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Let's Talk Blush

All of this NARS talk has made me curious... how do you beauty junkies view your blush? Do you normally just use the same blush year-round? Or do you change up your blush by season, mood or outfit?


I feel like I tend to be seasonal with mine, but as I find more and more shades that I like, I have started switching it up by mood. I'm still sticking on the softer rose / mauve side of the spectrum for fall, though. 



And also, what's your favorite blush- both formula and color?

Re: Let's Talk Blush

Lol. Well i did what it says to do, the do three dots and blend with your finger, NOOOOOO!!! It's horrible that way, in my opinion anyways. 

I can see the dots and they don't go away!

So i found the best way is the put a little dot on the back of something plastic, a plate, or something that won't absorb it, and then swirl my brush in it. And then apply it to me cheeks quickly and precise! It dries super fast! But it does last all day! I need two layers sometimes depending on how bold i want to go that day. 

Re: Let's Talk Blush

I have a lot of blushes: liquids, stains, powders, etc. I like to alternate them based on my eye makeup and clothes I wear. For example, when I wear cool colors on my eyes and on me, I use a cooler toned blush (i.e., Tarte's Cheek Stain in Flushed); when doing warm makeup, I use a warm toned blush, such as Tarte's Cheek Stain in Natural Beauty. You get the idea. And I know what shades work with my skin tone, makeup and outfits. I'm not sure if many individuals are aware of this, but pairing the right color blush, lip color, eye makeup and clothes together make a difference in one's appearance. Gosh, I just love blushes.

Re: Let's Talk Blush

I use different blush for different makeup looks--> I try to tone it down and avoid bright or statement shades (purple or orange-y) with red lipstick or smoky eyes. I also try to change it up depending on the season like less coral during fall/winter. My most used are cream blushes...I just love the natural looking flush of color that they give. My favorite blushes are stila lilium, chanel revelation & destiny and ysl. I also like By Terry's fluid sheer blush in fresh rose. For powder blush, I really like mufe blush in #9 (pretty purple blush) and nars luster.

Re: Let's Talk Blush

I base the blush color on my outfit and the rest of my makeup color selection. I go with light peachy tones when I want to look more natural, deeper mauve colors when I have a simple lined eye, and pink when I want a pop of color.


I love Tarte amazonian clay blushes; the pigmentation, packaging, and application is great. I also use a lot of ELF studio blushes, they are $3 and come in a range of colors; great quality and quantity for the price!

Re: Let's Talk Blush

I definitely feel influenced by seasons when it comes to blush.  Right now, MAC Stubborn is getting a lot of my attention.  It's a beautiful purple blush that doesn't overpower my light complexion, but is still strongly pigmented.  This summer, I was really into pinks; NARS Desire and Gaiety were in heavy rotation, and I still use them a lot, since they give me a really pretty natural flush.


There are some colors that are mainstays, not matter what time of year.  Tarte's Exposed and NARS Deep Throat are colors I use when I'm looking for something that might not compete with a strong eye or lip.  You can't go wrong with either (if you're me).


As far as favorites, I have so many because I am a huge blush fan.  I think it's my favorite type of cosmetic.  I suppose it would be NARS Desire for powder and MAC Peony for cream.



Re: Let's Talk Blush

I will wear whatever blush won't clash with my eye makeup.  I always usually focus on my eyes and the rest of my face will go with that.  I also don't use just one blush.  I have a few that I rotate throughout the year.


My favorite blushes are by MAC and Benefit.  The ones I use all year and all the time are Dandelion, and Hervana by Benefit.  My favorite from MAC are Baby Don't Go, Unconventional, and Veronica's Blush.  I do have Gaiety by Nars but never really find myself reaching for it.  I usually prefer powder over cream blush. 

Re: Let's Talk Blush

Blush is my favorite makeup product to buy. I change colors everyday depending on my mood, outfit, or my eyeshadow color. I'll wear any color all year round, but save cream blushes for spring and summertime.


NARS is my absolute favorite. Nothing comes close, but I do like Burberry, Tom Ford, and the Josie Maran Cheek Gelees as well.

Re: Let's Talk Blush

of the four brands I use, I am not particular when I use them. I have Josie Maran's cheek Helene's in two colors, illamasqua' s cream blush in three different shades, five shades of tarte cosmetics amazonian clay blush and a limited edition powder blush shade by bare minerals. It I had to chose my favorite it would be between illamasqua's cream blush formula and tarte cosmetics amazonian clay blush. I think your blush should always be complementary to your lips.


Re: Let's Talk Blush

I definitely change up my blush according to my mood. 


I use pretty much anything for blush:

- shimmery eyeshadows

- lipstick

- warm-toned bronzer

- darker foundation powder (I have light skin, so darker tones look orangey on me)


Right now, I love using Josie Maran's Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Getaway Red. Red blush is surprisingly pretty. The formula's perfectly pigmented, not too sheer or dark, and it lasts longer than the rest of my face makeup.

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