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Love the product, hate the packaging?

What products do you love (and rebuy!) even if the packaging is terrible? Any genius solutions?


This morning the metal tube packaging of my NIOD Sanskrit Saponins creased and sprang a leak. I've been so gentle with it, and used barely 1/3 of the tube. I'll probably decant the rest to an airless pump.


Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Feel the same!  The whole thing is so mismatched as well.  


Now, the sequins I craft with them so they don't bother me........but, like you, the packaging/presentation could be way better and something more chic than sequins can be use. 

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

The Cover FX Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen SPF 30.  


Without fail I have problems with the pump every time I buy this product.  I've had this arrive and the pump not work from the very beginning, to having it stop working half way through a bottle.  I've solved the problem by pulling the whole top off with pliers and using a Q-tip to get the product out, but I'm pretty over it.  I love the product, so if they ever fix the packaging problem then I'd love to buy it again, but until then I'm moving on to a different SPF. Smiley Sad  

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

I have a few!


Will echo what others already said about jar packaging: masks, creams, anything of squeezable consistency...should be in a TUBE not a jar!


Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick - the packaging is HORRIBLE. The cap comes off almost without any effort. I haven't had a lipstick ruin the inside of my bag because I usually have lip products tucked neatly into a patch pocket, but I've definitely found the cap detached from the lipstick.


L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter hand cream - I'm never without this stuff, and keep a large 150 mL tube at work. I hate the foil tube because it cracks and leaks if I'm not careful.


bareMinerals GEN NUDE matte liquid lip color & Milani liquid lipsticks - both products are stellar but packaging absolutely horrible. I always find an oily residue on the outside of the tube, which means it's probably leaking out. I'm weary of putting this in my purse because I don't want any of the oil getting on the lining!

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

@k617 yasssss to the bareMinerals lippies!  Love the formula but it drives me nuts how they leak out.  They've leaked out in my cup holder, purse, diaper bag..they know no boundaries!  i hope they fix the seal because again, love the formula.

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Nars Sheer Glow and Estee Lauder Double Wear. Why don't these have a pump?! Especially considering people have been saying this for as long as I can remember. I don't want to spend another $12 buying a pump from MAC. Even drugstore foundations have a pump. 


Benefit's Hoola bronzer. I don't understand why they use boxed packaging. The products are so far down in the box (and there is so much wasted space). I hate how much space the boxes take up in my makeup drawer, especially considering the majority of the box is empty. It's also impossible to get my larger bronzing brushes into the box.


The Nars RCC and KVD Concealer Creme. I feel like there is so much product in there that I can't access. Considering the cost, and how fast I go through them, I want to be able to reach every last drop. I don't typically like jar packaging, but in the case of concealers I'd actually prefer it. At least then I could scoop out everything.


Viseart palettes. For the price of these palettes, the packaging is ridiculously cheap. I have heard the argument that this means you're paying a high price for the actual product (as opposed to fancy packaging), but my palettes have arrived with cracked packaging. I really don't like spending $100 on a palette, only to have it arrived in a cracked case. I don't need them to have YSL-level glamour, but I'd at least like them to be sturdy enough to stay intact.

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Agree on yours, especially the Benefit boxes. I just got the Galifornia blush and while I love the colour, the packaging is so bulky and baffling. After one use of the brush it came with, I pretty much know I'll be using my own brush. So there's all this empty space!

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Oh yeah! I'd forgotten about the brush included in those boxes (I never use mine). Personally, I'd forgo the brush for some packaging that is actually functional and convenient. 

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Totally agree about Benefit boxes.  I love the product though.  The Cheek Parade is better (IMO) even though it takes up space as well because it's a palette, but I stand it up with my eyeshadow palettes. The individual boxes are too bulky.

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Hi All!


I'm in love with May Coop's Raw Sauce, which comes in a glass sleek with a screw on top that has a wood grain print. Now, don't get me wrong! I love love love the look of the bottle, but the way the product dispenses bothers me. Basically, you hold the bottle upside down and pat the end of the bottle on your palm a couple of times to have some of the product released into your hand.


I know this is pretty standard for any type of essence like product, but I would much rather have some sort of pump for more control. I've had too many instances where I pour out a little too much than I need lol. I still love my Raw Sauce though! I feel like it definitely adds moisture back into my skin after cleansing. I guess it's tru what they say: Beggars can't be choosers!




raw sauce.PNG


Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

I can't stand the full size bottle of this. I absolutely love the Raw Sauce but the full size bottle is the size of my forearm. I can't help but think how dangerous it is so have such a big glass bottle sitting on my vanity. So I always have stuck to buying the small travel size bottle. 

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

I couldn't make this work for me.  Every time I used it gave me blemishes.  


I am glad it worked out for others. 

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

I know exactly what you mean. I finally pulled the white plug thing at the top out. Now I just place a cotton pad covering the opening and pour it out. So much better. I'm on my 2nd bottle now. 

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Dr. Jart BB cream . The pump is faulty so it goes from dispensing nothing to exploding on your hands (it jumps everywhere) 😡


I thought I was about to finish it and that's why the pump was taking  in air so I cracked it open and I have more than half left. Same thing happened to my mom. Fix it already Dr Jart!!!!!

Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

Anything with a 'click-pen' action is tricky.



My KVD gold Lighting Liner.  LOVE!!!  But, I can't never get it right.  No product after a few clicks then too much glob.  You waste product cleaning off excess.   Then it goes on messy if it doesn't have the right amount.  


Then  when you open the top most often the entire thing comes off.  (even though I am gentle)



Ended up replacing 1 because I thought I got a dud.  The second one is the same.


Love the metallic gold color but won't re-purchase. 




Re: Love the product, hate the packaging?

@wheeeee I saw these recently (last week!) at my local tj Maxx & marshalls for $3.99!!  Might be worth picking some up for that price!  They had the gold and two other colors...

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