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Loyalty to a Brand?

Are there any particular products/brands that you are completely loyal to?  Ever since I discovered Josie Maran's brand 3 years ago, I have not switched my skincare. That is really saying something, because I am a beauty product junkie! Also, I'm super loyal to WEN since switching to it over 2 years ago.  What beauty products/brands are you loyal to and would consider your ultimate holy grail?

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm interested in Bite Beauty. Which ones are your top go-to colors? I've also been eyeing Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Well they are a bit pricey so I only have a handful. I really love Fig in the lipstick. It feels so smooth and moisturizing on my lips and is a perfect dusty rose colour. I want palomino but it is sold out in my Sephora store. I also really like the lip pencils. They come on really pigmented and make it easy to shape your lips. I really like Corvina (see below). I can't wait to try more Smiley Happy I think some trading threads have some Bite products on them. I am also really interested in OCC lip tars. I think they might be a little too high maintenance for me though (brush application).upload_4271566506570866160.jpg

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I've been trading for a few, after I picked up Violet in store I was sold.  The mask and lip butter are worth investing in as well!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Pepper is a BEAUTIFUL MLBB shade, Rose is the perfect, pretty wearable pink and Pomegrante is one of the nicest true reds I've ever found. 

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I am a big Bite Beauty fan too.  I have the double ended lip kit and the high pigment pencil set, and they're all great and last forever.  I also love their lip scrub and the new mask, my only disappointment is their lip liner.  It's hard, dry, and waxySmiley Sad

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I am a promiscuos girl.  I will flirt with any and all brands.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Love it!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

LOL! That's too cute! You're so promiscuous, charpic! hahaha! Smiley Wink

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

ha ha!  I love it!  Same here!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

The only major loyalty I have is to cruelty free brands.  I'll probably try them if they fall in that spectrum.  

Brands I really gravitate towards:




Urban Decay


Too Faced


Butter London

AG Hair Cosmetics



Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Ditto. I am trying to go with only cruelty free, which narrows the field a bit but there are still plenty of great brands. The ones you have named and Lorac too.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Oh, and I'm switching to DDG for skincare and Devacurl and Alterna for hair. 

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I use Juice Beauty, Lush, Josie Maran, and Tarte for skincare.  I'm looking into Ole Henrickson, but there isn't anything I need yet.  

If you need a good deep conditioner, try AG or Carol's Daughter.  They work and smell divine!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Yea, I only use natural and cruelty free brands, so that REALLY limits me on what products to use. I mainly use Josie Maran, Tarte, Buxom, BareMinerals and WEN. I recently bought a few items from Acure...they aren't sold at Sephora, though.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I am very loyal to Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Nars. I love their products. For skincare I love Murad and Boscia.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I have HG products that I will never stay from- Ole Henrickson skin care namely- but otherwise I love trying new brands. Even when I love something, I tend to stray away to try something new after a few purchases.

I tend to obsess over anything new from UD, Dior and Nars.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm pretty loyal to Urban Decay. I tend to like a lot of the products they come out with. Eyeshadows, liners, setting spray, foundation, powder...

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Long story short: 

Lips- Guerlain

Eyes- Vacant (Guerlain lacks shades and with Urban Decay and Mac, there is real competition); Plus with eyeliner and mascara needing to be 120% waterproof, BRANDS WILL VARY. (Still like Guerlain MaxiLash) 

Face/Complexion- Guerlain

Cleanser/Moisturizer- Philosophy

Exfoliant/Mask- Vacant

Nails- OPI (see Manicure note) 

But I have a serious brand loyalty to Guerlain- I even have a bag full of just Guerlain make-up products. Plus I collect some of their products. 

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Eyeshadow primer- Urban Decay

Face Wash- Peter Thomas Roth

Nails- Orly, Seche Vite Top Coat, Illamasqua

Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black

Eyeliner: L'oreal Lineur Intense (the felt tip is perfect)

Hair Masks: Oscar Blandi, Kerastase

Body Lotion: Keri lotion for extra dry skin (the formula says non-greasy and it actually is)

Body Wash: LUSH Dreamwash

Lipstick: Make Up Forever

Foundation: MAC Studio Tech

Foundation daytime: Clinique CC cream

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Urban decay and Josie Maran are my absolute favorite brands.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

*high fives supergirl* For loving Josie Maran too! Smiley Happy

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