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Makeup essentials

Hi! I'm starting high school this year, and I want to start my makeup collection. I already have makeup, but its all super old so I am just going to get rid of most of it and start over. What products do you think are essentials in a makeup collection. P.S.  I have pale, clear, and oily skin, shortish eyelashes, blue eyes, and light brown hair Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup essentials

Hey girl! Smiley Happy I'm currently a senior in high school and I have two sisters, one who's about to be a freshman in high school and one who's a junior in high school, so basically I'm an expert, haha.

I've been Sephora VIB since my freshman year, & one hunderd percent addicted!

When I was a freshman, I wore foundation because of my acne and it sort of blossomed from there. I started learning more and more about makeup and as I got older I got alot better. Smiley Happy

When I was your age I wore eyeliner on the bottom instead of the top (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!) and got foundation in my eyebrows when I was putting it on. (I looked so silly, I'm sure.)

I also didn't wear blush at that time, so I looked like an angel of death.

Here are the essentials that I suggest for somebody with pale, oily skin:

>>Mattifying powder (For instance BareMinerals Mineral Veil or Sephora's Makeup Forever HD Powder)

>>Blush (NARS Blush in Orgasm, is by far, the best and most flattering blush in the world

>>Mascara (If you want to save money, get the LashSTASH. Both my little sisters have it. You get five deluxe mini mascaras and one full size mascara of your choice for the low price of $25. That's probably the best deal you're ever going to find, anywhere for such high quality products.)


You didn't mention whether or not you had problem skin. If you're interested in a foundation, I reccomend BareMinerals, because I've found that it's the easiest to use and pretty much foolproof. Plus, because it's a powder it works well on my oily skin AND I'm not worried about chemicals, because BareMinerals is natural and high quality.


Other non-essentials that I can't live without (They're essential to me, but you probably don't need them right away.)

>>Liquid Liner Marker (I am terrible at painting on straight lines, so eyeliner in marker form is seriously the best. There's a cheap drugstore marker eyeliner from L'Oreal that works GREAT, I've had mine since my sophomore year and it works everytime, I recently got one from LORAC that's really amazing but about 3 times the price. LORAC's is a little bolder of a line, but use your best judgement.)

>>Retractable Crayon Eyeliner (I hate sharpening eyeliners. I feel like that should basically be illegal. BUXOM makes a great crayon eyeliner that you don't have to sharpen and it creates a softer look than liquid liner, but it's a little bit more managable.)

>>NAKED 2 (There's two palettes from Urban Decay, Naked & NAKED2. They're basically the same thing. Don't let anyone tell you differently. I like Naked2 a little better because it'd more shimmery. The great thing about these two palettes is that they're timeless, classic shades that you can use to create a variety of everyday looks.)

>>Urban Decay Primer Potion (Yeah, it's expensive, but it lasts forever and it seriously creates the perfect shadow base. Your eyeshadow will not BUDGE.)


Lip gloss - In my experience, drug store works just as good as anything else. There's no magical Sephora lip product that works any different, in my opinion anyway. You're probably  not interested in lipstick, high school girls RARELY wear it, (trust me) and anyway, chapstick works just fine. Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup essentials

I don't have oily skin, but I know in high school I hardly wore any makeup... just because I didn't want to get up any earlier.

Essentials in a make up collection to me are a foundation or base (maybe a BB cream), a translucent powder, mascara, a lipcolor, a neutral eyeliner, and some neutral eyeshadows.

Then you can build a collection from there for more dramatic looks but for an everyday look which is normally what you're after that should suit you well.


Re: Makeup essentials

if you're going to start building your makeup collection, i suggest that you hold that urge until october or november. save money til those months. then come october or november, different holiday sets will start appearing. those will save you lots of money plus you get to try different products at a fraction of a price. Smiley Happy


that's how i strated building my collection. Smiley Happy


or if you can't wait til that time, i suggest that you buy during GWPs or during promos and sale. that way, you'll be able to stretch your money and get lots of freebies! Smiley Happy


Re: Makeup essentials

How exciting!  I remember thinking about my makeup for the first day of high school for WEEKS, it's making me feel so old now, LOL! 


I agree with the other suggestions you've been given - you've already gotten a ton of great advice!  I think you might get even more if you could let us know a couple more details.  For example, what is your budget like?  I know I didn't have much spending money when I was that age, but everyone is different so I don't want to assume too much.  Also, what sorts of looks do you generally like?  Smokey eyes?  Bold lips?  Bright or shimmery cheeks?  And what types of products are you generally looking for, or which products do you NOT have any interest in?


