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Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Koh Gen Do don't get many reviews on it seems, despite the positive things I've heard about it in general. Here's what I've tried, and I'd love to hear what others have tried, liked or disliked from Koh Gen Do brand products!


 2013-03-09 17.19.29.jpg

Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Water: Take off makeup well if you press the cotton pad/ball to let it soak then wipe. It really do feel like water but more hydrating. It does not leave residue or film like Caudalie or Sephora brand. I have combo skin and I can just wipe my face with this then go to bed and it's hydrating enough (except in dead of winter). Great all-in-one to have, the only complaint is I run out of it too fast, using it up just like water. =(


Koh Gen Do Spa Gommage Gel: After cleansing and making sure the face is dry, you smooth it on. It looks like clear liquidy gel, but take on a more jelly texture and balls up/rolls together as you smooth it on and rub it in. It will slowly turn whiter. It smells a bit plastic-y but is easy to rinse off and is definitely very gentle. Face feel smooth and not dry (I used a slightly drying foaming cleanser before it). Not sure about the other claims it make since I've only used it once and can't really tell the brightness/redness of my skin thing. o.O


Koh Gen Do Spa All in One Moisture Gel: I used this after the gommage gel without toner since it claims to be toner/serum/moisturizer in one. KGD really got the no-residue thing down. Usually when I apply gel moisturizers too generously, I can feel it flake/roll up on my skin, but I applied a layer of this, it feels sticky for a bit, then sinked in leaving nothing on the surface. I was afraid it's not moisturizing enough for winter so I applied a 2nd layer, sinks in well and no flaking. It will work well with oily skin or if you want a hydrating boost under your make up. =)


Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Premium Pressed Powder: The prettiest of them all. I have to admit I was attracted to the luxe packaging and the claim it hydrates but mattifies. The compact comes in a black velvet pouch, and there's a black flat brush in a black pocket. The brush actually feel like a brush instead of the "plastic broom" thing drugstore powders usually include. Since the brush and powder are separate, I feel like it's not very practical if you want to travel with it since you need to carry 2 item.

 2013-04-03 18.52.14.jpg

However, the powder is great for combination skin. It feels buttery instead of dry and powdery, so it's very finely milled. It doesn't feel dry on the skin and didn't emphasize my dry skin until I rub it in with my finger. =X My face does not look shiny/oily and not matte/powdery but a toned down blur/glow. I did 3-4 generous swipe with the black brush and applied liberally on my face. The skin look a tad brighter did not show up white and you can't see the powder. I swiped it onto back of my hand using my finger and some powder still remains after I rinse. The only gripe I have (aside from carrying applicator separately) is that the middle white stripe have a bit of fine shimmer. It doesn't show when I apply normally, but if you like touching up a lot or piling on the powder you can see the tiny shimmer when you look in the mirror under strong light. It's great for combination skin or dry skin, but probably not mattifying enough for oily skin.

So, that's everything I've tried (also tried cotton, very soft and feels good but not sturdy). I know a couple ladies here have tried the make up. Do share, what have you tried and do you like them? =D

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

I use KGD's aqua foundation in 213 (a light olive color), mixed with Becca's ultimate coverage foundation in olive (a medium olive color), to create my own custom light/medium olive medium-coverage foundation.  This is after months of swatching and testing foundations and finding out that there really is no pre-made light/olive foundation color that matches my skintone.  So I love the KGD foundation simply because I have not found another true light olive foundation to mix in with a medium olive foundation to get a good color match.  It is certainly a nice foundation on its own, but a little too light both in color and coverage for my needs.


I got a sample of the spa water, so I have only been able to use it once.  I liked it, and the idea of it, and I would love to hear more details of how people actually use it.  I have blemishes, so I like medium/full coverage and always have a full face of makeup on (primer and the foundation mix above topped with a setting powder).  I don't think the spa water alone would be able to remove all of my makeup and clean & tone my face effectively.  I use a serum then moisturizer at night, so what I am looking for is a gentle makeup remover and cleanser.  I would like to use the spa water, and am wondering if I should use makeup removal wipes, followed by the spa water for any additional makeup removing and cleansing/toning?  Or should I use a gentle cleanser followed by the spa water?  Or do you think I could possibly use the spa water alone?  Or maybe it isn't a good choice for me at all?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Treat the spa water as a makeup remover if you wear lots of makeup. I read somewhere that with primer and heavy duty makeup, even when you removed all the colors, there might still be stuff left on the skin. Use KGD cleansing water to remove makeup, especially great for eye area, then follow with cleanser etc. On days that I don't wear makeup and is feeling lazy, I wipe my face with the water twice, then pat on a bit of light moisturizer.

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Yay I have been wondering about the "refresh" hydrating gel "moisturizers"... so I think I will get one.  What a great extensive review, thank you BT!

