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Lots O' Goodies TSB

This box is open for US shipping only. The shipping becomes more expensive for Canada, and takes longer due to border checks. Sorry


Once I get the box back I'll pick out some items and then give the rest to 'The River' (a local organization that takes and redistributes new and used makeup/beauty items to women in need). I've given beauty products to this organization before and they're really good.


* Please make sure every item is in a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spills.



■ DON'T keep the box for more than two days. Keep it moving! If you are traveling or a special circumstance comes up, we can work to rearrange things. (ALSO YOU MUST INCLUDE A TRACKING NUMBER it makes it more fun anticipating your turn)

■ DON'T put unsanitary items of any sort into the TSB. We want to have fun and get gorgeous, not sickly 

■ DON'T put any drugstore items into the TSB.

■ No reserve items in the box for others, and don’t ask to have any items reserved for you. This is unfair to others participating. 

■ DON'T swatch items from the box. This is a hygienic precaution that we must take, as a lot of people will be handling these items.

■ DON'T take more than one of the same sample if multiples exist. Share the love!

■ DON'T take more than what you put in. Please trade at or above each item’s retail value.




♥ Please contribute high-end beauty products only. No drugstore items. If you have questions or you are unsure of an item, ask!

♥ Unused, swatched or lightly used products are perfectly acceptable. Well-loved items are NOT (unless explicitly requested by the next person or there has been a posted picture and someone requested that item). Again, if you’re unsure, ask!

♥ Swatched/used items must be labeled as such.

♥ All opened items must be cleaned/sanitized prior to their addition to the box.

♥ Send your address to the person above you in a PM.

♥ Package things carefully! Try to leave the TSB in better condition than you found it ☺

♥ Please seal any items that could leak/spill/make a mess accordingly.

♥ Most importantly, share your experience! Please post a photo and a description of the box, what you took, and what you contributed. 



☆High-end, clean makeup/skincare items (including makeup bags, brushes, etc. If you have questions, refer to other TSB threads or just ask!)

☆Fragrance (be sure to package bottles properly!)

☆Nail polish (again, be careful!)


Not allowed:

☆Pre-made samples

☆ NO used/swatched lip wands (the kind you dunk the wand in or things like stila lipglaze)

☆Heavily used items

☆ Drugstore items

☆Used items that haven’t been cleaned/sanitized

☆Homemade items (save for cards, etc.)

☆Questionable items (always ask if you have doubts!)


If you cannot take photos, Do Not Sign Up, please *******PUT BETTER OR EQUAL PRICED ITEMS IN FOR WHAT YOU TAKE OUT TO KEEP UP THE INTEGRITY OF THE BOX*********


Final Verdict on Mascara- A lot of the GWP mascaras are not sealed. It is ok to include these mascaras in the box ONLY IF THEY ARE UNUSED. Please be honest (it's a matter of health!). Also, please be aware that some of the mascaras may be dried out upon opening them. Only open them if you selected them as your item. Please be honest when it comes to this.


Also, please pick up a large priority box at the post office prior to receiving the box. This is so we can streamline things (get the box to everyone faster in case the box breaks or there's a spill).


-send your address to the person above you -post a picture and text what you are taking and what you put in BEFORE you send the box on.


Roxystar  ------->  USPS 9405509699938328770551

1. Bombshell30 ----------> USPS 9114901230803267192013

2. Missie772 ----------> 9405 9036 9930 0160 2178 57

3. Urbie  ----------> 9405 9036 9930 0165 0269 42

4. Nicrohr ----------> 9405 5036 9930 0278 6485 21

5. ghkim ----------> 9405 9036 9930 0169 9130 95

6. beautytester ----------> 9114901159815806191605

7. SydBristow ---------->  9114901123086969811524

8. lilahtov ---------->  UPS 1ZE0928R0309995983

9. garnett ----------> UPS  1ZE190A90337666873

10. Melde  ----------> 9405 9036 9930 0186 7799 19

11. oklady2013 ----------> 9114901075742343342124

12. beethousand ----------> 9405 5036 9930 0303 5876 89

 Roxystar -------> The River


I also want us to put the prices of items going in and out of the box. Other TSBs are doing this and I think it's a good idea. Please post the item amounts along with the pictures and text of what the items are.

