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Makeup Flop(s)

So I discovered what could possibly be the worst makeup item of the year (so far) today:


Urban Decay's 24-7 Shadow Pencil in the color Sin! I've tried many other colors from the line and have loved them, but seriously, what's with the formulation of the Sin color in particular? It goes on patchy on the eyes -- not to mention tugs on the eyes -- and nearly impossible to blend! It also creases like no tomorrow, even with my NARS Smudgeproof primer. The color, on the other hand, is beautiful.


What makeup items have disappointed you so far?

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

Hi poshified, 


I'm sorry to hear that! I am always disapointed when a product I am so looking forward to try fails me! I try to make sure its not user error either as I'm pretty familiar with most tips and tricks for products. Smiley Happy


The great thing is you can return the items or make an exchange with us if you need to!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

Sephora's generous return policy is the reason I would much rather shop there than, say, Ulta. This one came in a set of five other shadow sticks, so I'm not too too bitter about it Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I just had an eyeshadow fail.  I bought the BareMinerals Ready Duo in Scenic Route.  It is a golden ivory and a golden olive.  They are beautiful.  I literally lost my breath when I swatched them when they arrived...BUT...

They look awful on me.  I think it is a lot of shimmer for me to carry off.  It seems to age me.  And the color just seems to wash my face out.  I was so bummed out.    


I don't feel right returning a perfectly good product just because I don't like it on me.  So I'm trying to work with it.  Tomorrow I am going to try to tone it down with some of the matte nudes from the naked2 palette tomorrow.  


I completely understand how you are feeling.  

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

Olive colors on my eyes make me look really tired. Same with grays. Have you tried layering the ivory and olive shade? You can never go wrong with popping Tease from Naked2 or Naked from the original Naked palette in the crease Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

@poshified, great recommendation!

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I really really hated the Clinique shadow crayon.  It felt wet yet too chalky all at the same time, creased immediately, and somehow there was fallout everywhere.  I couldn't build up the color AT ALL and it wouldn't blend out.  It was the absolute worst product I've tried from the brand and top contender for worst product this year. I also REALLY hated Amazing Cosmetics concealer.  It made me oily yet flaky, was patchy, and didn't fully cover my redness.  Ugh.  


Both of those went back ASAP haha.  I love Sephora's generous return policy - I have yet to return something without making an equal or more expensive purchase within 2 weeks.

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

Oh no! Thanks for the heads up on the Clinique sticks! I was eyeing the amber colored one. Looks like I'll be passing! I know I always feel bad whenever I make a return, I always end up spending more than the item I took back lol.

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I would recommend trying it out, because it might be one of those products that different colors seemingly have completely different formulations, but I really hated it lol!  The colors were very tempting, which is why I initially went for it.  Then again, I'm VERY particular about the quality of my eyeshadow - I wouldn't use Urban Decay until this year because I felt their shadows weren't up to par.  So I might also be nuts, I know how much everyone loves UD shadows!


I'm the same way with returns!  I always feel so guilty because I know the product can't be resold, so it's technically a loss for the store.  Especially when it's something my store doesn't carry, so it's probably a pain in the butt to do the return. Then again, they get my money anyway LOL!

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I was really bummed by the OCC Lip Tar.  I think part of it is that I can't find a color that works for me, but it also doesn't seem to agree with my lips.  It is super drying, it rubs off everywhere even when I only use a tiny bit and when it gets close to wearing off (which is also when it looks best) it starts to flake.


I really wanted to make that work, but i'm thinking it probably won't.

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