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Incentivized Baloney

Is anyone else hoping Sephora allows more filtering of incentivized or filtered content? If they want this platform to grow, we are going to have to open it to more than just filtered faces with overblown features that were paid or gifted to post. Many of us have asked for a filter on product reviews to remove free product reviews. The more consumers demand transparency and a means to eliminate the social media driven garbage, the better the platform will be!

Re: Incentivized Baloney

I’ve seen probably 15 incentivized reviews across the last 5 years that have exceeded my expectations! When I come across someone who manages to answer questions I never thought to ask (such as the way an eyeshadow palette lid opens, if an item fits in a quart sized bag for airline travel, etc).

The majority of incentived reviews are unhelpful because the content quality is subpar. Unfortunately some people aren’t really able to encapsulate the mind of a reviewer and think to provide information beyond the manufacturer’s ad copy..

I don’t mind 5 or 10 incentivized reviews on a new product but when I see 500 reviews on the first day a product is launched I have ZERO interest in making a purchase.


how do you sort through 500 reviews to find the genuine one? 

I’m not a total hater of incentivized reviews I just think they need to have standards for the people who provide said reviews.


Re: Incentivized Baloney

I agree, the incentived reviews are annoying. When a product I am thinking about getting has  ton of incentived reviews where it appears more than regular reviews, I am suddenly turned off from buying it. Now that I think about this, this is probably good for my wallet 😂

Re: Incentivized Baloney

@katyruddrn I think that it's important to realize that you CAN choose to filter out those reviews if you don't want to see them and that there are plenty of people who give 100% honest reviews whether a product is gifted or not.  I--like a lot of people--have been fortunate enough to receive at least one or more products free to review and I've given plenty of glowing reviews as well as very negative ones.  Its typically not difficult to tell from a review if the person has actually used and tried a product or not based on their description of their experience or the specific reasons that they provide for liking/not liking a product and you'll often find that even incentivized reviews may provide helpful swatches.  Just disregard the reviews that are too generic where it's more obvious that someone hasn't really bothered.  "Incentivized" doesn't mean that people are being monetarily compensated for a review whether it's good or bad; it just means that they've been been given a reason (like a free product) to be prompted to post a review, so it isn't as though they have anything at stake by what kind of feedback they give.


While I understand your point, it's also important to just take everything with a grain of salt and to give some people the benefit of a doubt.

Re: Incentivized Baloney

@CookieGirl1 the other nice thing about the incentivized review is that often when a product is newly released, the company will have sent it to some to review so there's at least some initial reviews to base your purchase on. Once the product has been around for a while, I'll filter out the incentivized reviews - but it's nice to have some photos and experiences to go off of!

Re: Incentivized Baloney

An expected response and status from someone who has been incentivized. 😂😊🙂

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