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Looking for a sunscreen creme for under the makeup and a spray.......


I'm looking for a sunscreen that is either already in a moisturizer or as a separate creme that I can put under my makeup. And my makeup shouldn't dissolve because of the sunscreen. I had the problem before that my make up would run done my face after a few hours because of certain sunscreens. 


And I'm also looking for a sunscreen spray - so I can,,refresh'' my sunscreen after a few hours!


My skin is combination - oily/normal and in the summertime I'm using philosophy renewed hope in a jar and in the winter philosophy renewed hope in a jar dry


Would be great if you could recommend products that are available in Canada!



Thank you! Smiley Happy  

Re: Looking for a sunscreen creme for under the makeup and a spray.......

@rsebastian My personal favourite is La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Fluid (I get it at Shoppers Drug Mart - BeautyBoutique website has it available online). 


My face gets a little oilier in the summer, but I find this one sits well under my makeup. It's a really smooth liquid. I picked it up after getting some samples from a dermatologist after she recommended it.


Clarins UV Plus has a similar texture, but I prefer LRP under my makeup.

Re: Looking for a sunscreen creme for under the makeup and a spray.......

Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin while physical sunscreen sits on top. Since physical sunscreen doesn't absorb, it melts/dissolve/slides down your face when you sweat or encounters lots of humidity.


I'm a fan of moisturizers with SPF, as long as it's SPF30+. I have combination skin and my favorites are Peter Thomas Roth Max Defense All Day SPF30 and AmorePacific Natural Protector SPF35. I've used them for years and had no problems with make up over it. HOWEVER! If you apply generously, make sure to wait a minute or two for it to completely absorb before applying, otherwise you might encounter the same problem. Peter Thomas Roth SPF powder is pretty popular. I use a SPF spray from Supergoop but my friend likes Coola SPF spray better.

Re: Looking for a sunscreen creme for under the makeup and a spray.......

@ChicDabbler I just bought the Supergoop mini to keep in my purse. Curiosity—I keep reading comments on how amazing it smells, but mine smells like rubbing alcohol with about 1% rosemary. (It does dry impressively fast because of the alcohol, though. Effectiveness in that loose of a mist, I don't know.) Is this normal, from your experience?


@rsebastian If you choose a chemical sunscreen, make sure it has avobenzone to block UVA rays and that you put it directly on the skin and not over actives or other products, as it needs to actually absorb. (The recommended amount of sunscreen is actually some crazy sounding volume per 2cm sq or something along those lines . . . more than I could imagine my skin absorbing!) Rub lightly vs. patting to make sure it's equally distributed. Physical sunscreens reflect light (zinc oxide is most effective for UVA, 5% or more though some dedicated sunscreens like Algenist get close to 20%) and can go on at any point before makeup, since they sit on the skin. If you use two products and do a moisturizer and sunscreen, I'd probably go sunscreen second to avoid disturbing it with moisturizer and maybe try a mattifying priming spray. Any sunscreen marked PA+++ is approved UVA protectant by Asian standards (more +s = more UVA protection; the max is four or five).


FWIW, I use a separate moisturizer and sunscreen and it is a bit of a pain. If you go this route, I'd suggest looking for a light, almost liquid sunscreen if possible. Try k-beauty, they're serious about their sun protection. (I scoured Sephora for ages and ended up going with the Jack Black—it's unscented and cheaper than the women's mineral facial sunscreens, so why not?—but one you can read about a lot online is Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk; apparently it dries to a thin, matte finish that's good for makeup.) The main problem you will run into with combos is finding a decent SPF(UVB)/Pa(UVA) rating because it can affect the moisturizer's consistency, according to an associate I asked. She recommended the Murad Essential C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Pa+++, but it was a little pricey for me at $63 for a small tube. If you're not looking for vitamin c (or use it at night), then that opens other options. The highest moisturizer-sunscreen I remember seeing of any form was the Josie Maran argan moisturizer at SPF 47, though I believe SPF 50 is only 4% more protective than SPF 30. (I'd check the site, but search won't load and the app is down.) Because you mentioned you have combo skin, don't rule out addressing any issues with antioxidant/acid serums or essences and using an appropriate weight sunscreen in lieu of moisturizer altogether.

Re: Looking for a sunscreen creme for under the makeup and a spray.......

@kathmb Did you shake it before using? It says shake well and do 7-10 times from 10in away. It should not replace your morning sunscreen of course, but I work in an office with no windows, so I usually apply it 30min before going outside for lunch or get off work ad it works fine for me.


All the stuff I've read said the recommendated amount of sunscreen to apply for face is a nickel size dollop, which is slightly more than how much moisturizer I usually apply but the product I use absorbs well enough for me to do so without feeling stuffy. If you can't apply ~1 nickel's worth to your face (~1 fingernail size to each cheek/forehead) then try a different moisturizer with SPF/sunscreen. For body it's 1oz or 1 shot glass worth at a time.


As for SPF, SPF 15 blocks ~93% of UV rays,  SPF 30 blocks ~97% and SPF 50 keeps out 98%. Nothing is 100%. Antioxidants such as vitamin C helps with sun protection so wearing an antioxidant serum under sunscreen gives it an extra boost.

Re: Looking for a sunscreen creme for under the makeup and a spray.......

Hi rsebastian, 


Have you tried the Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream yet? I've found it doesn't have a greasy feel, and I can easily apply makeup on top of it without it smudging across my face.


Hope this helps!





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