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Post in Beauty Confidential

Loyalty to a Brand?

Are there any particular products/brands that you are completely loyal to?  Ever since I discovered Josie Maran's brand 3 years ago, I have not switched my skincare. That is really saying something, because I am a beauty product junkie! Also, I'm super loyal to WEN since switching to it over 2 years ago.  What beauty products/brands are you loyal to and would consider your ultimate holy grail?

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Thanks! Baby #2 and only a couple teeny breakouts so far. Smiley Happy I broke out all the time with my first, but had awesome hair. Hormones are really something else!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Wow. Congratulations for baby #2! 
I totally agree with your UD obsession. I got that bug when I was 16 and I haven't shaken it... nor do I want to. Smiley Tongue

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Real Techniques. Almost ALL of my brushes are from RT. I have a few ELF, Coastal Scents, and brushes from eBay. 

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I've certainly become less loyal as I've gotten older. My favorite makeup brand is Make Up For Ever followed by Nars and then probably Laura Mercier so I look for products in that order when I want something new and then everything else is just up in the air and whatever looks good at the moment. 


I used to be extremely loyal to Aveda but I moved and it just became inconvenient to shop there. Then when I moved again and I was close to an Aveda store/salon the women who worked there were just sooooo up in my face pushing product the whole time I was browsing that the shopping experience became so painful that I just sorta stopped using their products. And I had so many Aveda points built up too! Now that I'm thinking about it though I'd really like to go back to using the Brilliant shampoo and conditioner when I use up my current s&c. I miss that wonderful smell. 


For skincare I just hop around looking for stuff that works depending what stage of life my skin is behaving like. I've been using an Avene cleanser for the past few years but once I use up my current bottle it's time to find something new. My face feels dry after I use it, which it never used to before. 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

we have similar inclinations Smiley Happy

(and you can always get aveda shipped online !)

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Let's see. I really really like UD and TF for palettes.  And kat Von d!!!!

i am in love with ysl for foundation and face

skin care I love ole hendriksen 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I have to admit - I'm Dior addicted. It all started with foundations - for some reason Dior had the best shades for my pale cool toned skin that didn't make me look orange or ashy, it was the perfect balance for me. But then I got curious and tried their mascaras, and Diorshow Iconic has been my staple ever since. It gets worse - I got hooked up on their buttery smooth powders, including bronzer and highlighter. And of course I couldn't resist eyeshadow quints, they are so blendable and color selection is great. And those lipsticks and lipglosses were calling my name, I just had to get a couple of those!


Don't get me wrong, I'm always trying new things. In fact, recently I've tried Armani Luminous Silk and I'm pretty sure this would be my new foundation choice, it just seem to have better lasting power, sorry Dior.


I do love MAC, their concealers have the best color selection and formulations for about anyone, their lip primer is amazing, and brow pencil in Lingering has been my favorite for years. But for some reason Dior colors look so good on me, it's like they were designed for my complexion. I feel it's similar of how Shiseido looks on Asian skin - my friend can get almost anything and she looks gorgeous, but when I try the same product, it never looks as good on me, as if it was specially made to complement her complexion. Does anyone else get the same feeling when one brand seem to be made to suit you?

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

I'm loyal to a brand for certain areas of beauty, but no one gets everything right in the makeup lane. Skincare is a different story. For that , it's Fresh. They make an amazing deodorant too.



I swear by Laura Mercier foundations and powders. AMAZING GLOWING SKIN. I think I need to give the concealer another go, but she owns my face. I used to love Makeup Forever, but LM gives you rich girl face while MF just gets the job done. 


Kat Von D makes great powder foundations for contouring.




Umm.. Nars Liberte and Torrid. Forget Orgasm. The end. 




Park Avenue Princess by Tarte. May it reign forever on my face. 





Givenchy makes the BLACKEST mascara EVER. Full , dramatic lashes like you wouldn't believe. Had to give up my Dior Show for it. Shadows? I go back to Dior ( the Navy palette is SO much more dazzling then it looks in the pan) . It's like BUTTER and encourages you to buy less. I get my NARS from a used makeup site. He is good, but outrageously priced given the minimalist packaging and the quantity of shadow comparatively.





Formula  X and Marc Jacobs and a brand they don't sell here called CULT (it comes in square bottles). ZERO chips. 


Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Fresh is my favourite skin care brand, too. I have very dry sensitive skin and the black tea line helped to make my skin quite steady, no crazy allergies anymore!

Re: Loyalty to a Brand?

Let's begin with makeup. I'm beginning to be very loyal to NARS seeing as I own their concealer, tinted moisturizer, and blush. I plan to buy more NARS blushes because I love the result I get. I'm thinking of buying their lipsticks and eye shadows but I'm not too sure. I'm beginning a loyalty with Cover Girl mascaras, clump crusher plus professional super thick lash mascara give me very long and thick lashes.


I'm loyal to my MAC fluidline in blacktrack since 2010, even though there may be better formulas out there, once I find what works, I don't like to stray.


For skin, I stick to CeraVe and Paula's Choice for cleanser, Hada Labo for toner, Neutrogena for bha, CeraVe for moisturizer. For serums, I like to try out different ones for fun! I've tried Ole Henriksen, Estee Lauder, and REN serums. For sunscreen, Shiseido is often what I use, however, I am branching out to other brands to see what's out there. You can tell I go on Reddit looking at my skincare routine.