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Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Time to confess- what is/are your most recent unexpected beauty love(s)?


That is, what products were you sure that you'd hate- whether it be a color that you dismissed until you tried it- or something you'd written off prior to sampling- that shockingly you not only like, you love?


I'll start.


For nails, it's Julep Nan. I thought it was the dud of the June collection- some murky tomato red. Even when I got the bottle in person, I doubted I'd ever wear it.  I still thought it was meh when I swatched it and got it ready to file into the collection.  On a whim, I put it on my nails, and it was love.  I still haven't worn any of the other colors I got this month!


For hair, it's Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream.  I don't need a lot of products, but this just smells delicious and makes my hair do amazing things.


For perfume, it's Aqua di Gioia. I tend to shy away from the mass favorites- and found instead something that reminds me of my first perfume love, Clinique Happy.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for lips.  I received it in a Birchbox, and bought the full size from Sephora a week later (sorry BB).  I put it on every night and wake up with a smooth, supple pout.  



Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

For lips, I'd have to say MAC lipsticks...  I heard everyone raving about it and I was kind of put off by it but I decided to give them a try and I love how smooth and nourishing it is.  For Foundation, I'd have to say the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation.  Even though the shade that I got was off, I have to say that it does everything that it says it does.  Just have to return it and get the correct shade but It's awesome.  I was kinda hesitant to get it because I've been using lighter colored moisturizer during the summer but I have some blemishes that I really wanted to cover up.  We'll have to see what the long term assessment is, if it causes acne or not.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

 I would have to say BB creams in general.  I recently got a few samples of some BB creams from Sephora, and found that I liek them all, and even like them better than my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  The BB creams seem to give better coverage, make my skin look smoother in texture and don't leave my skin quite as oily.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

The Tarte Aqualillies palette! Everyone was raving about it recently, and I knew it was sold out everywhere so I started to get a little desperate. I called my SiJCP & of course they had a few left, so I went & snagged one. I was nervous it would be one of those hyped up items and I don't really need more neutrals, bronzer & highlighter. WRONG! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The blue is pretty, but the star of the palette is Bikini; the pink-gold shift is so pretty. 


Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

@dannyc -- I never knew that shade was called Bikini!  that's the evil yet gorgeous one that makes me keep going back to swatch the whole palette and  wanting to buy it even though I definitely don't need any more eyeshadows!  OR blush!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Took me awhile to think of something but i did!! Living Proof's  Nourishing styling cream. I totally dismissed all the 7 samples of it that i have because i already have a million hair products i love so i just kept them in my hair samples bag but a few days ago i finally opened a packette and tried it. I totally love it. My hair is so soft!! A little less frizzy when it air dried, overall i really like it!! I'm glad i have so many samples of it!! I will probably buy the big bottle of it. It a lot lighter than the styling cream i currently use!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I totally understand!  My hair is only frizzy during the summer- and Living Proof totally stood up to the "it's only 6AM but it feels like you're walking through bathwater" ick of this morning.

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

Even though I got a sample of the Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial, I was sure I would hate it because I have acne-prone skin, so every moisturizer I've stuck with was always Murad. Now, I'm obsessed with how it makes my skin look every morning and I want to buy it after I run out of the sample. I'm always surprised when moisturizers don't leave my skin shiny right after I apply because the whole point of a moisturizer is to moisturize. I'm also obsessed with my red nail polish. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because for years I was forbidden to wear red nail polish in my household, so when I bought one on a whim in the recent year, I used it so much that the brush is starting to clump. Initially, I thought red nail polishes were too tacky, but now I think they look classy. Great question!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

I'm totally with your on the Korres! I got two of the 100 points perks and really thought i would just find it ehh. But i like it. The first time i used it i didn't think it did a good job at all. My skin has been severely dry lately and i didn't think it helped. But i tried it again and used more of it and now i think it is awesome!! I guess i just didn't use enough for it to do it's job but i think when i'm out of my wild rose sleeping facial i'll get that one! But i love them both!

Re: Most Unexpected Recent Beauty Love

How about this one (which is obvious): Cream eyeshadows.


I had just a couple of aqua creams prior to this spring that I played with and got bored with relatively quickly.  Little did I know that my life was about to change.


Yes, I still miss my powdered eyeshadows (someday I'll post my stash... *cries*), but I love the longevity and ease of cream shadow!

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