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Looks and Lipsticks with a red dress

upload_2701807242401841864.jpgI have a red dress in the shade of red in the picture. I have a red lipstick, but I'm open to other good looking colors. Also, any tips on my eyes and cheeks, or overall face would be appreciated. BTW, I'm going for a Valentine's day look.

Re: Looks and Lipsticks with a red dress

A matching red would be beautiful. so many gorgeous reds:)

Re: Looks and Lipsticks with a red dress

I like the nude lips with the red dresses. Unless you're going for sexy bombshell.

Re: Looks and Lipsticks with a red dress

I don't like to be too matchy-matchy - I have a dress that color and would probably do a smoky eye if I wanted dramatic or bold makeup and a nude-to-brown lip (depending on your comfort with nude lips.) You can certainly wear red lipstick if you like! 

If you look at celebrity photos (that is, people who generally have a stylist,) you'll notice that if they do red-dress-red-lips, they keep everything else very simple. If there's an intricate design, they tend to lean toward a nude lip or nude accessories. 

Some examples: 






If you want to do red lip and red dress, I would either chose a shade that's a dead-on match for the dress or get something that was clearly not intended to be the same color. If you get it kind of close, it's going to look like you couldn't match the dress rather than deciding that you wanted a pinker or more orange or bluer red than the dress. 

Re: Looks and Lipsticks with a red dress

When you prefer to wear such dark shade pick a lipstick in the same color family as the dress you're wearing.As this is a tomato red dress you can choose makeup with orangey-red undertones.A dark smoky eye is a great eye-opener that balances with the vibrant color you are wearing.Try to use black or grey eye shadows with shimmery and matte finishes.I use this make up on my red top.

Re: Looks and Lipsticks with a red dress

Also, are you wanting "pretty and sweet" or "vixen" look?

Re: Looks and Lipsticks with a red dress

What color of skin, hair, eyes do you have? That will help me when thinking of makeup looks with a red dress...

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