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Korres Wild Rose Night Facial

Help! After much research, I wanted to try this night facial. It came in the mail yesterday and I was super excited. I didn't have anywhere to go yesterday and was planning on showering in a few hours so I put it on my face when it arrived. Within 2 hours, my face was red (like a sunburn), shiny and burning. I do NOT have sensitive skin and have used many lines of products without ever having any reaction at all. Is this reaction typical of this treatment and something my skin just needs to get used to or should I discontinue treatment? If I should discontinue, is there another good night facial to try? I'm so bummed....

Re: Korres Wild Rose Night Facial

I dont have sensitive skin but when I first tried the korres nighttime facial, I remember my face stinging and getting all red too but it only lasted for about 10- 15 mins. My next uses did not make my skin red anymore but there are times when it still stings a little. I actually finished the whole jar and i'm planning to buy more. I think you should skip a day and try it again with a thin layer. Also use a gentle face wash. If the result is the same, maybe you should consider another product.

Re: Korres Wild Rose Night Facial

I'm so sorry you've had that reaction! I love, love, love the Korres Wild Rose Night Facial and have seen great results from using it - nothing like you've described even when I've done fairly intensive exfoliating beforehand. I would recommend returning it and trying something else. I really love Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream. I don't think it will necessarily do anything for dark spots but I saw a huge improvement in my skin's hydration, texture and tone.



Good luck!

Re: Korres Wild Rose Night Facial

I don't have sensitive skin, nor do I have any major problems that I was looking to correct. I am 38 so my biggest problem is just warding off some of the aging and dark spots.  I was looking for something a little more intensive for nighttime that would rejuvinate my skin.  I was using the Ole Henrikson Night Gel but wasn't really noticing any major differences in my skin so I thought I'd try to switch it up with the Korres.  Since I have never had any type of skin reaction at all before, I was surprised by the burning sensation Smiley Sad

Re: Korres Wild Rose Night Facial

Is your skin on the sensitive side, I use it everynight and there is  a slight warm tingly feel but if it that bad you need to switch to something else. What is your skin type, and what are you looking for in a night cream?

Re: Korres Wild Rose Night Facial

It should not. Also, it says it's a facial but you should use it like a moisturizer, NOT a thick layer like a mask. Unless you did intensive exfoliation/peel before putting on the facial, you should not have that reaction. Try something else.


Did you want an overnight facial or just facial/mask? did you want a hydrating or brightening facial? The only moisturizer/facial I know is Dr. Jart sleeping facial, which is mainly for hydration, and L'occitane Immortelle Cream mask, which is for brightening and hydration but not sold in Sephora.

Re: Korres Wild Rose Night Facial

I've never tried Korres Wild Rose Night Facial but I don't think that any face product should make your face react like that. I don't think you should keep using it, especiall if your face was burning (poor girl! that must have been so painful!).

Sephora has a great return policy so you should take advantage Smiley Happy Good luck!

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