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Makeup Removing Wipes?

Do you have to rinse your face after removing makeup with a wipe? 

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

It really depends. Smiley Tongue


Sometimes the wipe leaves alcohol, fragrance, or other residue on your face, and if you don't like that, you can rinse your face with water.


If you have acne or sensitive skin, you should definitely cleanse (with facial cleanser, not just rinse) your face after removing your makeup to make sure nothing bad is left in your pores. Other people, like my sister, don't have to worry about it, since their skin is relatively problem-free.


Sometimes wipes don't get everything, so test if there's any makeup left by wiping your face with a toner. If there's makeup, you should probably cleanse. Otherwise, you don't have to do anything.


I've struggled with all skin types because my skin type keeps changing with the seasons, so here's my experience.


Dry skin: I tried to wash my face with cleanser only once a day (I rinsed with water in the morning) to avoid drying, so regardless of when I used the makeup removing wipe, I'd only cleanse my face before I went to sleep. No rinsing, either. I then toned my face to get it clean, applied essence, and moisturized afterwards to protect my skin from drying out.


Oily skin: The makeup removing wipe was never enough to get rid of the oil, so I'd cleanse my face thoroughly afterwards. Then I'd do my entire skincare routine right away so I could control my oil.


Normal skin: After the wipe, I'd rinse my face with water, then apply toner/essence, and sometimes a light moisturizer. 

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

Hi acm97,


I also like to suggest to rinse your face after cleaning wipes. I even use a cleanser afterwards because the wipe does not always remove every trace of make up!

<3 Melissa

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

I would highly recommend doing another cleansing of makeup other than using wipes.

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

I always do.  There is no "have to" rule, but it's a matter of a personal preference.  I personally don't want any soap, etc. still on my face from the wipe so I always at least rinse or wash after.

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

I would say it depends on how much make up you're wearing but I'm a huge believer in double cleansing aka washing your face twice. I think that if you wear makeup or sunscreen, you should first use either a cleansing water or a wipe to remove the makeup and then go in with a cleanser. There's definitely still going to be traces of your makeup on your face even after a water or a wipe and the cleanser removes all of that. I wouldn't want that gunk stuck in my pores!

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

I usually rinse my face with Fresh's soy face wash, it's very gentle and makes my face feel refreshed. I also like to wash my face because it gets off any of the excess makeup and grime. If I have only been wearing light makeup, like BB cream and one or two other products, I just use a cleansing water.

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

I use cleansing water on a cotton square to remove makeup because I find wipes to be too harsh. I don't think wipes are a replacement for face washing though. They don't always remove everything. If I don't use a cleansing water, then I always do two washes... one to remove my makeup & one to actually wash my face. 

Then I apply toner/softener, treatment/serum, moisturizer. 

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?



I don't.  If I was going to rinse afterwards, I would probably not use a wipe but just wash my face.  HTH!

Re: Makeup Removing Wipes?

My skin doesn't feel clean with a wipe.  I use wipes when traveling to remove my makeup but I always wash my face.  

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