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It Didn't Work For Me.......

i don't want this to be a hates or bashing thread. more of a general "i tried this thing and it clearly wasn't meant for me" rather than a "this is crap !" sort of discussion, if that distinction makes sense.....


i find these sorts of discussions helpful. you can learn 1. that you're not alone, or that 2. you were using a thing incorrectly and maybe it's worth another try or 3. that a thing you were considering spending your money on may not be worth the risk after all (though i'd take this last possibility with a grain of salt; everyone is different !!)


i'll post my list below Smiley Happy

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Thank you, @makeitup305. I am good with what I have. I wasn't and am not really looking for a new bronzer. It is just that this one looked like something I might like ( not overly warm, and not! orange. Not too dark, either. ), so I jumped on it. But, yeah. It's no bueno. At all. It looks so very wrong on me.

I'm not really looking for cool bronzers. It is not about that. I do like them when they're not too warm, more on neutral side maybe. But, not really entirely cool. I like some warmth to my cool skin. ( Just not orange! Nothing orange for me, thank you! ) It is more about finding the "perfect" shade. Shade I'm gonna like on me. That's gonna do something for me. If that makes sense. It's very complicated! Smiley Very Happy And, I am very picky about my bronzers. Smiley Tongue This one was definitely not it.

I have Sephora Tranquill and I love it! It's my fav contour!

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I've tried these products long time ago, but since this thread popped up now... And, these products made lasting impression on me... Here goes:


May Lindstrom. The whole line. Nothing worked for me. Very drying, harsh, or simply does nothing for me. I can't believe even their balm ( Blue Cocoon ) is so incredibly drying. No matter how I used it, alone, layered with my other, beloved products... I'd wake up to dry, tight and terribly flaky skin. Applied alone, it would go almost completely matte on me pretty fast after application. It would start out nice and balmy, and then bam! Matte. Easy pass. 


The Youth Dew felt straight up like applying rubbing alcohol to my skin. It made my skin instantly dry and tight as heck. No thanks. Didn't even bother with this one.


The only product that was somewhat ok, but nothing special ( plenty of better ones out there ), was The Honey Mud ( used as a mask ).


The rest of it was either too harsh or too meh.


From my experience with the brand, this is definitely something that I'd say caters more to normal-oily skin types. It was a disaster for my dry skin. My wallet said "thank you", though.


Aurelia Probiotic Skincare anything. It smells heavenly. That's about it. Does absolutely nothing for my skin.


I love "natural" skincare, and had high hopes for these, but alas... It was no bueno for me.


Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@lyravega I had a similar experience a few years ago (may have been 2012/2013?) when a friend of mine gifted me a lot of May Lindstrom products. She's a skin care junkie and is one of the reasons why I got more invested in skin care and less on makeup. Part of the gift included a ML ceramic bowl and mask brush, which I still use since the brush is great for applying masks.

I found the mask I received (problem solver) to be harsh on my skin. It left it super dry and tight, and I have naturally dry skin so I imagine this is better suited for people with oily skin. I don't want to write off the brand as there are so many products to explore (the honey mask is the one item that has appealed to me) but I've had great success with some other brands (my friend also sent me Neal's Yard Remedies which I really like) that I'm set for now. Smiley Happy

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I posted this in the Skincare Discussion thread as well.  


Leahlani Champagne serum


This definitely didn't work for me.  It feels almost silicony.  It sat on top of my skin and just wouldn't absorb.  Anything I applied over it didn't work well either.  My skin felt dehydrated and tight (not in a good way).


I have a Mermaid mask from the brand as well.  It is a honey based mask.  It is okay, but not a stand out.  


I like the idea of the brand, but I will just have to pass.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I don't like Bobbi Brown. It doesn't work on me for some reasons. Past Nars and Bobbi brown eyeshadow palettes are suck and poorly made. So that's why I didn't buy any more of Nars eyeshadow palettes or Bobbi brown products anymore. Skincare brands are nice but not for me like Dior, Tata Harper, La Mer, Drunk Elephant, Tatcha, Dr. Brandt's..or almost anything on the market beside Paula's choice. I never like Tarte lipsticks. I hate Urban Decay vintage collection. 

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

My body doesn't seem to agree with FRESH products. Including:


1. The lip balms. They are not hydrating whatsoever on my lips and wear off so quickly. 

2.Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum

3. Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream


The serum and moisturizer gave me contact dermatitis and it was terrible. My skin was blotchy, red, and stung. I also developed little tiny bumps all over my face. 


Do not recommend.


Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

The lip balms are alright for me, but I felt the serum and cream didn't do anything for me. I use the Boscia Tsubaki gel cream and love it.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@m26430 I haven't tried the rose products but agree with you on the lip balms.


My lips flake shortly after applying (must be reacting to one of the ingredients) and the smell is sickening too me. I've try the advanced version under lipstick and while it doesn't make my lips flake nearly as much, I can't stand the lip balm fragrance!


I am a huge fan of Fresh's Seaberry Oil, however. That's about it though!

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Love the seaberry oil! 

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@m26430 I so agree! I just finally finished the Fresh Lip Care kit that I bought in November with the serum, scrub, and balm and I didn't like anything about it. Made my lips dry and peely. I'm so glad I'm done with them!

