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Itching for a buy...

It's only been 2 weeks since my last beauty related purchase, and I'm already itching for a buy!!  Anyone else experience "withdrawl" symptoms from trying to stagger their buying?  I'm trying to save my buy for Feb.. but I almost feel like I can't wait!

Re: Itching for a buy...

Gosh this thread is SO hot, I can't keep up!


Does anyone else realize an ebb & flow of obsessions among themselves?  I used to love earrings, and bought so many.  Now I don't even wear them.  I used to love bags, and now my recent one is torn and I still haven't bought one.  I still love shoes but have def curbed my spending b/c of makeup.  I'm wondering whats next for me and whether one day the makeup obsession will die down.


Clothes, Shoes, etc.

@diasy I too have replaced makeup buying with clothes shoes.



My husband wanted to go vegan for a month, only he can't even have a meal without meat so I questioned if he even knew what vegan meant!  I think I could be a vegitarian, but def not vegan. 



Re: Itching for a buy...


runy wrote:

Does anyone else realize an ebb & flow of obsessions among themselves?  I used to love earrings, and bought so many.  Now I don't even wear them.  I used to love bags, and now my recent one is torn and I still haven't bought one.  I still love shoes but have def curbed my spending b/c of makeup.  I'm wondering whats next for me and whether one day the makeup obsession will die down.


I realize that I have an addiction to virtually everything: books, DVDs, CDs, clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, pretty pens and journals... you name it.  Luckily, I realized this tendency early on, so I stayed away from physical addictions such as smoking and drinking during adolescence and teenage years.  I drink moderately now but I completely stay away from gambling and lottery of all types.

Re: Itching for a buy...

Really, make up now is my only obsession... otherwise I'm pretty good with money and every other form of addiction. I decided just recently drinking, for me, is pointless... I'm lightweight so I pretty much get drunk immediately, and then I'm asleep with in 2 hours and then I'm hungover for 24 hours lol.. so a total of fun of maybe 2 hours for sheer misery for 24 hours... not worth it to me haha. So, I just gave up on it allll together lol. But make up.... it has me hooked. I can't get enough!!! Its never enough. Once I buy something I just want to buy more! haha.

Re: Itching for a buy...

I know exactly what you mean! I vowed not to order anything until February but right now I have 3 things in my shopping cart. I'm delaying hitting checkout to see if I can fend off the urge. There are such good deals out there right now! Aargghhh

Re: Itching for a buy...

@officegal, I got 2 Sephora by O.P.I. colors, I got Read My Palm and Just a Little Dangerous. I'm really excited about them, cause really all I have are pinks, reds, nudes, black and a gold fingernail polish. Read My Palm is like a sea green, turquoise color and Just a Little Dangerous is a purple color.

Re: Itching for a buy...

@sarithor - ACK!  I was totally tempted by "Read My Palm" but I already have "Ocean Love Potion" and deemed the colours too similar.  Great picks!  You're going to love it in the summer especially!


@mermadelove - These Boots No.7 products are hypo-allergenic but not exactly made with natural ingredients.  I'll give you the rundown, though.


Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum

"Clinically proven to make your skin look younger. Visibly reduces deep lines and wrinkles by up to 50% in 4 weeks."



Boots No.7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream


Re: Itching for a buy...

"Like I need some new clothes... but everytime when I get a chance to buy some, I always end up telling myself "well...its not like I'm naked or anything... I'll get clothes next time!"


I wish I could tell myself that!  I have so many clothes and shoes!  My problem is that I can't pass up a good deal, more than 50% off sale, coupon codes etc... and I'm done for.  I started a new rule for myself though that seems to be working for the clothes and shoes.  I ask myself if there are at least 3 things already in my closet that I could wear with it, if so, then I can buy it.  I put down a pair of 75% off suede purple wedges the other day because I could only think of 2 things I'd wear them with.  So proud!

Re: Itching for a buy...

