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Makeup Flop(s)

So I discovered what could possibly be the worst makeup item of the year (so far) today:


swfupload_597096651483854626.jpgUrban Decay's 24-7 Shadow Pencil in the color Sin! I've tried many other colors from the line and have loved them, but seriously, what's with the formulation of the Sin color in particular? It goes on patchy on the eyes -- not to mention tugs on the eyes -- and nearly impossible to blend! It also creases like no tomorrow, even with my NARS Smudgeproof primer. The color, on the other hand, is beautiful.


What makeup items have disappointed you so far?

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I have to agree with Superjulienne on the Eyebooster eyeliners from Physician's Formula! It's an exact dupe for the LORAC Pro Eyeliner for a fraction of the price Smiley Happy. I've tried their face products in the past and it broke me out, so I've stayed away ever since.

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I like sin, but I've never used it on my lid... I always apply it to the brow bone as a highlighter, or in the corner of my eyes. In a pinch I can use it as a highlighter on my cheek bones, I need to rub it on my finger first & then blend it in. 


One of my recent disappointments was the Dior brow pencil everyone raves about. Even with the lightest hand it still made my brows look to bold. I exchanged it for the tarte brow mousse & I couldn't be happier. 

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I'm always on the lookout for a good brow product, so I'll be sure to give the Tarte one a go! Also, great tip on the uses of Sin! I have to try them sometime!

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I've had pretty bad luck with the BB creams the Dr. Jarts water activated one was probably the worse thing I ever put on my skin! I also have bad luck in general with most foundations I think they're just too heavy for my skin. I've just stopped trying to buy foundations and stick with a dusting of powder.

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

When I tried the Dr. Jarts water fused BB cream, I literally saw beads appearing on my face that came from nowhere. Have you tried the traditional Korean and/or Japanese BB cream? They're definitely the real deal Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

I definitely want to but I'm scared that they'll be too light for me! Thats the only problem with online shopping you can't test the colors out grr!

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

Im ready to return the Too Faced Brow Envy Kit, I tried to use for a week and just couldn't make these stencils work out for me. I do better free-hand with a brush and Browzings..I was disappointed though! Smiley Sadbrow.jpg

Re: Makeup Flop(s)

That sucks, because the kit is too darn adorable! Stencils have never worked for me either.

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