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Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

My older brother is getting married next month to his girlfriend of five years and I would like to get them something different, so I thought what better than matching perfumes? I am thinking D&G Light Blue for Femme and for Homme since they are fresh scents that appeal to most everyone. Is this okay? My other sibling pointed out that they may not like it and thus never use them, but I argued that they are good quality expensive perfumes that neither would ever think of purchasing for themselves. What do you think? Is this a good gift that they will enjoy, or am I way off the charts?

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Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

Ah, knowing that they are young, having a huge wedding (well, to me that's huge) and would like personal gifts helps a lot.  In that case, samplers for each sound good.  If she likes trying new things, the fragrance sampler is great for that.  If the gourmet salt sampler doesn't work out, Penseys also does great spice samplers, too.


I do think you're wise to give them things to try out as opposed to going for one more expensive perfume unless you know that scent really matches each of their styles.

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I see now that I should have mentioned I am only 17, and the bride and groom are both 22. I am not sure if a couples massage is something they would be into. Yes, they are registered at a couple of places, but they would prefer money or a personal gift over what is on there-this is what they have told me. And keep in mind they have around 200 guests that will be shopping off the registry also. This is why I am thinking the deluxe sampler for her since she loves to try new things and she gets to pick what she wants, and I am now planning to get my brother a gourmet salt sampler since he loves to cook.

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

If they are younger i think thats fine, but i would steer towards something they can both enjoy as a couple. I'd pick out a personalized gift for a shower over a wedding gift

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I'd probably have given the bride a sampler as a shower gift instead of a wedding gift. Usually a wedding gift is something for the couple. 


That said, I did give my new sister-in-law one of the fragrance samplers for Christmas and I think she liked it a lot. But it's something a bride has more time for when she's not caught up in all of the hoopla of the wedding. 

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I love Janines idea for a couples massage!  In general, I'd be more inclined to pick something up form their wedding registry.  The couple took the time to request items that they actually need, so I'd stick to that Smiley Happy  My sister is getting married next month & I know a lot of thought & time went into their registry!  The fragrances would be fantastic birthday or Christmas gifts, especially the sampler boxes!


xo, Mia

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

Wow! Thanks for the input ladies, you made some good points! Maybe I will save this for a Christmas Gift.


How about Sephora's deluxe fragrance sampler for the bride instead? She can test a variety of scents, pick what she likes, then use the voucher for a larger bottle. Is this a better idea?

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I think if you're set on getting the couple fragrance, the best way to go is with a sampler or gift set, that way they can try a variety of fragrances without risking being stuck with just the one they may or may not like. The Sephora kits are great because they come with vouchers to snag a full sized fragrance of their choice once they find one they like.


If you're wanting to keep in the same line of beauty related gifts, why not put together a couples package or basket. Include luxury bath salts, creams, massage oils (Lush actually makes some nifty massage bars that look like bars of soap, feel like lotion when rubbed on skin, but are long lasting like a massage oil), candles, and even monogrammed towels. Include maybe shave cream and brush so your brother doesn't feel like it's just a girly basket. The Art of Shaving has wonderful products, so does Jack Black!

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

Yea I agree it think its a more personal gift since you will never know if they like it. Stick with that idea for a xmas gift so you can include a gift receipt

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I agree with everyone else. I'd say save the matching fragrances for the holidays or perhaps even their one year anniversary? If you wanted to get them something off of their registry I'd opt for something home related or maybe a couples massage? Or a spa treatment?

Whimsically yours,

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I would stick to their registry.


Smiley Happy  but I think it's a great holiday gift idea! (Christmas presents?)

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I wouldn't.  If you don't know their personal tastes, then it's way off target.  (For example, no matter how popular it is, D&G seems to smell like a musty sweater on me!)


I agree with Starletta8, save perfume for a holiday.  Maybe even consider the sampler sets that come out over the holidays so that they could choose something.  Or if you really want to do perfume, do a set so they can choose something that suits each of them.


For a wedding, stick to the registry or give them money.  Or since it is family, you may know something personal enough about them that they would appreciate.


My sister gave each of her bridesmaids earrings to wear and the same perfume.  It totally didn't suit me and I never, ever wore it.  Unless you really know their tastes and what each one uses now and can pick something you know they will like, chose something for their home, a gift certificate to the place where they registered, or simply cash.  (I was 36 when I married and we were well settled in our home.  Cash and gift certificates allowed us to buy pieces of crystal that we registered for and were expensive for people to buy.  Even if their registry items seem expensive a gift certificate will help them buy something they can really use and appreciate.  They are going to be so busy and overwhelmed with gifts, too)

Re: Is giving perfume/cologne as a wedding gift okay?

I wouldn't, but that's just me.


Perfume is such a personal thing that I'd want to pick it out myself- for all you know, one or both of them might be allergic to it!


Great idea in general- maybe a group Christmas gift or something- but for a wedding, stick to the registry- or cash.

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