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Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

I love makeup so much and I was wondering what I need to do about this obsession and if I can wear make up in public. I have wanted to play with makeup for about a year now and i have loved when girls put makeup on me or i use some of my moms. I would love to take this to a new level and start wearing makeup in public or just buying makeup and trying it on at home and practicing. Some day i would love to be a makeup artist. I would also need a way to do this without my parents knowing and how would i buy the makeup i want.

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

Hi there!  I see your post has appeared a few times so I don't know if you hit the wrong button or are anxious, but I wanted you to know I saw your post. 


First, I don't know where you live so I don't know how hard you will find it to wear makeup out in public, but I do know things have changed a lot in the almost 35 years since I was 15 and it has to be easier. Smiley Happy 


Do you have a large Sephora store near you? I know that the biggest one near me (Natick, MA, in case you live nearby) has at least 2 if not 3 or 4 male cast members who are very knowledgeable so you might try going to the large store near you and see if some of the male associates might make you more comfortable asking for advice. 


As far as buying makeup for yourself, do you get money to spend on yourself? Check in the store for kits that have things to try out. If you're not comfortable asking for yourself, you're an age where you can always let people assume you're looking to get something for a girlfriend if you really don't want to ask. Are you certain your parents would freak out if they found makeup?  Some parents are better than you think.


Btw, have you ever heard of the comic Eddie Izzard? He's not really a drag queen as much as a guy who likes wearing makeup. And he's very funny. Very, very funny. I know he has a book out and he might have some stories about makeup in it. Libraries are such a wonderful place!


There are a few guys on the board who are into makeup, so I hope one of them will see this and be able to give you some enter advice.

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

Welcome to the world of makeup, legew! Looking good / feeling good about one's self is not only for woman.

@Mafan answered beautifully, so I don't have much more to say. But one thing is that I have had some of my best makeup experiences with guys.

Working in the cosmetic industry is all about devotion, passion and talent.Many guys are successful, and you can be too.

Good luck!

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

Right on! One of my favorite people to watch on YouTube is Wayne Goss.

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

Hes my favorite too.i  love  him even more for his honesty and humility! 

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

If you're nearby any Targets or other stores that carry e.l.f., I'd definitely suggest you look into it. I got my sister a 30-something eyeshadow palette for $5, which is great for trying colors out and learning. She says she likes them. I just looked up the brand's website and found they have great prices on just about anything you might want to try out. My mom is pretty pleased with one of their brush sets.


For how-to guides, I've found plenty of help on YouTube. Good luck!


As with a close friend of mine, I'd just like to advise you careful about mean/prejudiced/short-sighted people (They exist, unfortunately, but there are many wonderful, kind people as well), and whom you confide in if you're not in a more open-minded environment. Otherwise my main advice is to not let anyone's negative reactions/opinions/biases define your sense of self-worth and value. Easier said than done, but mean people aren't worth being in your life either way. Cheers!

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

Dear legew,


Similar to onomotopoeia9, some of my best makeup experiences have been done by men.  I think that with some creativity and practice, you can be great.  


In regards to wearing makeup yourself, I would recommend starting with concealers.  Concealer is meant to be used in certain areas of your face such as blemishes, or under your eye or any red spots on your face; therefore,  it's not as obvious if you wear it because it's not all over your face and it's meant to match your skin tone.  If you have any blemishes, drugstore brands make blemish fighting concealers so it would not be so surprising for people to see a man wearing concealer.  Or you can pick a concealer from a makeup line.  I usually prefer concealers that come out of a tube so that you are not always sticking your fingers into a pot and contaminating the entire pot.   Drug store brands are less expensive and you can look for extra coupons from your local ads.  Good luck and have fun!

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

Try to look up davenmayeda on youtube.i saw his vid on makeup for men and i ❤ it! Im actually trying to convince a guy friend  to use makeup for his breakouts and undereye circles! Daven used the makeup forever full coverage concealer, you can also try my favorite concealer of the moment the shiseido natural finish concealer,its vy natural,smudge proof and water resistant too. Just. ask for a sample B4 u make a purchase! 

For powder you can try drugstore products,maybe something translucent like the rimmel stay matte or the maybelline dream matte powder.but if ur looking into splurging for ur first purchase i recommend powders from brands like guerlain,dior or mac.just find the perfect shade match  so they wont notice you wearing makeup! 


Once you start on building your makeup collection  i suggest you check,lisa elridge,gossmakeupartist,emilynoel.i always check reviews online before heading to sephora or dont need an extensive amount of makeup,whats important is that you have products that work for you! I personally purchase makeup which has high reviews online,i am a makeup hoarder but i only buy things that are the best from different brands,that way you wont be wasting a huge amount  on new products released,though ur spending a lot, at least you can justify that they are worth the money! 

goodluck!i know ur gonna be a great makeup artist someday! 

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

I don't know your parents, but there's a strong probability they'd be easier to talk to than you think. I can guarantee that talking to them about this interest will be far easier than hiding it from them for the next three years. 


Be prepared for them and others to question your sexuality. But if you've practiced your response and keep it as a dialogue (not an argument), it'll not only gain their support, but it'll build your self confidence for later. 


There are a lot of mean people in this world. But there are a lot more open-minded, caring, helpful people. Lean on them to manage the others. 


I wish you best.

Re: Me wearing make up as a 15 year old boy?

Hello and welcome! Francois Nars has some excellent books which include make up looks on men.  He started his career as a young boy doing make up for his mom and her friends. If you work hard, the sky is the limit!

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