


my mom tried to sell nerium, she is about 50 and smokes, but her wrinkles are pretty deep, nerium actually worked, it worked on hands, necks, anything on your body that has wrinkles, the only thing is it costs about 1500 to start up, which is about 20 bottles only. (there about 100 a bottle) to me thats not worth it. 


herbalife, i have so many friends on herbalife, and they con you forshore, they trick you into thinking that eating one or two meals a day is normal, its not, personally i couldnt live off protien shakes and disgusting teas and waters, i was constantly out of energy and sleepy. also, you double weight gain after you stop the program, constantly making you stay in the program. 



Re: Multi-Level Marketing

I recently saw a real before and after pic of a friend that's been using Nerium for 2 weeks now, and it's showing actual results on her early 20s skin with fading discoloration and acne. I'm skeptical on trying it myself, since the active ingredient is Nerium "oleander" that being a very toxic plant that has caused central nervous system breakdown. Other than the price and the plant toxicity, it seems like an "effective" product. 

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