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MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

I recently purchased 2 Mac Brushes, the 217 blending brush and an angled blush/bronzer one. I find the quality is quite bad, the bristles keep sticking out and for the 217 brush they all split!


Does anyone recommend some other brushes that I can try out?  I'm looking for eyeshadow and and blush brushes!  Thank you x

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

bdellium tools brushes are quite nice.....I have a mixture of everything....sigma, mac sephora...they are all good to me

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

Thank you all for your help!  I will have a look at Sigma brushes for eyeshadow Smiley Happy

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

Be sure to sign up for email updates to get discount codes.  Also, you may want to look at your favorite beauty bloggers, as many of them have a negotiated discount code...

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

I have a few MAC & Sigma and don't see a difference in the quality between those and cheap ones. For face brushes, I love Real Techniques. I have every single brush besides the stippling brush. I have really been liking the Sedona Lace brushes for eyes (the pointed crease EB15 is my fave!) and Bhumi Brushes are amazing too, but also more expensive than MAC, I buy them when there's a big sale, I love their Perfect Crease & Blending brush.

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

The only mac brushes I have shedding problems with are the duo fiber... but that's typical of most duo fiber brushes. 

Did you wash them a few times and try shaping them? I always wash a new brush 2-3x before use to get all the stray hairs out. 

If you did try washing them, then I would exchange them. mac brushes should not be doing that. 

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

I really LOVE the Sephora Collection brushes. Their quality is marvelous. I'd recommend brush #10 or #16. #16 is more of a stiff brush which is very comparable to the 217 brush.




Whimsically yours,

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

Try Real Techniques. I own many MAC brushes but when I started using RT, I fell in love with them. You can find them at ULTA. You can't beat the price either. Sometimes, ULTA will have B1G1 half off. One of my fave is the Expert Face brush but they'll really good. Hope this helps.







Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

MAC 224- Sigma E40

MAC 217- Sigma E35 or E25 (slightly smaller)

MAC 275- Sigma E70

MAC 219- Sigma E30

MAC 212- Sigma E15

MAC 239- Sigma E55

MAC 242- Sigma E60 (this one looks a little larger than the MAC one but similar)


Hope this helps

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

If you're looking to check into various brands, take a gander into this thread, there's tons of suggestions from myself and other users, plus a good break down on what the brands offer and how they fair:

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

Coastal scents is another brand to look at online. They have a dupe for the MAC 217 (they call it a fluff haha) and its $5.


I have 2 MAC brushes too and they just don't impress me that much. I am going to get some from Sigma soon. The blending ones are the E25 and E35 (E25 is smaller... I want to get both of these versus the 217 - not sure which is comparable in size to that though - but I think it will improve my crease work).

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

with the sigma brushes, for eyeshadow, which brushes do you think are good? for base colour, crease, outer corner x

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

E60 - pack on base color

E25, E35 - blending in crease

E45 - if you want a small application of dark color in the crease/outer corner that you would then blend out

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?


i love the sigma brushes, but the e40 can be to large if you have small eyes. i find that it covers to much area if you are a blending queen, and want to blend multiple colors in your crease-- but that's me being picky. 

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

I have had all my MAC brushes for years and have had little to no shedding or breakage.  Are you looking for abother brand to try?  Real Techniques makes amazing brushes and they are pretty reasonably priced.  I have heard great things about Sigma but have never purchased any of their brushes yet.  Sephora also makes great brushes.  The brushes that they have in their sets are always great quality.  If you do decide to add some more MAC brushes I would recommend the 212, 242, 239, 224, and the 275.  That would cover all of your eye needs.  For face brushes I always stick with Sephora or Real Techniques.  I hope you find some that work for you!

Re: MAC Brushes - any other suggestions?

Thank you!  I shall try them out soon. x

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