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Korres price increase

I was browsing around the Korres page to see the new stuff that has come in, and I noticed the price increase in my favorite, Wild Rose cream. I know prices increase every year, but a sudden $3 increase? Who am I kidding I'll still buy it ...ahh...why must I love it so much?

I wonder how they determine which products/brands they'll increase pricing for?


On a side note, has anyone tried the new Black Pine line? I'm so tempted to try it. Korres is my favorite skincare brand, and it has never disappointed me!

Re: Korres price increase

I remember when UD first launched the N1 palette, there was actually a double ended eye liner and rather than eye primer sample packets it was a mini bottle of the primer (in the old genie bottle design). After that first wave during the launch and how it seemed to disappear off shelves and was sold out everywhere for so long, it was relaunched without the liner and primer bottle and packaged with a brush and samples instead.


I was able to speak with a UD rep who confirmed that the reason why the N1 was "missing in action" for so long was due to the manufacturer of the liner not being able to keep up with production and hence the change overall before it could be put back on shelves.


Funny enough, now UD has double ended pencils to pair up with their Naked line! Smiley Tongue

Re: Korres price increase

I'm so glad I got my original Naked Palette when it first came out. $44, and worth every penny. I agree with your logic. They know the palettes are incredibly popular, so they take advantage of the situation and keep increasing the price. People continue to pay.

Re: Korres price increase

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder and Candlelight Powder is still $44, BUT YOU THEY REDUCED THE AMOUNT BY HALF! Before they repackaged, it contained around 6 grams. Now, it only contains 3.1 grams! This makes me sad because I really wanted to try those out. 


Re: Korres price increase

Now, that is a dramatic change too. unfortunately, people will not notice this and still purchase, so the company won't change their actions. I understand that companies have to make increases, but to dramatically decrease the amount of product is not a good practice! sad face!

Re: Korres price increase

The same thing happened with the Tarte Cheek Stains and the NARS Matte Multiple 

Re: Korres price increase

Why, oh, why doesn't this happen in my paycheck? :-)

Re: Korres price increase

Bobbi brown shimmer bricks have increased by $2 as well-I still want the shade Nectar though! I am just worried about it coming off toooo glittery on the cheeks, but it'd make really gorgeous, unique eyeshadow though! I think that a $10 increase in the Naked Palette line is really shocking though, but again, it's about demand and quality like everyone said Smiley Happy I tried to dupe BB Bronze Shimmer Brick with Physicians Formula, and while it's superrrrrrrrr pigmented, as eyeshadows, the strips are also pretty powdery  Smiley Sad Like andy said though, I am more disappointed when they decrease the amount of. product. I reallty wanted to try the LipSurgence but not anymore because there's way less product in the Power Pigments.

Re: Korres price increase

Smiley Sad Those $3 can definitely add up over time! Or could be put towards another product! I know prices are decided by the manufacturers and not by Sephora directly (unless its our own brand or special set) but I'm hoping they don't go up too much more.


PS. a few comments have been removed due to alert from the community, thank you all for doing so. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Korres price increase

Thanks Diana.Smiley Happy Hopefully it will be another few years before another price increase. On a positive note, it is still cheaper than a few other moisturizers I have come to enjoy.



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