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Itching for a buy...

It's only been 2 weeks since my last beauty related purchase, and I'm already itching for a buy!!  Anyone else experience "withdrawl" symptoms from trying to stagger their buying?  I'm trying to save my buy for Feb.. but I almost feel like I can't wait!

Re: Itching for a buy...

@runy- Gee, that's great that you made it out of Target without any cosmetics. I have trouble with that store, the cosmetics department is right at the front and I have to pass it to get to the departments that have necessities and those end-cap displays get me most every time! Pretty sneaky, IMO.


I am itching to try those new shadow pencils from UD, but they will have to wait until next order. Maybe there will be a good VIB offer in Feb?

Re: Itching for a buy...

I was itching to buy the Romantic Eye Collection from Too Faced.


I broke down and ordered it , but returned it because one of the eyeshadows was falling out (not glued down) plus the colors were not as pretty as I expected .


Now I am itching to find eyeshadows that match the middle line of this palette. The following are the colors: Kiss The Bride (matte pale pink),Cut The Cake (lavender mauve shimmer), First Dance (matte deep purple).


Could someone please make a suggestion?




Re: Itching for a buy...

@prettyinpa: I now have THREE UD 24/7 shadow pencils in my cart. Actually, my cart is a little off the charts right now..... I HAVE TO WAIT until February to place my order or I will have placed THREE in January alone!


@kalex: I LOVE the SHopping your Stash idea! I found a Buxom lip gloss I had on my shopping list in my cabinet the other day! It had come as part of a set a few years back and I  TOTALLY forgot I had it! Also, the LORAC 3D gloss deluxe sample I hauled from the TSB you started saved me from buying a full sized, so thanks!-- now I can buy an extra UD shadow pencil.....


Maybe this cutting back thing isn't working so well.......


@macuser: can you go into a FS Sephora and try to dupe them side by side? Stila and MUFE have a buch of single shadows that you can compare to the palette in store and maybe find what you are looking for. I really like Too Faced, but I do find that their shadows are not nearly as pigmented as UD. The shimmery ones do intensify if you use the foil technique, though.

Re: Itching for a buy...

We'll see how long that lasts... 😉

Re: Itching for a buy...

I got rid of a bunch of old stuff recently and seeing them made me not want to buy too much makeup.  So much go to waste.  But it doesn't stop me from admiring the constant stream of new pretty things.  🙂


I've been buying more nail polish as a result.  (Yup, I've still got an addiction problem.)

Re: Itching for a buy...

I've become addicted lately to buying beauty stuff. It may become a real problem lol. I'm always checking for what new things they get online.

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