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@m26430, THANK YOU. I've heard nothing but rave reviews for those dang lip balms (and they come in so many sets, I suppose because they are miracle products for so many people), but they actually dry my lips out! I had to take mine off and replace it with a Clinique balm instead today.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Yes! Couldn't agree more about the hype. Thankfully I've never paid a cent for any Fresh products. Everything I've tried has been a freebie. Hopefully you find a perfect balm soon Smiley Happy

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Pixi glow mud mask - I wanted to love it since it's so accessible (at Target) and affordable. and many people have had good experiences with this mask and line in general. I like how it feels when it's on and how it smells. and It's blueish! what a cool color. And I enjoy mud/clay masks in general for my combo skin. The first time I tried it, the next day I noticed some small red bumps around my cheeks. I was worried, but I waited till they disappeared and tried the mask again. Got the same reaction. I gave it to my friend with the disclaimer that it broke me out, but still tried it and it broke her out too!

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Farmacy Eye dew - Caused swelling on and around my eyes and small bumpy rash under my eyes. My eyes itched and watered so bad and it never fully dried down (I used the smalled bit) and felt tacky until the next morning. I was so sad this did not work for me - whyy 😢


Cover fx Halo drops 💔 - initially ok on top of makeup  but a big no no mixed in with foundation or moisturizer, my face itched right away (I recall Candacebt mentioned this initially so i agree) and broke something fierce. When applied on just cheekbones, I did see small bumps appear but not as extreme as when I mixed it in with another product. 


Almost all Sunday Riley products Except the new CEO, I tried out the sample foils 3-4 times now and so far so good! I may just be purchasing full size of this, the scent is pleasing too! 


Fresh soft cream and honey mask - broke me out under the skin. Don't care much for the soya cleanser and rose lip balm either. Youth preserve is probably the only ok product for me in the skincare line. 


Josie Maran - none of the creams and oils. 


Honourable mention: Drunk Elephant - the spf and couple of products I tried were a no for me. 



Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Image result for loreal hair scrub


It didn't work for me -_-


#1, I really enjoy the Christophe Robin salt scrub, but I've yet to successfully grow money on trees so I've yet to splurge on the full size container.


#2, I'm definitely not opposed to drug store/cheaper items, so when I saw L'Oreal had launched this hair scrub I figured I'd give it a whirl. Not to mention my Cartwheel app had a $2 off coupon so why not try it while I could also knock a few bucks off?






I'll start with this, I heard the Target cashier scan my app....but low and behold, the coupon never came off, so I didn't "save" any money at all upon purchasing it.


When I opened this stuff it had a strange, medicinal, kind of creamy fruity scent. It wasn't entirely off-putting, but definitely not what I was expecting. The packaging advertised apricot seeds so my brain instantly thought "St. Ives apricot scrub", but that was not the scent....while there were some fruit aspects, it wasn't immediately fruity or sweet smelling like you'd expect. Luckily the scent didn't linger during and after its use.


With the aspect of apricot seeds you'd expect there to be some sort of granular texture to the formula, in fact when you open up the jar you can see "bits" and "specs" of peachy brown apricot seeds...or at least what I'm assuming are the seeds; however, as soon as I dunked my hand in to retrieve product it felt like thick and goopy hair gel, nothing more. I thought to myself "Maybe once I work it into my hair/along my scalp I'll feel the 'scrubbing' sensation....."


Nope. Nope. Nope. It felt like I was just pushing hair gel globules into my strands.


It rinsed out fine enough and didn't leave any residue, but this is NOTHING like I was expecting or hoping for. 


This item's getting returned. I feel like I'd have better luck taking a body scrub to my scalp than to continue using this.


*guess who's gonna have to splurge on the Christophe Robine during the next discount off promo?*

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@lylysa   Do let me know when you start growing money on trees...I'd like some  ;-)

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Charlotte Tilbury clay mask - the scent was really strong and unpleasant (not medicinal or anything like that, just flowery). I could have dealt with the smell if I liked the rest of it, but nope. I realize that clay masks are thick and they can feel kind of "heavy" on your face. But this made me feel like my face was suffocating. That probably doesn't even make sense but anyways I could not rinse it off fast enough. I did not have an overly thick layer of it on my face, either. Just not for me at all.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

This is a pre-emptive "it didn't work for me".  Mostly cuz I am tired and cranky.


I was willing to try the new Giorgio Armani Fabric foundation.  I only once tried GA foundation in luminous silk ages ago.  I couldn't find a shade match, and the sample didn't sit well with me (or my skin).  But I was willing to try this new one.


Well, there are 8,672 shades in the Fabric, and nothing matches me remotely!  I have pored over the online swatches and descriptions, and it is so disappointing.  The jump in colour from #9 to #10 is just silly!  From beige to chocolate!  and #10 and #11 are quite pink anyway.


Could Giorgio not have mixed some 9 and 10 together and slapped some yellow in it?  Just for sheets and giggles?  

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Same here! GA seems to think everyone is pink. I had a SA try to convince me to use a yellow powder to color correct the base color. 🤔

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@greenchilli Shade matching is such a pain. I have trouble matching too but on the lighter end of the spectrum. Everything is always too pink or too orange it seems.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Base. I didn't know a primer could be such a disaster. I've literally never had a product go so wrong. I used it on top of my moisturizer and it looked a I put my foundation on top, thinking it'd all be alright. It was not. It made my skin look horribly dry and emphasized every tiny little hair. My foundation wasn't blending well either. It was unbearably bad. So bad I washed everything off and started over. Smiley Indifferent