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

I've abandoned my Caudalie Cleansing Water for Koh Gen Do (and psst- it's actually cheaper per ounce).  I love it- it melts everything, even the MJ Magic Marc'er eyeliner that's like a Sharpie!


I'm dying to try more from the brand.

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Thank you beautytester!! LOve your review!  MY opinions of what I have tried from KGD:  I LOVE the cleansing wipes... HG!  (in fact, i have some more wipes on the way to me being delivered right now from B-glowing) They are great at removing makeup and it helps keep my skin clear! As I have been without them a few days I have been using the Soap & Glory wipes that I purchased from sephora's sale section a little while back and they just don't compare at all the KGD, imo. I have recently bought and tried the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation - I found a great color match for my light-medium yellow undertone skin in #113 and it made my skin look and feel soft, smooth, and slightly illuminated.  It is a very light coverage, however, and it only lasted around 4-5 hours last time on me, i.e. about half day at work. Smiley Sad  I love the look and feel, but sadly will not be re-buying as it is probably the most expensive foundation I ever bought and without a long wear time.

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Ooh, the compact is so pretty! I am going to email them again for some samples, I hope I get a yes. I didn't hear anything at all when I emailed before. Smiley Sad I want to try their foundation!

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

I emailed them 3 times since April and I haven't heard back...


I think I may try a 4th time but I don't know. I am a bit sad because I really want to try out their line! And of course it makes me mad that people will email them once and get a response and samples! Thankfully I got a sample of the cleansing water in TSB!

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Aww, well, you win some and you lose some. KGD was nice to me but Hourglass just told me to go to a Sephora even when I mentioned others have received samples. I hope you like the cleansing water at least. =)

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

To anyone who happens upon this. NOTE: the gommage gel is gentle exfoliation but can get caught in peach fuzz, so if you have a slight side burn/significant peach fuzz, pulling/picking out the little balls of gel that got stuck on the side is not fun. =(


yay finally done with all my KGD samples, now, onto Mario Badescu...

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review


Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Used it again and adding on to the review/PM answer, the gommage gel does hydrate and gives mild exfoliation. It is comparable to Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling gel, which dries faster and is less hydrating. The gommage gel is a bit thicker than PTR, so the gel bits are bigger/softer/takes longer to turn white. The gommage gel also have alcohol in it, tho I can't feel it and it's not drying on the skin. That's that. =)

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Ooooo, great, indepth reviews, Beautytester! The Gommage Gel sounds a bit odd @_@, not sure about how I feel about that one compared to the other reviews on the items.


The powder looks so beautiful, simple and elegant! Is it just the white stripe that has the shimmer? Or it just has more shimmer compared the the nude and pink side?


The "plastic broom" part made me giggle, I once got one in a Maybelline blush and gahhhh, it felt HORRIBLE! I threw it away instantly!

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

The gommage gel would be great if you want to get rid of flakes but have super sensitive/fragile skin. It is interesting.


the powder only have shimmer on the middle white strip while the nude/pink are buttery matte. The shimmer doesn't show up if you just do 1-2 layers, I piled 3-4 layers on yesterday to see if it would come out chalky, cakey or powder so there was a bit more shimmer. I don't want to like it due to the price tag and inconvinience of applicator for travel, but I kinda do like it more than I want to.....o.o


Yeah, plastic broom is what popped into my mind when I tried to use the neon pink "brush" included in my Physician's formula blush/bronzer (waste of $10 since neither one suited me T.T).

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Good call for fragile/sensitive skin and exfoliating! I know that's always tricky ground with that skin type.


I wonder how the powder photographs with and without flash if you build it up and the shimmer is noticeable in person to you.


I wish powders that came with brushes took more note of Benefit's Hello Flawless powder, I love that there's a bottom compartment!

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

I just got a bunch of samples from them, but haven't tried them out yet. I have been using the cleansing water for a while to remove my eye makeup & really like how gentle it is. 

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

I have the maifanshi moisture foundation and I really like it. It looks so natural on like how a foundation should be... my skin but better. It also looks fab on photos. My only gripe was the color selection...I have light-med neutral undertone and I didn't find an exact color match. I tried 013 and 113 and both were not quite right.

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Thanks for the review! Love it, so detailed and PICTURES OMG. lol. That powder do look amazing, kinda making me want to get it. 

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Yes, all of a sudden I'm absolutely CERTAIN that I NEED that powder!!  It looks gorgeous and if the shimmer is subtle it would be perfect for me.  And apparently the more layers of packaging something has, the more I want it...


Nice reviews BT!

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Well, you don't *need* the Koh Gen Do Premium Powder and I'm sure there's comparable products for $70 or less. But, you might just be tempted to order it just to "try it", like me, and find yourself enjoying it a bit more than expected, enough that the thought of returning it or the hesitation over price just quietly fades away.....*cough*. =P

Re: Koh Gen Do skincare/make up review

Thanks for your input on these, might have to try out that powder sometime when I actually get through some of my current stuff >.>

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