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LUSH Must-Haves

We don't have a LUSH here in Omaha but they're setting up shop in a local mall for a couple of days later this month.  I'm so excited to try new stuff but I don't know what to buy.  I've swapped for a couple of products on MUA so I know I'm not getting Rockstar soap and I know I am getting HIWTK.  But what else do I need to try?  What are your LUSH must-haves?

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

Here are my loves from Lush!


-Seanick Shampoo Bar, my hair is long, thick, and wavy, so this shampoo bar REALLY cleans my hair and the sea salt helps to emphasize the waves. My hair literally is SQUEEKY clean after using this! The seaweed really conditions my hair and I love that it's so portable (I have a shampoo tin from the line) and that when I travel there are no worries about caps or tops of travel bottles opening and getting shampoo everywhere. The bar lasts a good while too!


-Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, this is my fave bath bomb! It's so pretty! It has a very yummy cinnamon, apply scent (and since it's getting cooler for Fall, it's great for the season) and a pretty vibrant purple shade with a dusting of gold shimmer! It turns the bath water into a rich violent, magenta color and as it dissolves the middles reveals a mint green bath melt! It's just so pretty!!!!!!! I've used a few of their bath bombs and this one leaves my skin the softest after bathing.


-Rocketeer Bath Bomb, this one is just FUN to use! It's a blue rocket with yellow "jets" on the side as as it dissolves the yellow jets actually shoot off and melt to yellow foam so it's like the blue block is shooting off in your water! It turns the water into a pretty sea green color and is just nifty to watch!


-Stepping Stone, don't use this like a regular pumice though it looks like one, it's very soft/delicate and will crumble, instead, break off a tiny piece and use it as a foot soak or in a foot spa! The scent is so refreshing and the citrus oils really soften!



Re: LUSH Must-Haves

Thanks for all of your suggestions!  I've written all of them down and I've got a lot of sniffing to do! 

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

I have so many lush faves and could go on and on about them! I think one of the best parts of the store is the personalized attention you receive. The associates will let you smell everything, demo products on you, etc! If it is your first time going I recommend letting the lovely people there help you find what's great for you and take your time smelling everything! :-). And don't let the associates talk you in to buying everything because you WILL want it, and they are super nice and very smooth sellers Smiley Wink 3 of my fave products are Ocean Salt (creamy moisturizing scrub), Ro's Argan Body Moisturizer (smells amazing), and the Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease hair treatment. Have fun!

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

I used to be a huge LUSH fan, but after trying a bit of everything in the store, I found it wasn't really the place for me.  Most of the stuff either did nothing or dried out my skin.  However, I am a massive, massive fan of the bath bombs and bubble bars - my fav is a rather uninteresting looking white bomb whose name I've forgotten but it has shea butter bits in it.  The one item in that store that's super moisturizing on my skin.  Otherwise, I love the sakura when I can get it (a few years ago, it was only available in the US in the gift boxes but I think it's a regular item now), sex bomb (an embarassing name but the only one I remember), and the heart-shaped one with roses in it.


The jellies should be coming back right around this time of year.  They're bizarre little thing that jiggle like jelly if stored at room temp or in the fridge.  They harden to a soap bar-like item if stored in the freezer.  The green one, think it has tequila, is pretty nice, but the best was the champagne one that didn't make the cut two years ago and never returned.


The fresh mask did nothing for me, but I love them for a spa/self-pamper day because they smelled nice and, due to living in the fridge, super cooling on the face.

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

@ Saturnwings, the green holiday bath jelly was The Jilted Elf with vodka! Smiley Very Happy Hehe I bought some for friends before they got phased out of the holiday season and it's so fun!


I know they have 2 regular jellies, one's called Whoosh and the other one is Sweetie Pie, I think. I like the Whoosh one, it's blue with a lemon/citrusy scent!

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

i know this is an old thread, but kalex did you try any goodies from Lush? I'm obsessing, haha.


bath bombs: avobath, so white (holiday), party popper (holiday), golden wonder (holiday, so many colors and surprises), the enchanter (halloween collection )


shower jellies: calacas (halloween, smells SO good, but the green FUN moldable soap is the same scent), whoosh


other favorites include roots (new hair volume treatment, it is amazing!), charisma skin tint, lovely jubblies cream (just bc the scent is so uplifting!)  


i have tried some soaps which are ok, and am looking forward to trying the holiday ones. i also want to try more skin & hair stuff... apparently i've tried way more lush stuff than i thought!


ps ive reviewed a ton of lush stuff on my blog!

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

I hope everyone has tried Snowcake soap- it's addictive.

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

i'm loving the snowglobe soap from the holiday collection, but am currently trying out the northern lights one. haven't tried snowcake yet but i want to!

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

My favorites are the Fair Trade Foot Lotion, King of Skin solid moisturizer bar, and bath bombs!  My favorite bath bombs are the Sakura Blossom, Sex Bomb, and the Satsuma Santa one.  If you can find the Satsuma Santa one, I recommend you grab it.  Those usually go fast and smell like citrus fruit, as the name suggests.  Some of the gift box sets are great too...they usually have the contents listed on the lush site.  Those are a great way to try some things you might not get otherwise.

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

Oh I am inlove with Lush!


My all time favorite product is the dreamtime bath melt. Just as the name states, it's the perfect way to calm down after a long day. If you're a fan of lavender like I am, pick up a few! I'm also a fan of the comforter bubble bar, they're so cute and smell yummy; I may be in my twenties but I do still enjoy a good bubble bath from time to time.



Whimsically yours,

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

Cupcake mask & Mint Julips lip scrub. Yum!

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

I've only tried their bath products and soaps, so I'll suggest my favorites from those

I love the Dragons egg and Pheonix Rising bathbombs. They have super cool effects, so I don't want to spoil them for you.

I love the Sunshine bathbomb, and you will too if you like sparkles.

Their mango bath melt makes the water feel amazing!


I would definately spend some quality time sniffing everything!


~We are all beautiful~

Re: LUSH Must-Haves

The LUSH Silky Underwear powder is a must in my opinion.  Fabulous scent and feels fantastic.  I also adore the Heavanilli lotion bar - though I sometimes use it in the shower.  It has a richer vanilla scent than most products (which to me have a juvenille vanilla scent), and a very seductive dry down.  Plus, your skin feels great!  Enjoy!

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