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Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Time to confess- what is/are your most recent unexpected beauty love(s)?


That is, what products were you sure that you'd hate- whether it be a color that you dismissed until you tried it- or something you'd written off prior to sampling- that shockingly you not only like, you love?


I'll start.


For nails, it's Julep Nan. I thought it was the dud of the June collection- some murky tomato red. Even when I got the bottle in person, I doubted I'd ever wear it.  I still thought it was meh when I swatched it and got it ready to file into the collection.  On a whim, I put it on my nails, and it was love.  I still haven't worn any of the other colors I got this month!


For hair, it's Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream.  I don't need a lot of products, but this just smells delicious and makes my hair do amazing things.


For perfume, it's Aqua di Gioia. I tend to shy away from the mass favorites- and found instead something that reminds me of my first perfume love, Clinique Happy.


Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Mine would be Clairol's Root Touch Up BIG SUPRISE for me. I always get my hair professionally colored and highlighted but I just need my roots touched up and to my surprise it looks great and it was super easy, Very impressed!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Nail arts.


I never really cared for nails, but Kimmi and Starletta's influences rubs off on me and I started looking at nail arts/colors. The OPI nail polish sale finally doubled my nail polish stash, which consist of...5 items previously, and allow me to experiment with nail arts.


Another contributing factor is that I have a bit more time over the summer so now I experiment with glitter, strips, dots, tips and different color combinations. Previously I'll wear a coat of polish once a month or something if I feel fancy, but right now (cuz I just got the last batch of polish I ordered) I've done: peach polish with gold/silver glitter, mint/gold/white stripe, red glitter tip, and bright pink/coral background with gold/white dots/bubbles.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Glad to be a nail enabler!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I was sure that I was not going to like Wen's Cleansing Conditioner.  I took a chance, tried it and now I absolutely love it!  My hair looks the best that it ever has! 


(I have fine, blonde, color treated hair.)

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I've got a new one: Too Faced Better than Sex mascara.


I bought it because the name made me snicker, and I'll be darned if it isn't an awesome mascara.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

One other....I was given a sample of GLAMGLOW Supermud mask.  I thought no mask was worth that type of money.


It's by far the most horrifying and awesome beauty product I've ever used.  I cracked and bought a full-sized one.


It's so disgusting to see the crap literally coming out of your pores, but satisfying at the same time.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I have a gorgeous collection of whiteheads on my chin - do you think the GLAMGLOW mask would extract them for me?

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I don't know if it'll be a cure-all, but it should reduce the size of them.  I would ask for a sample in-store.  If they don't have packets, they should have a tester. My sample came from the tester at my local SiJCP- which they keep on the shelves behind the register.  So I felt better that it's really hard to go grab and stick your fingers in.


It didn't totally cure all of my clogged pores, but I saw a visible difference in my skin after 1 use.  As I mentioned, it's both awesome and disgusting because all of the dark spots are oils and junk being lifted out of your pores. Looks similar to the blue Illamasqua speckled nail polish- EWWW.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I have the same problem! The glamglow mask didn't do too much to help them. I'm almost done with the jar and haven't seen too much difference in them. But i've never been able to get those to go away! Only with the Ole Henrikson Power Peel have they ever disappeared for more than a few days. 

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I got a sample of the Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask tossed into one of my recent Sephora orders as a fourth sample and I LOVED it. I think I will have to buy the full size of both now, but since I spotted it 45% off Sephora's price on Amazon I think I'll be able to forgive myself not getting BI points! 

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