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Items to avoid at all cost.

Since the sale is rumored to be coming up, I'm just curious as to what products or even brands I should be avoiding in general. There are posts for overrated products, but being overrate indicates that there is something decent about it. But I am interested in items and brands that you absolutely hate.



Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

I had a bad experience with Bare Minerals also. The concealing powder would settle into any pimples I had and it didn't cover any acne marks or under eye circles very well. Waste of money.

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

I am not a big fan of TARTE Cosmetics and I do not buy their items often, however, they do have a Blush I really like-it is "TARTE 12 hour Clay Blush" but I do have a warning about it.If you purchase it online ( I buy alot from SEPHORA) the colors are very, very, very darker when you get them than they look and are described online ) It does last onger than 12 hours,is highly pigmented,and very easy to apply and is easily buildable with the correct brush. I also like the TART  4 in 1  Mascara.its the easiest mascara to use, that I know about so far. It has the Lash Conditioner and the part I really love is the fact that it has the topcoat ( this way when I use it I can save my ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Clear Mascara TopCoat.) I had one of their pallettes awhile back,but it is empty and it was replaced with a different pallette.I cant remember wich one I had, but with my TARTE Pallette I used BARE MINERALS FACIAL PRIMER and it made the colors of the eyeshadow look very good ( when I used UD's eye primer it did not work with the TARTE Eyeshadows and I hae no idea why this always happened ) It is not a shadow to just put on without the BARE MINERALS PRIMER,no BARE MINERALS, no powder-it will not stay and by the time I got to my car, it was unnoticable, went back inside , put a dab of Bare Mineras primer on each id, rubbed it from the inner corner to the outer corner nd reapplied my colors I had on and they stayed all day. The shadows also work great as a wet shadow. I just happened to see everyone talking about TARTE and thought I would give you some more insight,

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

i'm not completely against benefit, i like some of their products but i definitely would avoid some of their products. their erase paste and dr.feelgood is useless imo. it's tacky and creases like no other. and dr.feelgood did nothing for me but make me feel even oilier than normal.


in regards to tarte eyeshadows - ehh. most of their shadows are chalky and there's a crap ton of fallout with them. i really liked one of their quads that i got in a set but their large eyeshadow palettes left something to be desired. there's really no pigment in them at all i feel and they never last longer than a couple hours on me, even with primer. i would avoid their liplusters if you don't like glitter. those are glitter city. go for the lip tints in matte or the regular ones instead.


the origins foaming facial cleanser has left me with a bad breakout and i'm one of those people who only gets hormonal breakouts when mother nature decides to bless me with her monthly visits. 

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

i am just now reading all of are all cracking me up!

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

Aww man, all the awesome posts and gifts were deleted! And this post was a double chicken!Smiley Wink

Re: Items to avoid at all cost.

Hi love2shop42,


Yes, we removed several posts that were deemed inappropriate.  We appreciate your understanding and ask that all of our users follow our guidelines, which can be found here>  Thanks!!


xo, Mia

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