To me, the "basics" include a face product, a cheek product, an eyeliner, a mascara, and maybe a lipgloss.  Again, my recommendations would change based on your budget, but generally I really think you'd be fine with either a BB cream (like other posters have mentioned) or a pressed powder, which will help control oil and shine.  Some good powders/powder foundations include Make Up For Ever Pro Finish, Benefit "Hello Flawless" powder foundation, and NARS pressed powder foundation.  Those brands generally have a nice shade selection as well!


For mascara I really love Benefit's BadGal mascara - it's a very reasonably priced mascara that gives me dark, dramatic, long and full of volume lashes.  I find it similar to Dior's DiorShow but less expensive (which is nice!)


Let me know if I can give you any more recommendations based on your preferences!

Re: Makeup essentials

Thank you for your help! I have been saving up money for a long time, so I have about $120.00, but I don't think I want to spend it all. I am probably going to get a mix of drugstore and high end products. I want my look to be really natural, since its for school. I like light colored eyeshadows, so nothing too dramatic. Thanks again!

Re: Makeup essentials

If you want to get some great products and a lot of bang for your buck I'd recommend getting this new collection - 



The NARS "Orgasm" blush is a staple for countless ladies with fair skin.  The "Sandy" Buxom gloss is pinky-nude that is very pretty and age appropriate, and of course the mascara will build-up and enhance your lashes.  Those 3 products alone almost equal the cost of the box!

Re: Makeup essentials

Thanks! I will check that out. 

Re: Makeup essentials

Hi, Beccaaa!

When I was in high school, concealer was my absolute saving grace - I still love it to this day since I just use concealer and powder for my everyday face. The Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer works well from the drugstore and you could sample various kinds from Sephora.

You also might want to look into a blush that will just brighten your look and you can get out of the door quickly. Wet n wild has some nicely pigmented blushes.

Lastly, don't forget to take care of your skin. I personally use the CeraVe line from the drugstore and it has worked for years. I haven't had a need to change it yet.

Hope I could help a bit!

Re: Makeup essentials

Thanks! This helped a lot.

Re: Makeup essentials

i have short eyelashes and blue eyes myself and an eyelash curler is key to getting georgeous looking lashes.  Shiseido has a really nice eye lash curler, but one from the drugstore will get the job done too!


I would also recomend an eyeshadow palette.  The Lorac ProPalette for Stila in the Light Palette are great neutral palettes that would make a good foundation for a makeup collection.  I know wet n wild also has some nice eyeshow options, if you are on a budget.


i always found that eyeliner on the waterline (inner rim) really helps pull together my makeup.  a good brand from sephora is Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner but you could also use the $1 eyeliner (wet n wild, i think it is) that actually works really well also.  just dont go to heavy on it or use to dark a color.


i would definetely try a light foundation or tined moisturizer, because anything heavier at your age will take away from your natural youthful beauty.


overall, I would recommend going for lighter products, becuase anything too heavy or too dramatic really will take away from your beauty.  But it is also fun to experiment with different looks from time to time so don;t be afraid to!



Re: Makeup essentials

I saw your other post, but I'll comment here too.  Since your skin is clear (you lucky person), a BB cream or tinted moisturizer is plenty of you want skin coverage.  You could probably even go without; your choice.  I wouldn't wear heavy foundation.  The oil won't make you happy and you've got years ahead of you so why cover up pretty skin if you have it!


My first essential would be mascara.  With short lashes that are probably light in color, it will probably bring out your eyes.  I don't use drugstore mascara but others can recommend some (or search for mascara and you'll find recent conversations).  If you're looking to shop at Sephora, check out the Lash Stash to go.  It has 5 different mascara samples and then you can pick a full size of the one you like best -- it will keep you having fun for a while.


If you want eye liner, I'd suggest a dark brown instead of black.  It will bring out your blue eyes and is less harsh.  I'm not a fan of heavy dark eyeliner in general, and especially at your age.  Sephora makes affordable ones in a number of different formulas/types of applications.


After that, I'd look for a tinted lip balm or a lip gloss.  Something sheer, not too heavy -- just to give you a hint of color and moisture.  The Revlon lip butters are nice and not too costly, and I like their balm/stains as well. (I like the Clinique Chubby Sticks and Tarte LipSurgence, too, but the Revlon ones in the same style are pretty good.  Try those over the Cover Girl ones if you're going to check one out.  Honey is a nice neutral color.)


If you go for eye shadow, I'd go neutral in color -- brownish or taupe colors will be good with your eyes.  Wet and Wild have some nice little palettes and from the one that I've tried, they are nice and great for the price point.  With the oil you're facing you might want an eyeshadow primer, too.  If you're going to Sephora, you can check out their duo/trios, too.  And get a sample of primer. 


Good luck and have fun!

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