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It Didn't Work For Me.......

i don't want this to be a hates or bashing thread. more of a general "i tried this thing and it clearly wasn't meant for me" rather than a "this is crap !" sort of discussion, if that distinction makes sense.....


i find these sorts of discussions helpful. you can learn 1. that you're not alone, or that 2. you were using a thing incorrectly and maybe it's worth another try or 3. that a thing you were considering spending your money on may not be worth the risk after all (though i'd take this last possibility with a grain of salt; everyone is different !!)


i'll post my list below Smiley Happy

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......



Oh, not good.  It is unlike foundations I typically wear, but I thought I would try it sometime to see what the fuss was about.  I swiped a few shades on my arm at the store a while ago, they seemed a bit thick and that scared me off.



Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I had the same reaction. Do you think it could be something in the actual foundation going bad quickly? 


It was the holy grail, be all, end all, when I first got it. But a few months later, I'm finding it really hard to spread evenly over my face. 

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I think I added this to the "Trialing" thread, but here goes:


I tested the Tata Harper Illuminating eye cream.  Didn't care for it at all.  I tried it just twice.  It wasn't hydrating and felt a bit tacky on my undereye (not emollient)


Tata Harper Restorative eye cream is a favourite though.  

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Same, I think the illuminating pigments are purely cosmetic, leaving no benefits after washed off! 

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

The Algenist Illuminating Moisturizer Smiley Sad 


I tried a sample packet. This is more of a strobe cream than moisturizer (think MAC Strobe cream), and it gave me an otherworldly glow not unlike what you see here:




It might work beautifully as a highlighter, but I think you're better off with a real highlighter.


The cream was also quite drying.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I use MAC studio fix, when I go out.  I really like the look of it. I brush it on sparingly but EVERY TIME, it breaks me out.  Can someone recommend something similar from Sephora that I could try?  I have light combination skin with some redness to it & blue undertones.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I may be in the minority here but I just felt that Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment was not that awesome. I had a deluxe size sample so I was able to try it numerous times and each time I used it I felt like it was an okay exfoliating product but not something that I would ever buy. I am a huge believer in exfoliators and I use one each week minimum but I have so many other masks/peels/exfoliators that I prefer over that one.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......



I am very "meh" on Kate Somerville.  I can't ever get excited about her line.   

I remember reacting poorly to a moisturizer many years ago.  Since then any sample of a product I've tried has underwhelmed or disappointed me.  And at that price, I have better options.


Sunday Riley is the same.  Either disappointed or underwhelmed.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@greenchilliI have never tried a Sunday Riley product but I am glad to know that they are probably not worth the price point either. I don't mind paying for a product that is good but I am not paying for the name or packaging.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......



Please don't let me discourage you from trying Sunday Riley (or more of Kate).  They are well loved brands, but just not for me.  You might like the products after all.


Now that I am on the topic, another brand that doesn't work wow me is Ole Henriksen (except the face wipes for travel), and also Josie Maran.  But that's just me.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@greenchilliOh you haven't discouraged me from trying it. I haven't really had a desire to try it anyways when I look at the prices. I have a few products that I love and use daily already. I only like to switch up a few skincare items in my routine as it is right now.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

You're not alone.  I didn't like it either.  The gentle version was too harsh for my skin.  It's counterintuitive because peels always sound harsher to me, but I actually find them to be gentler on my skin than physical exfoliators.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@kellouaThat is not good to hear. I think sometimes the 'exfoliators' they use in products are what cause them to be harsher on the skin. I don't have super sensitive skin but I usually find that after I do a peel my skin is less red than after using an exfoliator, go figure.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

I agree @virgo87.  There are some things my skin can handle like the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder but I mostly only use physical exfoliants/scrubs on my body now.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Ditto! I do not have sensitive skin yet ExfoliKate makes my skin very red and uncomfortable!

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

SR Tidal. Another disappointment form the brand. It seems nothing SR works for me ( tried luna, good genes, bionic, one of the other oils... I think Flora? Not sure. Doesn't even matter. ). I got Belif Aqua Bomb deluxe sample some time back, and even though I'm not thrilled with the ingredients, my skin seems to like the stuff. Like, really like. ( And, my skin is very picky! ) It makes it so pretty. And, that stuff is more for normal-oily skin. Yet it works beautifully for my normal-dry skin. Wheres Tidal is good for normal-dry skin, and does absolutely nothing for my skin. Except it makes my pores look huge. Wanted to try Tidal due to better ingredient list, and supposedly similar texture and effects on skin... But, it's totally useless on me... Doesn't even moisturizer properly. Oh, well. Back it goes. Got the small jar of it, and wanted to use it all up no matter what... But, I hate it so much it makes me angry, I just can't keep it.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@lyravega, i thought i was alone in my feelings toward Sunday Riley!! thank you for validating us naysayers Smiley Happy i didn't like Luna, tidal, good name it. thought bionic was it for me, but then I discovered other combos that work much better overall. I still try to stick to "natural" as much as possible, but it's hard to argue with results!

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Unfortunately anything made by urban decay in the way of primers does not work for me.  I'm allergic to an ingredient in it.  Made my eyelids all red and flackery.


it all worked out okay because I really love the ELF eyeshadow primers and they've way cheaper.


everything happens for a reason.  

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

Found this thread!


I have been revisiting a product that previously didn't work as I woudl have liked.  But I have figured it out, trial and error.


VINTNERS Daughter:

This is a serum oil, one that is supposed to be the oil to end all oils - to treat and hydrate.  I admire the brand ethos, ingredients are high quality, and the formula is top notch.  And I LOVE the smell.  However, I didn't have much success previously.  



I felt that the product didn't skin into my skin properly.   Which also meant that I was unable to truly benefit from the lovely ingredients...what a shame.


Also, my skin didn't feel hydrated adequately.  I tried to top it off with a moisturiser (as I often do), but the oil sat on top of my skin almost as a barrier.  I wasn't able to get another product to supplement hydration either.

For the past several days I have been experimenting.  I have begun to apply it like I apply other serums (and how I apply most of May Lindstrom products) - on wet skin.


After cleansing and toning, I use a generous amount of spritz all over my face.  While my skin is quite damp/wet, I massage in the oil.  It absorbs beautifully!   The moisture is what I needed for it to hang on to and sink in.  Once it has absorbed into my skin, I can top it off with another oil or moisturiser for hydration and that absorbs well too.  


- I need moisture to help it absorb

- It is a treatment on me, but not a stand alone moisturiser.  I always top it off with another oil or cream (and I have favourites).


Now that it is absorbing, time will tell as to how much I like it.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......

@greenchilli I got a sample of this serum in my last Cult order. I was just thinking maybe next week give my nightly serums break for a few days and try this serum to see what is all the hype about it. I do use oil serums on skin damp with spritz as suggested by many BTers. I will keep your review in mind while trialling this magic all in one serum.

Re: It Didn't Work For Me.......



I have always used serums on wet skin.  As in - I spritz my face even though my skin is slightly damp from toning.  I feel like serums need that moisture to kinda adhere to and sink into skin.  


When I use oils (or the oils I use),  I have not found that need for "extra" moisture after toning. But with VD, I have to treat it more like a serum even though it is in oil form.  A generous spritz is helping.


VD is definitely a serum to me....which is fine by me.  I can't use it as a stand alone product without topping off with a more hydrating oil/cream.