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Loyalty to a Brand?

Are there any particular products/brands that you are completely loyal to?  Ever since I discovered Josie Maran's brand 3 years ago, I have not switched my skincare. That is really saying something, because I am a beauty product junkie! Also, I'm super loyal to WEN since switching to it over 2 years ago.  What beauty products/brands are you loyal to and would consider your ultimate holy grail?

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Hahaha! Mrs. Doubtfire! That's EXACTLY what it looks like! I've tried the Bliss Oxygen Peel and though I loved the smell, it didn't give the same results as the Philosophy one, I like the Bliss one added into cleanser as a citrus smelling booster!


I don't always use my Dermal Quench, but I did when it was colder as I wanted my more intensive products to sink in and absorb better. I buy the little can and it'll last me about 2-3, but I also only spray 3 lines since so much can come out of the can. I do one line at my forehead and one line down each cheek. I believe the original directions call for 3 lines down each cheek and that's just wayyyyyy too much. This helps to stretch the use of a can out too. Once I run out, I tend to go about 2 months without buying one, but then snag another back up again. There used to be a kit of a mini DQ and tube of ExfoliKate, can't remember if it was a full sized one or a trial.


*HIGH 5 for the OP and DQ lovin'!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm loyal to these products ( but I do stray from time to time just because I like to see what else is out there)


1. Neutrogena pure and free liquid daily sunblock

2. mychelle sunshield unscented

3. l'occitane ultra rich face cream

4. Maybelline the falsies mascara ( not falsies flared, just the original falsies)

5. kat von d lock it tattoo foundation

6. thayers alcohol free toners

7. origins never a dull moment cleanser


That's all that comes to mind for now. These are all products that I've been using for awhile and have repurchased several times and am planning on repurchasing again in the future when I run out.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I am loyal to SK II products! stray every once in awhile in hope I could find a better replacement to these with lower price. I just bought Josie Maran duo(100% Argan oil with radiance for face, body and hair). So far it's just okay. Still not as good as my SKII moisturizer. 

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Oh yeah, I'm a Wen girl too. Love it! I'm also loyal to anything Clinique. I tell my boyfriend all the time, he just has to buy any Clinique product and I would love it. NARS is one of my favorites as well as Laura Mercier. But that Josie Maran Light Oil is wonderful. Funny, I'm not really a brand girl for clothes although I'm a Jeffrey Campbell junkie.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Urban Decay for sure!

and LORAC - so I'm really sad that Sephora is no longer selling Lorac products


And for skincare, i am a hardcore follower of GlamGlow now (:

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

The only thing I use for a body moisturizer is Caudilie Divine Oil. The super light fragrance is very gentle, so I don't have to worry about being overpowering, and it makes me feel smooth without being greasy. Also, it's gentle enough to use after I shave my legs, with no irritation, and I have super, super sensitive skin. 


It's hard for me to stay loyal to one particular brand of any kind of makeup, skincare, et cetera though, because I just love trying new things!! 


Oh, and my Tarte eyelash curler. It's the best one I've ever used and can't see switching any time soon.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Yes! Another Caudalie fan! I love the smell of the Divine Oil as well, but personally I didn't find it any more moisturizing for my dry legs than my drugstore Burts Bees Lemon Oil. Did you find that it performed better than other oils that you've tried?

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Well, my skin isn't normally dry, since I have such heavy humidity. When I went to Colorado last year, I needed a more intense moisturizer. I thought I was gonna turn to dust from the dryness!!! But what I like most is that if I do sweat, it doesn't ball up on my skin (the oil). I've noticed with other oils, if you sweat, you start feeling greasy. The Caudilie absorbs so well! But I do find it a bit more moisturizing than most drugstore oils, without being so heavy. But I haven't tried the Burt's Bees!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I love my Tarte eyelash curler! I've been using it for about 5 or so years now! Best one I have ever owned! Smiley Happy

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Same! I never thought it was a big deal, using drugstore curlers. I figured eye pinching and kinked lashes were just normal. Then I got my Tarte and we lived happily ever after. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Brands I am loyal to are Urban Decay, Wet n Wild (I mean, have you tried their eyeshadows and lipsticks?!), and Revlon.