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Thanks for the input!!


No matter the value, though, I would still want to put this stuff in, I know some of the items are discontinued but some of the ladies after me expressed interest in them so I believe they will be loved. Smiley Happy


I agree on the valuation though and will do that in the future.  I think in many cases we got items as GWP, or sale, or in sets. Using retail allows us to compare apples to apples and seems the most fair way. Smiley Happy


Oh, ladies interested in the LORAC eyeshadows, I stashed all three in the green tea tin. There was room in there and the box is pretty full. Smiley Happy

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

This box looks great ladies, have fun!!!

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Please note, I have edited my post below with my proposed items to take and contribute, please let me know what you think!!  Smiley Happy

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

The box is on it's way to lilahtov!  USPS Priority Mail tracking #9114901123086969813993, anticipated delivery of Wednesday!  Enjoy, ladies!!  Smiley Happy


Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Ladies, I've received the box and I'm going through it as I type this!! Syd was NOT kidding when she said the box was full...every moment I intended to say alright, time to start picking, I found yet another baggie of goodies! It was like an endless pasta dish! Smiley Very Happy


I'll try to have it out tomorrow or the day after latest. Pics and more info to come!



Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Hope you enjoy!  Smiley Happy And glad it arrived safely.  Smiley Happy

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Alright, here's what I'm thinking of doing. Please give me whatever feedback you like--just don't be too harsh, because this is truthfully my first TSB as participant rather than starter! If this is okay with everyone, I'm going to send this off to Garnett either later today or tomorrow morning Smiley Happy





Dr Jart Ceramidin Skin Saver Starter Kit $8.34

Urban Decay B6 Spray Mini $4.13

Lorac 3-in-1 Waterproof Eyeliner in Black $18

Lorac Eyeshadow in Serenity $13

REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk Mini $4.50

Bite Lip Pencil Mini in Madeira $6.25

+1 perfume sample and 3 foils

= $54.22





Make Up For Ever 160 Brush (very lightly used, deep cleaned and sanitized) $44 $30

BareMinerals Eyecolor in Popular (swatched) $14 $10
Kiehl's Wrinkle Reducing Cream deluxe sample (new) $21
Lush Vanilla Puff Powder (new) $6.95
Benefit Watt's Up mini (new) $7.27
Alterna Dry Shampoo mini (new, forgot to include in the pic, sorry!) $1.50
Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap mini $1
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Ebony (new) $23
+lots of foils I didn't count and 2 Cartier perfume samples from the Rouge promo

= $100.72


A few notes:

  • The orange things I've included is a Lindt chocolate hazelnut lollipop in the shape of a carrot from Easter for a lucky someone Smiley Happy
  • Thank you for including Serenity (one of my favorite shades ever), Syd! I have been waiting eagerly for this. 
  • I didn't picture the green tea I took because I forgot. I am a tea addict and I'm so excited to try this. Thank you, beautytester!
  • Two of the foils I included are Korean skincare samples from Holika Holika for Asian skincare lovers ^.^ I received them in a recent online order as I transition into a Korean-style multi-step skincare routine and thought you guys would be interested Smiley Happy
  • Someone should take the Rodial Dragon's Blood moisturizer sample! I use this as my nightly moisturizer and have for over a year. I must admit I was tempted to take it for myself to add to my stash Smiley Tongue It is so hydrating and it smells fab!!

Soooo how's it look?



Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

I hope you like the tea! I forgot if I include instructions, but each sealed packet is NOT one cup, like a tea bag, but more like 1 pot or ~8 cups. I just pour ~1 teaspoon or less in a cup and fill with boiling water, it's ready when the tea leaves are mostly uncurled and water changes color. 


lol, I was about to ask what the carrot was. Mmmm, now I'm gonna go raid my chocolate stash....