Oh no, kalex... don't get me started on shoes and clothes.  There's a reason my avatar is a high heel pump.  I was a shoe-a-holic long before I became a makeup addict.  I also can't resist a bargain, and realized over the summer that I bought way too many crappy shoes just because they were cheap.  I actually counted... and I have 80-something pairs of shoes, all the way from designer dress shoes to Old Navy flip flops.  I'm mortified.  I haven't bought any since the bridesmaid shoes I was forced to get in the summer but it's awful passing by windows with signs that are screaming 70% OFF SALE PRICES!

Re: Itching for a buy...

Hahaha... I'm sooo not a shoes or clothes person. I use to be sort of... well clothes person. I've use to work for Gap Inc and Old Navy. Which Gap Inc is the company that owns, Gap, Old Navy , Banana Republic, and Piperlime, I worked at the call center for them. Then I moved to VA and I worked at an Old Navy Store... When I worked at the call center, my job was to shop with customers pretty much. They call to place orders and I would be online shopping right along with them, helping them pick out outfits and everything lol. I loved that job. Not all my calls were shopping calls, some were complaints of course, or other random things, but it was still a fun job. I would sit there allll day, putting stuff in my shopping cart, just waiting to go home or sign out to check out lol. I was constantly getting packages. Then when I worked at the store... I got to walk around all day and look at alll the clothes. I would go try them on on my breaks haha. It was bad... I spent a lot of money. Then I got shopped out.


Well... actually thats not true... I moved to MS and worked for JcPenney for the pricing and signing department, and since I got to see what was going on sale the day before, I had a shopping problem there lol. But after THAT I stopped shopping lol. I haven't bought clothes in a whole year!! Last time I bought clothes was when I was NYC for New Years Eve 2010.. so yeah... a year! lol. I'm proud of myself.

Re: Itching for a buy...

@officegal: THanks for posting the boots pics! Too many parabens for me. I save those for makeup products with color!! ?LOL!!

As far as shoes go..... Let me put it to you this way: I'm an environmentalist, dolphin lover, ofttimes vegan, etc. etc. My friend once got me a card with a cartoon on the front of a girl staring transfixed at rack after rack of shoes. The sign above the shoes said "FAB SHOES! SALE!" And as many of my friends call me Fab, she put a comma between Fab and shoes. The caption under the picture said: "Suddenly the plight of the blue whale and the rainforests paled in comparison." I never laughed so hard in my life!!!!!!!


I have a pair of Turquoise and Aqua High heeled MAry Jane John Fleuvogs that are my pride and joy. As I live in Rural VT now, they don't get much action these days...... 😞


And neither does my Express credit card!!!!!! (Thank goodness!)

Re: Itching for a buy...


mermadelove wrote:

@officegal: THanks for posting the boots pics! Too many parabens for me. I save those for makeup products with color!!

I guess my face likes the parabens because I tried using an entire line of skincare from Ole Henriksen and broke out like mad, and the particular thing about OH is that it's paraben-free.  Drugstore skincare seems to work better for me for some reason, which is maddening and kind of gratifying all at once since I don't have to spend quite as much $$.  I'm just afraid that 10 years down the road, there's going to be some kind of repercussion that I didn't foresee.



But I'm not so afraid that I'd turn vegan or into a huge environmentalist.  😉  We're big on composting and recycling here in Canada, and our province has a $0.05 fee on plastic bags to try to reduce waste.  I do my part in that regard.

Re: Itching for a buy...

@officegal: You know, my skin looks the same, and probably better, when I'm using my regular Neutrogena cleanser. I tried switching to Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel and Microfoliant about five months ago -- and while I like them, I have noticed that my skin did better when I used Neutrogena (I've used Visibly Even Foaming Face Wash (which contains exfoliating beads) for as long as it has been around -- probably 7, 8 years?).


I wish I could find something that worked better -- I've been wanting to try the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser and the Gentle Cream Exfoliant (also Dermalogica -- I think they contain lactic acid, and Lisa Eldridge talked about how great they were). Since I stopped using Neutrogena exclusively, though, I noticed that I tend to break out way more often (again, this could be hormonal, as I *just* turned 30). Maybe I'll go back to that for a while and accept the fact that my skin prefers $7.99 cleanser to the $50.00 variety.


: )

Re: Itching for a buy...

