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Items to avoid at all cost.

Since the sale is rumored to be coming up, I'm just curious as to what products or even brands I should be avoiding in general. There are posts for overrated products, but being overrate indicates that there is something decent about it. But I am interested in items and brands that you absolutely hate.



Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

Tarte, mainly. Maybe it's just me, but their products have left me disappointed. The mascaras make my eyelashes look phenomenal... but they dry out VERY quickly.

I got one of their eyeshadow palettes over the holidays, and there was absolutely NO pigmentation, even with the darker colors.

I suppose the blushes are "alright" but I wasn't exactly thrilled with them.

Lipsurgences...some are okay, some aren't.


The only thing I've actually liked from tarte is their new loose powder foundation thing. Now THAT is an amazing product.



Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

I have to agree. I love the mascara, but since it's a drier formula it dries out very fast. Plus, I'm not super impressed with much else from their company. The eye shadows are not bad, but not all winners.

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

I agree with this. I have been super, super excited to try Tarte products and when I did it was just kind of 'meh.' I wish I could love them as much as other people do, but I just can't get on board. I own one small mini blush which I find is 'okay,' but there are so many great blush formulas out there that I am not sure I'll buy a full size yet.

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

In all seriousness you really need to post a coherent and properly spelled thought . You are seriously weirding me out even though I know you won't read this please post something related to the topic. There are other boards besides a makeup forum to discuss your obvious fantasy life. 

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

And yet again I say...

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

^ *Unimpressed face*

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

This is such a tough topic.  I really dislike Benefit for multiple reasons (all previously mentioned by other users), and I'm not particularly impressed by Clinique.  But I'm not sure I could name a brand as a whole that is so bad I would warn others to avoid it at all costs.  


I know I've hated specific products before but again, it's all personal preference and others will disagree about a product passionately - one's woman's hate is another's HG!

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

I find that I'm liking Benefit less and less. I used to be a huge fan when I first started shopping Sephora, but the more I tried other brands the more I realized that most Benefit products seem to be cute packaging/names but not much else. 


...I had more to say on this, but started reading the previous posts/comments and really thrown off, trying to make sense of what was going on, lol.


Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

For those of you guys I want your honest opinion... For chic week I had planned on getting a blush of Benefits (everyone seems to use them) So is it just hit miss or should I consider going with like a Nars blush or... some other brand? I know this is like a disenable thread but you can enable me here or with a PM Smiley Happy Smiley Tongue

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

Actually I think a LOT of people really love their blushes.  Personally, I would recommend Clinique's Cheek Pops (I know I said I didn't like Clinique that much but these blushes are HG material…they are soooooooo nice) or Illamasqua blush.  I'm sure others will disagree, but I don't think Benefit blushes get people hysterical - they certainly have a following and a lot of people own them, but I would be surprised if they were a lot of peoples' HG blush.

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