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Is it possible to wear concealer without foundation?

Hello! I’m having a problem, people say that it looks like I use concealer as a foundation. While I don’t do this, I have lots of acne, which is why when I wear concealer it looks like I’m wearing a weird concealer. So, I’m wondering, is it possible to wear concealer without having foundation? If so, maybe I’m just applying my concealer wrong? Any tips would be appreciated, because when I go into the new school year, I don’t want my face to look like it did last year. :/ Thanks!

RE: Is it possible to wear concealer without foundation?

Are you using too much concealer? When skipping foundation and going with just concealer less is more. Personally, as someone who never wears foundation, I like the NARS soft matte complete concealer or any concealer really that matches your skin tone/undertone, and spot conceal the problem areas. Since you mention you have acne, with a small brush apply concealer on the blemish to cancel the redness since concealer can get heavy quickly if you use too much. After spot concealing, set your whole face with either a translucent powder or a powder that matches your skin tone to make sure that you don’t lose coverage and also as an extra step to make sure the areas you didn’t apply concealer on can be evened out and match with the areas you spot concealed. Hope that helps! 😊

Re: Is it possible to wear concealer without foundation?

@RhyanJA Yes, foundation is not required! You'll just need to use a shade that's closest to your skin tone. Could you describe what's weird-looking about it?

RE: Re: Is it possible to wear concealer without foundation?

It looks really dry on my skin and leaves just circles of concealer that are really obvious

Re: RE: Re: Is it possible to wear concealer without foundation?

@RhyanJA if you have a lot of acne that you're trying to cover and you're putting concealer all over your face, it will probably look a lot heavier than if you wore a lightweight/less coverage foundation and then added some extra coverage with concealer. While I don't think foundation is necessary, maybe a tinted moisturizer or something like the DR. JART+ - Cicapair ™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30followed with the concealer might help diminish the amount of concealer you are using. Which concealer are you using now? I second the NARS - Soft Matte Complete Concealer since it's matte but not too drying.

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