@katie1724, I KNOW, the truth is hard to accept, right???  I kept trying expensive stuff, hoping to find something that would make my morning/night experience luxurious and beneficial.... but nope, unsophisticated Cetaphil and Aveeno seem to work better!  I know someone who has the most marvellous perfect and creamy complexion and the most expensive thing she's ever used was Neutrogena!  It's crazy.  Maybe the less we fuss over our faces the better.

Re: Itching for a buy...

I do think my face does at least a little better using the higher-end stuff. I was okay with using drugstore products when I was in my teens/early twenties but after that my hormones went haywire & I needed something else. I'm always envious of people who have flawless skin & they use nothing expensive on their face. My sister has a friend who washes her face with bar soap in the shower & goes to bed without removing her makeup all the time....she has beautiful, creamy skin! So unfair.

Re: Itching for a buy...

I have a friend who is 54 and when we go out together we both get carded. Her skincare regimen? She lets the shampoo from her hair rinse down her face when she washes........ MY skincare regimen? WEll, you know....... 1000pt VIB!!!

Re: Itching for a buy...

@officegal, I love Aveeno too. Thats what I use for moisturizer. I use Olay for cleanser... Cleanser and moisturizer, I buy cheap, cause, I haven't found something that I fell in love with at Sephora. I liked Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation moisturizer, but I dunno, I felt Aveeno did better. The only skin care stuff I use for Sephora, is a night treatment, eye cream, and anti-aging stuff, oh and scrub.... But I just ran out of my night treatment, I was using Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night gel, but I don't know if I'm going to get another one from Sephora. I love the invigorating night gel, but I kind of want to try something different, like one from Olay. Just because I do seem to run out of the invigorating night gel a lot... and I hate having to keep rebuying it for 45 dollars for only 1.7 oz every other month.


I don't know how you guys do the Vegan and Vegetarian thing. I can't do it lol. I'm not going to lie, I love meat, dairy, and eggs. I know its bad. But I do garden and grow a lot of different types of veggies and use them and we are big recyclers ( California charges you .05 to .10 cents per can, plastic, glass item you buy and to get it back you recycle) and I do use reuseable bags when I grocery shop... so, yeah.. thats a start right? lol.

Re: Itching for a buy...

That's an excellent start; that's more than a lot of people do! I love those reusable bags. I think the groceries pack so much nicer in them & you don't have to worry the bag will rip. Plus they're handy for carrying other stuff around too.

Re: Itching for a buy...

I know!! the reusable bags are a good investment. Some wal-marts around here are getting rid of plastic bags all together and they have reusable bags instead. They charge you 15 cents per bag... but you can fit a lot more in those bags and really if you get enough the first time you shop there you never have to pay that 15 cents again... plus 15 cents is a lot cheaper than most reusable bags. I got mine from the military Commissary for 50 cents and I also got a few of the Thermal reusable bags for 75 cents there as well. But I use them all for everything. The thermal ones are my favorite. I've used them for travelling with my make up in the car lol. Afraid they were going to overheat in the car trunk on long trips. I just stick the bag in the fridgerator for like 30 minutes (just for good measure) stick my make up in there and go... by the time we get where we are going, the bag is still cool and my make didn't melt haha.

Re: Itching for a buy...

That's very smart. We spend way too much on makeup to have it melt! The bags are great for going to the beach. I can pack them with snacks or books or whatever odds & ends I don't want packed in my luggage, especially food. I was at Whole Foods a couple years ago and they had really cool ones that were designed by Sheryl Crow. They were so cute and they also were taller than a lot of bags so you can stack stuff really well. I only got 2, which I regret because next time I went back they didn't have them anymore.

Re: Itching for a buy...

@ officegal: Some people are REALLY sensitive to natural plant extracts so the super pure stuff is ot for them. Lucky you because Ole is WICKED expensive! Not as bad as Caudalie, but still......

Re: Itching for a buy...

I think their pricing is actually quite reasonable, especially if you buy the boxed sets of the Truth duo and the Three Little Wonders!  Unfortunately the only thing that worked out for me is the Fresh Start Eye Creme.  😞  Ah well... LOVE MY PARABENS!  LOL

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