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Do you use a magazine or book to inspire you to try different things for your makeup? Also, does your makeup compliment how you pick your fashion? For me I like Seventeen Mag., Teen Vogue, and occasionally read Marie Claire.  My fashion is boho, but sometimes edgy. Also, I like neutral for my makeup. So tell me your thoughts and inspire someone...Smiley Wink

Books, magazines, movies, people I see and interact with,...

Books, magazines, movies, people I see and interact with, pictures, fashion shows on TV ... everything is game.  I keep the idea in mind, then when I have time or over the week-end, I spend lots of time in front of my vanity trying on all colors and techniques..

Make-up is always fun! 

Re: Books, magazines, movies, people I see and interact with,...

Another thing that inspires me is the show Gossip Girl. I love that they can be so bold and edgy and still be fabulous. Also, I just love the fashion in the show, and the characters own unique fashion.

Love Allure and Cosmo. I would have to say Allure influen...

Love Allure and Cosmo. I would have to say Allure influences my fashion more than Cosmo though. But, I do love most magazines and they all inspire me in different ways! My favorite look would have to be a light smokey eye and nude lips. I can never go wrong with that : )

great tips!! So how many times a day to you read teen vog...

great tips!! So how many times a day to you read teen vogue, and thanks!!!!!     please comment back----- kkarma

Re: Inspiration

I started out reading Seventeen and YM Mag (if you can remember that Smiley Tongue ) when I was in 5th grade. I often got makeup ideas from flipping through those pages. Teen Vogue came out when I was a Junior in HS, so I never really got into that.  Style Channel featured actual fashion on it (rather than all reality shows now). I used to love watching interviews of designers and fashion runways. I had certain celebrities whom I admired for fashion and makeup when I was a teen: Sarah Michelle Gellar (she raved about Cargo's duo gloss, that's how I was introduced to the brand), Drew Barrymore (despite her classic features, she's always been bold in her fashion and makeup choices), Jennifer Lopez (I have similar skintone to her so, I'd look to her makeup choices to see what would work on me) and a bunch of others. I loved gossip shows like ET, Access hollywood and Extra and E Channel. I look to the celebrity events for fashion and makeup inspiration. Now, I look to mags like Allure, Lucky Mag, Cosmo and various blogs and youtube. There's so many more ways to get makeup tips (this board for example). Oh, I also love Gossip Girl Woman Tongue style wise, I'm a lot like Blair. She's very girly in her style choices.


For the most part, I tend to keep my makeup neutral, but I'm not afraid of color. Fashion wise, I'm very girly. so I like lace, ruffles, ornamentation on my clothing. I'm an LA girl, so I live in my denim, that's a staple piece in my wardrobe. To get out of my monotony, I use colored or glittery eyeliner (UD, MUFE- Navys, blues, purples). I don't try to match my makeup to my clothing , but I do like to coordinate it.

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Re: Inspiration

I often recreate the looks I see in the beauty articles in Glamourand Allure.  I have a ton of products & a pretty good repetoire of makeupartist skills, but it's fun to be inspired by looks I see in magazines.  I don't always match my outfit, but I take my cues from it.  A bright coral dress with plum lips would just look off!  Cool colors in my outfir mean cool tones in my makeup, or a teal sweater might warrant teal eyeliner with my otherwise neutral face.

Re: Inspiration

I get inspiration from everywhere!  Magazines, catelogs, tv shows, movies etc.  I LOVED Angelina Jolie's makeup look in The Tourist and am obsessed with pulling that off right now.

Re: Inspiration

I love to go to YouTube and check out different makeup techniques.  As far as clothing goes, I don't have a certain style--I just see something I like and wear it.  Everything goes these days... Smiley Happy

Re: Inspiration

Fun question! I don't really read fashion magazines. If something makes you look good and feel confident, it doesn't matter to me whether it's trendy or not. Plus, I'm Asian and I rarely ever see Asian women and beauty represented in N. American women's magazines. Maybe one day we will start to see women who are Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Aboriginal, etc. especially ones who don't have "Caucasian" features and lighter skin, grace the pages of fashion/beauty mags, but I am not holding my breath.


I love strong, unique looks. Dita von Teese for anything retro, obviously (my avatar). She is famous for saying her immaculately coifed looks take about the same time as doing your makeup to look natural.


Alexander McQueen and Eiko Ishioka are my favourite designers, very high in drama. I always like military and intricate detailing. Fave accessories: unique/vintage/well structured jackets, corsets (that not just for show but to cinch you in proper), boots, heels, leather gloves, aviators.

Re: Inspiration

I read Allure and Cosmo and I'm should start getting Lucky magazines, if the Sephora  offer code worked lol. I also have Sephora's book ( they don't sell it on their website, but you can find it at barnes and nobles thats where I got mine a few years back.


 Sephora's book is a good book to have if you're starting out or if you've been doing it for a while. I love how it has a list of ingredients in it and it tells you what they do. I'm always referencing back to that. They need to come out with another book!!


But I do get idea's mainly from Allure and sometimes for Cosmo... Cosmo is more what I consider my gossip magazine, and more entertaining then it is inspiring. Allure really gives me ideas and it helps me decide what I should buy for the upcoming season... like what colors and things.


I do get a lot of ideas from youtube. I like makeup geek tv. I also like, ilovegerardo for hair styling ideas, jazziebabycakes for makeup, and also Thefancyface for make up as well... those are my favorite channels on youtube.


Other than that I get inspired by everyday life stuff... I've made looks mimicking a sunrise I saw one morning, inspired by my outifts, purses, animals... all kinds of things. I just like to play around. Sometimes it works out..sometimes it doesn't.

Re: Inspiration

I didn't know Sephora has a book! I will definitely check that out. I'm a huge Barnes & Noble fan anyway; I'm always getting packages from them as well as Sephora. Everyone needs bf likes to hunt & fish, I like to experiment with make-up & read Smiley Happy Match made in heaven, right?

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