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Marc Jacobs Lust for. Lacquer Lip Vinyl - Discontinued?

Went to update my loves list with some new MJ items and found that not only is the one gloss I already had on my list gone, but the entire item has disappeared off the site? I can access a link to the colors directly on MJ's beauty website but trying to select any to add to the cart results in a broken link. I Googled around and couldn't find any information on them being pulled -- anyone know anything? The formula wasn't my favorite but there were at least 2 more colors I was itching to try.


Orr should I be holding up hope that this means a new formulation and shade range is on its way since that's what they did for the lipsticks? Smiley Happy


(Side note, if they were discontinued no one tell me if they were put on clearance and I missed it, that'll just kill me.)

Re: Marc Jacobs Lust for. Lacquer Lip Vinyl - Discontinued?

I'm in the same boat as you are... i have kissability and gypsy and love them... i wanted to get another one and they are gone...  Smiley Sad    there were some on ebay but i get nervous buying stuff off there so i found some on amazon marked way up.  on amazon i found lust for lacquer at $33 (the cheapest price)  and purchased that.  since i was almost out of kissability i just ordered the MJ  La Coquette collection that has it (hoping i like the eyeliner and nailpolish otherwise i just paid $55 for a  so i'll have 2 new ones but im thinking they must have discontinued it...  blaaah.   I loved the formula because even when my lips are dry it doesnt show the cracks.  Maybe they are just making packaging changes and it will come out again.

Re: Marc Jacobs Lust for. Lacquer Lip Vinyl - Discontinued?

I would be down with a packaging change, they were kind of wide for my taste but then all of their products are like that (wider than necessary). I'm hoping it or something really similar to it will be back soon, they had such good color payoff!

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