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Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Time to confess- what is/are your most recent unexpected beauty love(s)?


That is, what products were you sure that you'd hate- whether it be a color that you dismissed until you tried it- or something you'd written off prior to sampling- that shockingly you not only like, you love?


I'll start.


For nails, it's Julep Nan. I thought it was the dud of the June collection- some murky tomato red. Even when I got the bottle in person, I doubted I'd ever wear it.  I still thought it was meh when I swatched it and got it ready to file into the collection.  On a whim, I put it on my nails, and it was love.  I still haven't worn any of the other colors I got this month!


For hair, it's Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream.  I don't need a lot of products, but this just smells delicious and makes my hair do amazing things.


For perfume, it's Aqua di Gioia. I tend to shy away from the mass favorites- and found instead something that reminds me of my first perfume love, Clinique Happy.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Chloe Eau de Parfum! When I first smelled this, I thought it was super powdery and wasn't a fan, but it's definitely a scent that grows on you. Now it's a scent I absolutely adore, and it is so calming and elegant. (:


I've been eyeing the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream for a while! What kind of hair do you have? I have pretty thick, wavy hair that is prone to frizz and "poofiness" (for lack of a better word). 

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Its thin, pin-straight, and color treated.  I only need something to combat the summer humidity here in the south...

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Oohh I see. I'm glad it works so well for you! I'm just on the fence about whether it would work for me since I have thick hair.. maybe I'll drop by a local Sephora and get a sample to see.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Definitely get a sample- I only tried it because I got it as a sample in an online order!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I'd have to say the UD Naked Skin Foundation. Ever since it launched and everyone was all over it, me on the other hand didn't think of it at all. I told myself I would never buy it, That I could find a drugstore dupe, It's not worth the price, And if i ever bought it i probably would think it's not the best.


But what do you know... months later I give in and I gotta say so far it's the best foundation I have used besides my MAC Studio fix powder foundation (that will always be my fav). Mainly because of the color match and it doesnt break out me out. Also the coverage is buildable and doesn't make me look cakey even with two layers. I think the beauty blender helps with that haha

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Brushes Smiley Very Happy


I used to only have a handful that I used everyday, and washed several times a week because I like changing my makeup looks and don't want to dip a used brush in another item. Right now I have a cup full of face brushes and a cup full of eye brushes....and still growing! I LOOOOVES my brushes! I want some more MAC brushes, some more Ecotools and Real Techniques and the Urban Decay Brush!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Not to enable, but the Sephora daily brush cleanser is awesome for the in-between days!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Cream.

I was in need of another moisturizer & don't want to use my expensive Perricone Cold Plasma unless I NEED to (Dry patches, KP, after shower...). I like to keep a lotion on my night stand to use before going to sleep. We have the sheex sheets and if you're not well moisturized then they get all scratchy. I was very surprised that this lotion doubled as a heel cream & left me feeling soft all night long. It's light but moisturizing & the scent isn't too heavy. 

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Hmmmm I may need to try that down the road because I'm trying to avoid re-purchasing Bliss!

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