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Loves list requests!

My occ self would love if I could:

make comments on my loves lost (would be great for aunt for Christmas, so and so recommended)

organize it into categories (loves, hg, reorders, lust, next purchase)


Does this make me crazy?

Re: Loves list requests!

I would love that! Honestly, I'm happy either way, I just need a place to save the things that catch my eye so that I don't forgot about them the next time I'm playing around in Sephora.


I would organize my list by gifts for others, next purchase, and holds (things I need to see in person and try out first).

Re: Loves list requests!

This would be amazing!

Re: Loves list requests!

No, not at all crazy. That is a good idea Smiley Happy


I have some items on my list so I can compare products to figure which I more prefer.

Wish we could do a comparison with like products ie: moisturizer, etc.

Like side by side or something.

Re: Loves list requests!

Oh that would be so nice.... A repurchase list and a separate love's list would satisfy me anyhow. 

Re: Loves list requests!

I agree! Right now I don't heart any of my favorite products (which seems ironic!) because I don't want them to get in the way of me seeing all the things I want haha

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