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

looks amazing!

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Look at that...Serenity has found a happy home.  Smiley Happy

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

looks great!

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Looks great!  The carrot is MINE!!!  I love my veggies.  hahaha

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Wonderful! I'll get it out sometime tomorrow then Smiley Happy

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Sorry it's taken me this long to post the deets! Here's the tracking in case you wanted to post it, Roxy. I shipped it yesterday and it should get to Garnett on Wednesday Smiley Happy



Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

P.S. I had to ship it UPS but kept it in the flat rate USPS box. 

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Can't remember which of you (Bombshell, Missie, Urbie) put in the Bliss Foaming Oxygen face mask but I love it! Smiley Very Happy  Thank you!  I used it on my and the BF twice over the weekend (very gentle), and I couldn't stop looking at his skin.  (Mine looks great too.)


Smooth and moist, with smaller pores and fewer blackheads esp on the BF (it's not even a clay mask so this was an unexpected perk!).


Thanks again for a great TSB ladies.

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

A girl came up to him over the weekend and complimented him and asked if he was "metrosexual" because it looked like he took such good care of his skin, etc.  I think she was drunk, but it was still fun Smiley Wink.

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

HA! That is too good. I'm gonna have to look into that mask, now...

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

I tracked the TSB and it's out for delivery and will be here this evening.   YAY! I am looking at my trading stash and want to know if the ladies after me would be interested in the following:


New 4oz tube of WEN pomegranate finishing cream, STILA Snow Angel color palette.  18 eyeshadow and 12 blush.  2 colors light used and sanitized, new 2 Oz jar PHILOSOPHY Miracle Worker moisturizer, NIB YSL  Parisienne EDP 1oz, NIB HOURGLASS Opaque Rouge liquid lipstick in Empress, NAPOLEAN PERRIS Prismatic eyeshadow quad Earth (deep blue, 2shades of green, deep peach) swatched with a clean brush,  new L'OCCITANE  Body Cream in Mango, DIORIFIC Lipstick in Lady.   Used 2-3X wiped and sanitized.,  LANCOME Rouge in Love lipstick #391 (a deep berry very lightly used and sanitized. UD Naked and Fiend Revolution Lipstick both swatched and sanitized.,  UD 24/7 pencils NIB but discontinued Binge (dark blue with shimmer, NEW Deep End and Mars (from Ocho Loco 2) New Mainline and Smog  (Smoked Set) TOKYO DARK MILK EDP Tainted Love.  There is about half of spray bottle left  I love it but my husband sneezes. LOL  I have PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace EDP  70% left and Pure Grace EDP about the same.  Very clean fresh scents.  I wore them for years and just wanted a change. 

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Haha, I would be interested in, lipstick! No surprise. Smiley Happy The Hourglass Empress or UD Fiend both sound really pretty if you wanted to throw one in. Smiley Happy

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

I would be interested in the Hourglass as well, and the UD liners in Deep End and Mars. Thanks for thinking of us!

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

OH There's one more item.  I have a new bottle of Deborah Lippmann  It's Raining Men.  Wound up with an extra.  I love DL nail polish.  Smiley Happy

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

And you're AFTER me, Garnett!! Darn it! Smiley Tongue


I hope everything gets to you alright!!

Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

The box arrive last night and everything is in great condition.  I just got home from a late night visit to the ER.  A friend of mine had a heart attack.  She is stable now but it was scary.  I promise to get photos posted later and I will mail this out in the morning to Melde.  Beautytester- thank you so much for the dragon balls!!  I love them. Katy, I ate the carrot when I walked in the door a few minutes ago.  I loved it!!  I will be including the goodies that the ladies after me requested plus some more good stuff.  Right now I am going to take a long hot shower and then stuff my face.  Smiley Happy


Re: Lots O' Goodies TSB

Hope your friend is doing okay garnett! Smiley Happy

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