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Incorporating my Hauls

I buy so much makeup but I rarely end up using most of it with any regularity. I just end up going back to my old favorites after trying most things once or twice. I've decided that I need to start using products I buy during hauls more frequently during my everyday routine, so I've decided to go five days with just using makeup I've bought in the last two weeks except for products I didn't buy anything new of like Mascara, concealer and primer. Hopefully when I'm done with this one Saturday I will have found some new favorites to become apart of my regular rotation.


This is today's look


Everything I used to make it


Things I already had. (ok so i got new mascaras recently but they were in sets and mini and I don't want to open them yet until this one is gone)


The new items, some of which you will see a lot of over the next 5 days.


Here's what I used:

1. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil mini from the 500 point perk

2. Lancome La Base Pro sample from birchbox a several months ago

3. KAT VON D Lock-It Powder Foundation in Medium 53

4. Covergirl Concealer stick (had for about 9 months)

5. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in RSVP from a kit I picked up in London 2 weeks ago

6. Stila In The Light eyeshadow Palette

7. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel that came with the In The Light Palette

8. Benefit They're Real mascara (had for 2 months from Sephora SuperStar favorites kit)

9. NARS Laguna Bronzer from NARS Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself Cheeks kit

10. NARS Blush Duo in Orgasm/Angelka in Angelka from the express yourself kit

11. NARS Multiple in Copacabana from express yourself kit

12. FRESH Sugar lip treatment from 2012 birthday promo code

13. Tarte LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Luster in Achiote from TARTE Gifts From The Lipstick Tree Achiote Color Collection set

14. Buxom Mini Lip Cream in Cherry Flip from Time To Shine™ 6-Piece Mini Full-On™ Lip Collection set

15. Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder from 500 pt perk

16. HANAE MORI perfume sample from WELOVEVIBS bag

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

i wish i wore makeup ever lol. that would be a good start hahaha.  in march or something i used a ysl glossy stain i bought like... feb 2012 for the first time. and i have not used it since lololol. this is pretty much how my makeup lives. i am doing a blog sale and one of my friends was like geez you really don't use your makeup lol

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

I do this. I use the new stuff once or twice and go back to my old favorites! Then I rebuy my favorites! It's a vicious cycle! Thanks for posting this. I am going to do the same thing, while I'm on the no buy, I'll only use the new stuff unless I don't have a new item to replace it with. I have been using the same foundation for over a year now and haven't had an itch to replace it since, so that will stay the same, the rest will be mixed up! 


Re: Incorporating my Hauls

You should post too. It's fun trying to use just my new products and seeing what looks I can create.

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

I used a much more minimal routine today compared to yesterdays


Today I used my KVD foundation, tarte blush in achiote, buxom lip cream in kir royale and urban decay eyeliner in 1999 all of which I purchased during the bonus points week. I also used my benefit they're real mascara again.

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

You're very pretty GGrace! Love the lip color on you, it is very flattering!

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

Love the idea and you look great! Can't wait to see more looks!

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

You look gorgeous! Smiley Happy I've been doing the same thing as you and incorporating as many recent purchases as I can into daily makeup looks. I forget sometimes that I only have two cheeks and can only put so much blush and bronzer, before I start looking like a clown haha.

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

I do that sometimes, which Is why I like fan makeup brushes because they stop me from over using blush, bronzer and highlighter

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

Hi, GGrace!  You look great and I support you in your endeavor!


I was planning to ask you about your lipstick color because it is absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you for listing out what you used.  The Tarte Achiote set and the Buxom Time to Shine set are both on my wants list.  I'm not creative when it comes to mixing and matching colors, so I appreciate seeing this.


I agree with @mafan that you should keep the lip color in your rotation.

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

I always mix lip colors unless I'm wearing a liquid lipstick. Lipstick and glosses, tinted chap sticks with glosses. I love to experiment with makeup.

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

It looks great!  Good for you for using some of your new haul.  (I used some new things today, too.)


You should definitely keep that lip color in your rotation.  I don't know how you layered the various lip products, but the color looks great on you.

Re: Incorporating my Hauls

Thanks, I'm actually loving alot of my new products and I thinki I'll keep a lot of them in regular rotation. For the lips I a did clear balm, then lip pencil all over followed by gloss.

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