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Is Too Faced really that bad??

Too Faced has been my obsession for the last year, and then they discontinued my FAVORITE primer (Primed and Poreless Bronze Tint) and I couldn't order it from Sephora anymore. I went to Macy's hoping they might have some leftovers (and to buy out their stock) and the Sales Assistant told me that TF has been going downhill and is considered the low of the low compared to rising brands like Stila and other regular brands. Really? Can that be true? Their powders have been the BEST (their foundation powder and chocolate soleil bronzer) I have ever experienced.

Is it really a well-known thing that TF is going downhill, or was my sales lady just crazy?!

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

I feel like there are awesome products from just about every brand that Sephora carries, Too Faced included. I don't know if any of us really know how things are going on the business end of any of these companies and whether or not any of them are hurting sales wise. But at least product wise I think every company has some hits, some misses, both with new products and reformulations/repackaing. I can't see how Too Faced is any different in those respects from any other brand out there, really. 


Also, I love their Chocolate Soleil bronzer :-)

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