My HGs:

-Skincare (routine): Clinique soap bar, Stridex Maximum Strength Pads, Chamomile and Sea Salt toner (DIY), Rosewater, and FAB Ultra Repair Cream

-Face Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish - Green far

-Foundation: MUFE Mat Velvet +

-Concealer: MUFE Full Cover

-Powder: LM Translucent Loose Setting Powder

-Bronzer: the bronzer in the Lorac Pro to Go Eye/Cheek Palette far

-Blush: NYX Dusty Rose

-Eyeshadow primer: NARS Smudgeproof 

-Eyeshadow: UD Buck

-Mascara: Maybelline The Rocket

-Lip treatment: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

-Lipstick: Revlon Pink in the Afternoon or MAC Cosmo


I think that's it? Gosh, I use too many products..need to stop.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Tarte Smiley Happy I love their blushes

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Yes! I love Tarte blushes too, ry22! Smiley Happy

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

For me it's (more or less) Too Faced, Kat Von D and Ole Henriksen. And drugstore brands -- NYX. I've found the occasional product from those brands that I haven't liked and have had to return/give away, but that's never tainted my love for them!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm not loyal at all actually,... but there are brands that I'm biased towards. and "trust" more.. 

For example, I love Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, and hourglass for makeup; Fresh, Caudalie, Ole Henriksen for skincare. 

so if there is a product that I don't know what to look for (like blushes or lips. I never use them, so I honestly don't know anything about them.. when I do need one, I would look to those brands first. and if Tarte and Bobbi Brown had the same item, I would give Bobbi Brown higher rating.. almost like I'm lying to myself.. )

I try to be objective, but I think its abit unconscious.. 

that being said, I still do like Tarte, Korres, Makeup forever, Nars, etc.. 

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

This is the same for me, skin care wise, so what are your bobbi brown and guerlain  favorites?!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Mines is Caudalie for skincare and Tarte, Too Faced, UD, Benefit and Bare minerals for makeup Smiley Happy

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

No loyalty here. As happy as I am with the products I am using I am always on the search for something even better. I don't know if I'll ever find the holy grail because I think to do that you have to be willing to admit that you're satisfied...and even though my mascara is perfect and I can't fault it in any way and I might have a shade of red that is stunning and cannot be improved on I still can't stop myself wondering if there's one out there that might look even better...


I will say I am pretty loyal to Stila for their long last lip color and eye liners, though. I've yet to have found one that can beat the color pay off and longevity. My lips after 10 hrs wearing Beso still look perfect, and that's something I've yet to duplicate with any other lipstick.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm going to have to check out that Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick when I go to Sephora on Monday...I am intrigued! Smiley Happy

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

For eyeshadows- Mac

Lipstick- Yves Saint Laurent


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

i'd like to revive this thread ! i searched for it thinking of starting my own thread on this topic...


if you look at my makeup bag i'm no doubt loyal to NARS and givenchy and MAC. 

i'm also always checking out make up forever though i currently don't own much from them.


i love urban decay IN THEORY but find their colors rarely work for me. i think i'm subconsciously put off by the packaging even a little bit ?? which may sound absurd but...truth. i also had a bad experience YEARS ago with buying a bad foundation (since discontinued) which i think made me too skeptical....perhaps i'll revisit some day soon.


drug store makeup, i tend to be particularly loyal to rimmel (lips & eyeliners), revlon (lipstick--they used to have fantastic matte lipsticks that were discontinued, but i still catch myself looking for them *just in case* even though its been like 4 years since i last saw any !!!), maybelline (mascaras) and NYX (eyes and lips)


skincare i'm semi-loyal brand wise while still full-on obsessed in general. caudalíe, clarins, REN, murad and kate somerville are my go-to sephora skincare brands. i also LOVVVVVE aveda products--which is convenient and unsurprising when there's an aveda store right next to a sephora in the hometown you grew up in Smiley Wink


but i will admit i feel a bit of an oddball here. i see a VERY clear brand loyalty from BT'ers to urban decay, KVD, too faced, tarte, and hourglass. most of these brands i bypass when in-store. it's funny how these loyalties develop over time Smiley Happy

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Thanks for reviving this thread... It's good to confess! Lol!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

For me:




-Too Faced


In order of loyalty.

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Urban Decay. I'm a total UD freak here... At least for eye-products. once I found Urban Decay Eyeshadows, PP, and their mascaras, it's been hard for me to be truly happy with any other eye makeup products. (It's soooo bad!)



-Gloss: anything shimmery from Hourglass or Buxom.

-Lipcolor: Bite Beauty


Face: I just recently discovered Becca (foundation, blushes and highlighter) and Givenchy (foundation) face products, but so far, I'm slightly obsessed.


Skincare: Boscia, GLAMGLOW (I know, I know...), say yes to carrots/cucumbers/blueberries towelettes, Kate Somerville... But my skin has never been better, especially going through another pregnancy (I'm halfway there and only had one or two small breakouts that were gone within 48hours!).


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

congrats Smiley Happy

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