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Is Too Faced really that bad??

Too Faced has been my obsession for the last year, and then they discontinued my FAVORITE primer (Primed and Poreless Bronze Tint) and I couldn't order it from Sephora anymore. I went to Macy's hoping they might have some leftovers (and to buy out their stock) and the Sales Assistant told me that TF has been going downhill and is considered the low of the low compared to rising brands like Stila and other regular brands. Really? Can that be true? Their powders have been the BEST (their foundation powder and chocolate soleil bronzer) I have ever experienced.

Is it really a well-known thing that TF is going downhill, or was my sales lady just crazy?!

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

I haven't heard that at all! I think that might have been her personal opinion rather than industry fact.

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

I wouldn't agree with the sales person - I love their La Creme lipsticks!  Are they the best in their price range? Maybe not so, but they have some real solid products.

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

That lady is crazy. Sorry if that's too Blunt but yeah. Everyone has opinions but to tell a customer that isn't right. Too Faced is awesome. And in my opinion i don't care for most Stila products. Of all i've tried, the Liquid Lipstick is the best. But it's just my opinion. But she should not have said that at all. It all comes down to preferences. 

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

Me thinks the sales lady has gone off the deep end. I consider TF the most creative as far as packaging goes, and the products are wonderful. Marshmellow bunny is one of my fav lippies. I dont see them going down hill. 

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

I'm pretty sure that lady is crazy.  i find that most associates at makeup stores generally have little to know knowledge about the acutaly brands and products, at least from my experience lately.  I know that TF is changing a lot of their packaging so some of their products have been on and off the shelves lately.  You could always try and contact the customer service department at TF.  It's probably listed on their site somewhere.  I love TF and would die if that their line went away. 

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

There are a few things I LOVE from Too Faced...

Powder Foundation- so soft, easy to apply, doesn't cake

Lip Primer- by far the best lip primer I have ever tried & it's moisturizing

3 Way Lash Linning Tool- I used to love the Stila liquid liner until I tried Too Faced's. I've repurchased it 4x. It's quick to tight line & cat eyes are so easy to do. 

Lash Injection Mascara - Ok so they change the formula every other month. Sometimes it's waterproof, sometimes it's not... but it's still a great mascara

I don't have many shadows from them, just the really old 500 pt perk palette & a glamour 2 go, but I do like them both. 


So yeah... I think the woman is crazy. A lot of times Cast Members & MUA at beauty counters will knock other products/lines because they are pushing a new product. We see it here on BT from the mods all the time. One minute it's xyz foundation & primer & then it's only Marc Jacobs... Next week it will be something else. 

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

Oh & does anyone know why Too Faced stopped offering single eye shadows? 

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

I think Ulta still sells them. At least the ones near me do.

Re: Is Too Faced really that bad??

I'm thinking that this lady doesn't like the really youthful, girly packaging, I know it can be off-putting to some. But I definitely don't think that this is a universal idea since I think they definitely do have some great products and this lady was just knocking it in comparison to other brands she likes.

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